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Eric & Stephanieís:

Stephanie comes back after having seen Nick leave for a full report from Taylor on how their conversation went. Taylor tells her that she found Nick very interesting. Stephanie comments that she didnít leave them alone so they could make small talk. Taylor doesnít think Nick knows how to make small talk. Stephanie agrees that he is a pretty straight forward person. Taylor agrees and says that he reminds her of Massimo. She tells her friend that it is very apparent to her that Nick cares very deeply for Brooke and her children. She believes that he cares more than he is willing to admit, even to himself. Taylor doesnít think that Nick should be marrying Bridget right now. Stephanie wants to know what he said. Taylor tells her that it wasnít anything he said, it was they way he got very defensive whenever Brookeís children were brought up. Stephanie tells her that it was very hard for Nick to walk away from the children. Taylor wonders how hard it was for him to walk away from Brooke. She tells her friend that in her professional opinion, she believes that Nick is still in love with Brooke. Stephanie becomes a bit upset. This is exactly what she is afraid of. Taylor and Stephanie agree that someone needs to talk to Bridget. Stephanie wonders if Nick will talk to Bridget. Taylor tells her that Nick doesnít want to disappoint Bridget, so he will never admit to it. She reminds Stephanie that Ridge hasnít even made a decision yet, she doesnít think they need to get ahead of themselves. Stephanie tells her that Eric thinks that Bridget and Nick are thinking of eloping. Stephanie decides that she will go and talk to Bridget before that happens. She heads out to find Bridget.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís:

Nick and Brooke both agree that what they had is in the past. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie and Taylor would actually believe that she would go after her own daughterís fiance. They are just sick for thinking that. Now they want Nick to believe the same thing. Nick assures her that he doesnít think that. He tells her that Taylor, Stephanie, nor Jackie know what they are talking about. Brooke gets a bit upset thinking that Jackie is in on this too. Nick assures her that she isnít, but she would like to have Brooke for a daughter in law. Brooke asks him if he didnít tell Jackie that he is totally committed to her daughter. Nick tells her that he is going to marry Bridget. Brooke asks him if he would still feel that way if Ridge does choose Taylor. Nick wonít even entertain the idea. He is sure that Ridge will choose Brooke. Brooke just doesnít understand what Taylor and Stephanie were thinking. She asks if they lured him over there to try and badger him into having feelings that he doesnít have. Nick admits to her that Stephanie thought that once he met Taylor, he would see that Brooke is fighting a losing battle and convince her to walk away. Brooke asks if that is true, now that he has met the competition does he think that she should throw in the towel. Nick tells her that his opinion doesnít matter. This is between Brooke, Ridge and Taylor and everyone else should stay out of it. Brooke wonít let up, so Nick finally tells her that he did tell Taylor that Ridge needs to stay with Brooke. Brooke realizes that Taylor did make an impression on him when he tells her that he understands that Taylor has to think of her own children too. Brookeís insecurities kick into high gear now and she wonders how she could ever think that Ridge would choose her over Taylor. Taylor is practically a saint. Nick tells her that she is sounding ridiculous now. Brooke talks about how impressive Taylor is and what a wonderful woman she is. Nick tells her that she is just as impressive as Taylor. He tells her all the right things to make her feel better about herself. If he was ever in a war, he would want Brooke on his side because she doesnít know how to give up. He doesnít want to hear any more about throwing in the towel. Brooke feels much better now and thanks Nick for always being there for her. She gives him a hug and tells him that she doesnít know what she would do without him. Nick tells her that she will never have to find out because he will always be there for her.

Shady Marlin:

Bridget comes in to find Massimo leaving Nick a note. He is disappointed to learn that Nick isnít with her. Bridget explains that Nick went to Stephanieís to meet Taylor. Massimo tells her that he has a wedding present for the two of them. Bridget tells him that he can leave it with her, but then asks if he wanted to be there when they open it. Massimo tells her that it isnít that kind of gift. Bridget hopes that the gift isnít more advice. She has had enough of that lately. She just wishes that everyone would stay out of this decision and let Ridge, Taylor and Brooke handle it. She knows that if Ridge were here, he would never allow Stephanie to get away with all of this. Massimo tells her that Ridge will be home from New York soon. Bridget asks if he has talked to Ridge. He tells her that he has arranged for the Marone jet to be available to Ridge as soon as he is done with his business there. She asks if Massimo talked to Ridge at all about his decision. Massimo reminds her of her own words, this is between Brooke, Ridge and Taylor. He assures her that Ridge knows that his place is here with his family. Bridget worries about which family that will be. His family with Taylor, or his family with her mother. Massimo understands that Bridget is worried about her mother. Bridget tells him that she is happy that Taylor is back, but she is worried about the whole family. Especially the children. She knows that so many lives are being affected by all of this. Massimo asks if she is talking about how is affecting her and Nick. He reminds her that they would be married now if Taylor hadnít come back. Bridget tells him that they are still going to get married, she just wants to wait until things calm down. Massimo tells her that things are going to be tense in this family for a very long time. She and Nick should get married as soon as possible. Bridget lightens up a bit and jokes that she thinks Massimo wants them to get married as soon as possible so that he can give them his gift. Massimo canít hold his secret any longer and tells her that his present to them is there wedding. He has told Nickís assistant to clear his calendar for a week. He has also instructed the captain of his yacht that as soon as Ridge gets back they are going to go out to sea and the captain will marry Bridget and Nick. Bridget is touched by his thoughtfulness, but she is still reluctant. Massimo tells her that she should grab love with her hands and hold on to it. He regrets that he didnít do that years ago and Nick grew up without him. Bridget reminds him that he has a second chance at that. Massimo knows that is true, and that is exactly what he is giving her and Nick now. Bridget starts to warm to the idea of a wedding at sea. That is what Nick wanted the first time, but she wanted a big family wedding. Massimo is very happy when Bridget tells him that this time, they should make Nickís dream wedding come true.

After Massimo leaves, Bridget tries on her veil again and looks in the mirror. She hears footsteps on the deck and rushes to tell Nick the wonderful gift that Massimo has given them. She is disappointed to find Stephanie at the door. She lets Stephanie know that she isnít in the mood to talk to her. Stephanie plays nice and asks if her and Nick are thinking of eloping. Bridget tells her about Massimoís amazing offer and tells her that she is warming up to the idea. Stephanie tells her that she wants the tension between them to be gone and suggests that the two of them go shopping in New York. Bridget is surprised at Stephanieís idea and a little skeptical for her reasons. Stephanie admits that she thinks Bridget is moving too fast and just needs some time away. Bridget gets upset when she realizes Stephanieís real reason for coming by. Stephanie tries her best to explain that she believes that Nick is still in love with Brooke and she is only worried about Bridget. Bridget doesnít buy any of it and gets very angry with Stephanie. She has watched Stephanie do this to her mother for years, and she will not allow Stephanie to do this to her. She orders Stephanie off the boat. Stephanie again tries to explain that she is only worried about Bridget. Bridget has had enough and tells Stephanie to go to hell.

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