B&B Tuesday Update 6/14/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/14/05


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Shady Marlin:

Stephanie’s visit has really upset Bridget and her insecurities have taken a hit also. Nick assures her that he is not in love with Brooke anymore. Bridget knows that, but it is hard to ignore when Stephanie isn’t the only one saying it. She starts to bring up Jackie, but Nick stops her. She then tells him that she knows Taylor thinks that too. Nick points out that Taylor doesn’t know him. Bridget knows that she is a psychiatrist though, and she is trained to notice these things. Nick tells her that Taylor has an ulterior motive. Bridget tells him that Taylor isn’t like that. Nick sees that Stephanie has really gotten to Bridget and knows that he has some convincing to do. He shows her the ring and reminds her what it means. He then lets her feel his heart beat. He then pretends to be fainting from hearing all the things that Taylor and Stephanie have said. Bridget starts to lighten up a bit and the two fall onto the bed laughing and kissing. They end up making love. When they are done, Bridget comments on how amazing it was. Nick thinks that should have proved who he loves. Bridget tells him that she knew it, she just needed a bit of reassurance. Nick tells her he is the reassurance king. He tells her he can reassure her here, kissing her neck, and here, kissing her forehead.

He also thinks they are crazy for not just getting out of there. Bridget tells him about Massimo offering them his yacht so that the captain can marry them at sea. Nick thinks about this idea. He wonders what she wants to do. He asks her if she wants to just get out of there and elope. Bridget thinks how funny Stephanie’s face would look when they tell her that they are already married. The two lovers continue to kiss on each other while they talk. Nick doesn’t want to think of Stephanie’s face at all right now. Bridget tells him that she doesn’t have to prove anything to Stephanie. She can wait, because she knows that no matter what decision Ridge makes, it won’t make a difference between the two of them. Nick is elated to know that she finally ‘knows’ this after all of his proclamations. Bridget jokes that she could still use a bit more reassurance right here, pointing to her neck. The two play around some more and disappear under the covers again.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s:

Taylor is visiting with Thomas in his room. She tells him that Ridge will be home soon with a decision. Thomas is anxious to get their family back like it used to be. He asks his mother if she is nervous. She tells him that she isn’t. She loves Ridge with all her heart. Thomas knows that Ridge loves her too, he can see it every time Ridge looks at her. Taylor asks if he really believes that Ridge will choose her. Thomas doesn’t see how he can do anything else. Taylor reminds him that Brooke is probably thinking the exact same thing. Thomas knows that, and hates that it has to be this way. Brooke was very good to him and the girls, but no one can ever be as good of a mother or wife as Taylor is. Taylor is very pleased to hear this. She rushes to answer her cell phone when it rings. It is Ridge. He tells her that he is on his way to the office and asks her to meet him there. He also tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him with all of her heart. Taylor and Thomas both think that it is a good sign that Ridge asked her to meet him first, before seeing Brooke. Taylor grabs her purse and rushes out as Thomas celebrates his family getting back together.

Forrester Creations:

In Eric’s office, Eric hugs Brooke and then asks her if he has made her uncomfortable. Brooke tells him that she knows he is just giving her support.

Eric tells her that he meant what he said. If it does come down to it, he will be there for her. He tells her that he knows that Taylor is a wonderful woman, but Ridge would be a fool to walk away from her and the life they have built together and his son is no fool. He is sure that Ridge will choose to stay with her and Hope and R.J. Brooke is grateful for his kind words. Just then, Brooke’s cell phone rings. It is Ridge. She thinks he is on his way home and tells him that she will meet him there. Ridge tells her that he is on his way to the office and asks her to stay there and wait for him. He tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him with all her heart. Brooke and Eric both think it is a good sign that Ridge wanted to see her before he sees Taylor. Eric is happy for her and for his son. Brooke runs off to wait in Ridge’s office.

In Ridge’s office, Megan has heard the news that Ridge is headed there and comes to congratulate Brooke. She is sure that Ridge has chosen her.

Out in the hallway, Taylor has arrived with sunglasses and a hat on. Eva sees her and is scared out of her wits thinking she has seen a ghost.

