B&B Monday Update 6/13/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/13/05


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Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s:

Brooke is very grateful to Nick for always being there for her. Nick tells her that he like the job. Brooke starts thinking of Stephanie again and gets sad all over again. It really hurts her that Stephanie isn’t really the friend that she pretended to be. She is being so hurtful with the things she is saying. Brooke doesn’t like that Stephanie is now dragging Bridget and Nick into her little plot to get Brooke out of the family. Nick is sure that will not happen. He tells Brooke that Ridge will choose her over Taylor. Brooke tells him that he doesn’t know that for sure. Nick is sure that Ridge loves her and her kids. He asks if Ridge isn’t supposed to be home soon. Brooke confirms that he should be home with a decision very soon. Brooke tells him that he always makes her feel better and wonders if she deserves a friend like him. Nick tells her that if she ever needs him, she will probably find him on a boat.

Shady Marlin:

Stephanie is still badgering Bridget about putting off the wedding. She continually tells Bridget that Nick will end up with Brooke. Bridget tries to tell her to leave several times, but Stephanie keeps telling her that she is worried about her and wants to protect her. Bridget starts to cry and is getting a bit desperate to get Stephanie to shut up and leave.

She tries to explain to Stephanie that none of this is her business and that all of her children stay away from her because of her manipulating ways. Stephanie brushes that off and goes back to telling her that she is really concerned about her. Things escalate until the two of them are in a full blown yelling match and Stephanie is starting to chip away at Bridget’s security. Nick comes home and finds the two of them yelling at each other. He yells at Stephanie and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear one more word out of her mouth. Bridget flies into Nick’s waiting arms.

As he holds her he shoots Stephanie a look that lets her know that he means business. He asks Bridget what Stephanie has been saying. Bridget tells him that Stephanie has been telling her that he is in love with her mother and they shouldn’t get married. Stephanie says that isn’t true, she just wanted them to postpone the wedding until everything settles down in the family. Nick tells her that things are never settled in her family. Stephanie admits that all of this has to do with Ridge leaving Brooke. Nick reminds her that he told her before that it would not affect his and Bridget’s relationship. Bridget looks at Nick as if he is her knight in shinning armor. Stephanie asks what he is going to do when Brooke shows up on their doorstep because Ridge has kicked her out. Nick tells her that he and Bridget will be there for Brooke. Stephanie asks him what ‘he’ is going to do, not ‘they’. She knows that Brooke will be wanting comfort, and her comfort is sex. She demands to know if he is going to do what every other man in this family has done.

Nick tells her that he isn’t her sons or her husband. He has promised himself to Bridget and he doesn’t break promises. He tells Bridget that she is stuck with him forever. Stephanie thinks his devotion to Bridget is touching, but she knows that Brooke will come after him. Nick tells her that Brooke is family and he and Bridget will be there for her. He tells her that he and Bridget are among the few people around her that are happy and not to spoil it for them. Stephanie spits out that she is the least of their problems. Nick tells her that she is the biggest problem, but he can’t help it if she has blinders on. He warns her that if she doesn’t stop sticking her nose in everyone else’s business, she will be the biggest loser of them all.

Forrester Creations:

Eric has Ava in his office with one of his gowns on. He isn’t happy with the dress at all. Ava offers a suggestion of taking the hem line up a little bit. Eric doesn’t think that will help at all. Megan comes in to tell Eric that Ridge just called saying that he will be there shortly. His plane has just landed. Eric is happy to hear this and dismisses Ava telling her that they can finish up later.

When Ava leaves, Megan tells Eric that she hopes Ridge’s time away has given him some perspective. Eric agrees that Ridge has been put in a terrible position. Megan is happy that Taylor is back, but she is really hoping that Ridge will stay with Brooke after all they have gone through to be together. Brooke has come into the office and overheard Megan say this. She thanks her for her kind words. Megan tells her that she means what she said and gives Brooke a hug. She tells Brooke to hang in there before leaving the office. Brooke tries to talk to Eric about the sales reports, but Eric tells her that she doesn’t have to be all business with him. He knows it gets harder by the minute. Brooke tells him that it wouldn’t be so hard if some people would stay out of it. Eric asks her what else has happened. He isn’t happy to hear that Stephanie told Taylor about Brooke’s past with Nick and Deacon and then called Nick over to meet Taylor. He told Stephanie to stay out of it. Eric isn’t even sure that he knows Stephanie anymore. He tells Brooke that Stephanie is way out of line here and apologizes to her for his wife’s behavior.

He knows that this whole thing is already hard enough on Ridge without Stephanie sticking her nose in it. He agrees that she is so determined that Taylor and Ridge reunite that she doesn’t care about anything else. Brooke upsets him even more when she tells him that Stephanie has now dragged Bridget into it. She tells him that Stephanie is telling everyone that when Ridge chooses Taylor, Brooke will be so upset that she will seduce Nick. Eric is horrified and asks if Stephanie has told this to Bridget. Brooke tells him that she doesn’t know if Stephanie has told Bridget, but she did tell Nick this. Eric knows that if Stephanie hasn’t already gone to Bridget, she will. Brooke tells him that their daughter doesn’t deserve that. She can handle Stephanie coming after her, she is used to it, but there is no need to do this to Bridget. Eric tells her that he doesn’t believe any of things that Stephanie says about her. He knows that she would never go after Nick. Brooke is thankful for his support. The two talk about the old days when they were married, remembering that they have two children together.

Brooke has always been and always will be thankful to Eric for always being there when she needs someone she can count on. Eric tells her that she can count on Ridge. Brooke reminds him that things are different now with Taylor coming back. Eric thinks Taylor is a wonderful woman, and he really does adore her, but he believes that Ridge’s life is with Brooke now. Brooke really needed to hear that now, she was starting to loose faith. She knows that Ridge is on his way home with a decision that could change everything she ever dreamed of. With Taylor and Stephanie teamed up against her, she knows that it will have to affect Ridge one way or the other. Eric assures her that Ridge will make up his own mind. Brooke tells him that if Ridge does happen to choose Taylor, she will not turn to Nick. She doesn’t know who she will turn to, but it won’t be Nick. Eric gently tells her that if it does come to that, he hopes she will turn to him.

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