She runs off as Taylor tries to explain to her. Caitlin has come in and introduces herself to Taylor. She knows that everyone is very happy that she is back. Brooke hears the commotion and comes out to the hall. Brooke and Taylor are both surprised to see each other. Caitlin offers to go and find Eva and explain to her. Brooke thought Taylor wasn’t going to make herself known until after she had seen her father. Taylor explains that Ridge called and asked her to meet him there. She tells Brooke that they would have made other arrangements if Ridge had known Brooke was still here this late. Brooke tells her that Ridge does know, he asked her to wait on him. The two women go into Ridge’s office to wait for him. Taylor tells Brooke that she knows that Ridge has made a decision and one of them is going to get hurt. She thinks they should both promise to support Ridge’s decision no matter what it is. Brooke thinks that Taylor would only ask her to do that if she was convinced that Ridge had decided to stay with Taylor.

In the hall, Caitlin has Eva with her and is trying to explain that Taylor is alive. Stephanie comes in and wonders what has happened to Eva. Caitlin explains that Taylor is here and Eva was scared. Stephanie goes into Eric’s office where Megan is also telling Eric about Eva’s scare. Stephanie comes in and asks if it is true that Taylor is there. Eric tells her that she is probably in Ridge’s office with Brooke. Stephanie wants to know why Brooke is there also.

Eric tells her that Ridge called and asked both the women to meet him there. Stephanie is pleased to hear this. This must mean that Ridge has made up his mind and it is good that Brooke be here to hear him choose Taylor. Eric can’t believe that she is that certain that he will choose Taylor. She comments that she can’t believe that he wouldn’t know that her and Ridge would choose Taylor over Brooke. Eric gets angry and tells her again to stay out of it. This is Ridge’s decision, not hers. She is to leave Brooke alone too. Stephanie asks if Brooke came boo-hooing to him. Eric is upset with her about the things Brooke told him. He demands to know how she could have tried to turn Nick against Brooke. Stephanie claims that isn’t what she was doing at all. She just wanted Nick to try to talk Brooke into walking away. They start to get into it when Stephanie hears Ridge’s voice in the hallway. She quickly pulls him into the room. Ridge is anxious to see Brooke and Taylor and asks if this can wait. Stephanie tells him that it can’t wait, she wants to hear from him that he has decided to stay with Taylor. Ridge explains that he knows this is hard on them, but he wants to talk to the two women in his life first. Eric understands and tells him that they are both waiting for him in his office.

Stephanie can’t stand to not get in her last words though and stops him before he leaves the room. She reminds him that he has told her that he has a special bond with Taylor, even when he thought she was dead. Ridge’s mind is made up and he heads to his own office. Stephanie paces the floor wishing she could be a fly on the wall in Ridge’s office. Eric tells her to stay away from that office and leave the three of them alone. She knows that Brooke is in there turning on the tears and trying to guilt Ridge into choosing her. Eric has had enough. He tells his wife that would be no different than her pressuring Ridge to stay with Taylor. Stephanie again justifies it by saying that she would do anything for her son. Eric is sick of hearing her justify all her actions for ‘her sons’ or for ‘the family’ all these years. He thought that Taylor coming back would be a blessing for this family, but instead it has only brought out the worst in Stephanie. Stephanie is finally shocked into silence when he tells her that he can not love the person she is right now.

Back in Ridge’s office, Brooke tells Taylor that her and Stephanie have been very clever and have dredged up every mistake she has made. But she thinks that Taylor was in a coma for a very long time and neither she or Stephanie realize how much Ridge loves her. Stephanie’s interference is going to backfire in her face. At that, they both hear the door open and turn to see Ridge walk in. Brooke goes to him and gives him a kiss and a hug first and welcomes him home. Then it is Taylor’s turn for the hug and kiss. [I almost couldn’t stand to see Ridge fawning over both women with them both watching on.] She asks Ridge how his trip was. He tells her that it was just what he needed. He stands back and looks at Taylor. He still can’t believe that she is here again. He tells her that he tried to look at things from her point of view. He knows how much time she lost that she can never get back. He has tried to come up with a way to give it all back to her. Brooke asks him to just tell them what his decision is. Ridge tells both women that he looked at things from everyone’s point of view. He knows that they are all connected now for life.

He turns to Brooke now and tells her that he remembers all that they have gone through to get to where they are now. He knows that no one deserves to lose a dream like that. Now it is Taylor’s turn to be impatient. She knows that no one deserves to be in the pain that they are all in right now. Brooke and her are both here, and they are ready to accept whatever decision he has made. They both need to know what that decision is. We end the day with Ridge’s blank look into the camera, and not a clue as to which woman he has chosen.

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