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Caitlin has finally agreed to meet Thomas. She is so happy to hear his amazing news. She knows what it was like for her when she found her mother after thinking she was dead. She apologizes for freaking out when she saw Gaby kissing him. Thomas tells her that he tried to call several times to explain. She knows that she should have returned his calls and admits that she got a little worried when he stopped calling. She understands now that he was spending time with his mother. She reaches for his hand and is a bit confused when he pulls his hand away. He tells her that spending time with his mother wasnít the only thing he has been doing. Caitlin understands that he has been busy. Thomas tells her that he wants to be honest with her. His other reason for not calling is that he just doesnít feel like things are working out for them. Caitlin is shocked to hear Thomas say this. She thinks that he is breaking up with her because she got jealous over Gaby. She thinks that they just need some time to reconnect since they havenít seen each other much lately. Tears start to roll down her face when Thomas tells her that they both wanted it to work, but it just isnít. He doesnít want to hurt her, but he thinks they are both better off if they just stay friends.

Thomas sees that he has really upset her and tells her that he knows it sounds clichť, but it isnít anything she did. It is him. He knows that things were going so well for them when Rick went back to Milan. Then when he and Amber broke up she was there for him. He could talk to her like he couldnít talk to anyone else. He wanted things to go back to the way they were when they first met. Caitlin thinks he is talking about when they first started dating and tells him that they be that way again. Thomas reminds her that when they first met, they were good friends, amazing friends. He wants to be friends like that again. This time it is Caitlin that pulls her hand away when Thomas reaches for it. Tears are now flowing freely for Caitlin. She guesses that he is doing this because of Gaby. Thomas admits that he cares a great deal for Gaby, but he also cares about her. He tells her that he doesnít want to lose her. Caitlin doesnít want to lose Thomas either. Thomas asks if they are still friends. It is clear that Caitlin is willing to settle for what she can get and agrees to be friends again. Thomas goes to get them both a cup of coffee. Caitlin is still crying when Gaby comes in looking for Thomas. She is excited to find out if he got the job. She notices that Caitlin is crying and becomes concerned. Caitlin tells her to go away.

Gaby wants to know what it wrong. ďLike you donít know. Thomas just dumped me.Ē Gaby is shocked and tells her that she didnít know anything about it. Caitlin shouldnít be surprised, she never sees Thomas anymore because he is always with Gaby. Gaby is taken aback and tells her she is sorry, but her and Thomas are just friends. They connected because of their moms. Caitlin tells her that it is very obvious that Thomas cares about Gaby. She tells Gaby that she hopes she knows what she is doing. Caitlin didnít know what she was doing and she blew her chance. She tells Gaby that guys like Thomas donít come around everyday and turns around and hurries out of the shop. Gaby is dumbfounded. When Thomas returns to the table, he is surprised to see Gaby there instead of Caitlin. Gaby tells him that she feels like a jerk. Thomas guesses that Caitlin told her they broke up. He feels awful about it, but he had to be truthful with her. Gaby tells him that Caitlin blames her for the break up. Thomas apologizes because he didnít want Gaby to be drawn into the middle of it. Gaby asks him if it is true. Thomas admits that he likes spending time with her. When she first lost her mom and her home, he felt sorry for her and wanted to help. Gaby admits that he did help her. Thomas explains that the more time he spent with her, the more he liked spending time with her. They both agree that is a good thing.

Eric & Stephanieís:

Nick and Taylor continue the discussion over who should end up with Ridge. Nick asks Taylor not to take Ridge away from Hope and R.J. Taylor realizes that Hope and R.J. were almost Nickís family. Nick admits that he still cares a great deal about the children. Before he was involved with Brooke, he had never been around small children before. They change his whole outlook on life. Taylor knows that Nick wants what is best for Hope and R.J. That is what she wants to. They all want to be able to find a way out of this without anyone getting hurt. Nick tells her that it is most important for the children not to get hurt. Taylor reminds him that Hope and R.J. are not the only children in this situation. Nick thinks it is different for Thomas and the girls because they are older. Taylor canít believe that Nick feels her children should suffer because they are older. She tells him that as a psychiatrist, she could argue that younger children adapt easier to divorce. Nick tells her that she said that like a true shrink.

Taylor asks why she should divorce a man who loves her. She assures him that Ridge does love her and once he is done searching his heart, he will choose her. Nick tells her not to move into the master suite just yet. Taylor canít believe that Nick thinks Ridge will choose Brooke. She has been trying to hold on to Ridge since they were teens and she has never been able to. Nick tells her that Ridge has made mistakes too. Taylor thinks that is why Ridge is able to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt, and she could too if Brooke made better decisions. She comments again on Brookeís decisions affecting her children. Nickís feathers get ruffled again and he tells Taylor that Brooke has been a good mother to her children, she would never hurt them. He believes that Taylor knows that too. Taylor asks if he is defending her. Yes he is. She asks him if he is defending her because he is her friend or because he loves her. When Nick doesnít answer her, Taylor draws her own conclusion. Nick thinks she has just pulled a shrink trick on him. Nick warns her not to bait a fisherman. Taylor is trying to have an honest conversation with him and knows that peopleís lives are at stake here. Nick tells her it is Brookeís life that is at stake. Taylor asks him if it is wise idea for him to marry Bridget when he obviously still has feelings for Brooke. Nick gets a little riled at this again and asks her if Stephanie wrote some of this dialogue for her. When Taylor notes that he is getting defensive again, Nick tells her it is because he isnít going to let Taylor spin this around on him. His wedding has been postponed, but it is still going to happen. He is going to marry Bridget. Taylor tells him that it isnít Ridge that needs to make a decision. It is him. He needs to decide if he is going to be with Bridget or Brooke. Nick doesnít want to hear any more of this and simply walks out the door.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís:

Brooke has made some coffee for her and Bridget. Bridget is a bit intrigued. She tells her mother that she called Nickís office and the assistant told her that Nick left after receiving a phone call from Stephanie. Brooke panics at hearing this. She knows that Stephanie also called Taylor over there this morning. She knows that Taylor and Stephanie are now trying to turn Nick against her too. Bridget tells her that there is no way that Nick will be turned against her. He knows that Taylor has been in a coma for years and has no way of knowing what kind of mother she has been. He also knows that Stephanie has an agenda. Brooke calms down a bit and looks at a picture of the whole family together. Her, Ridge, Thomas, the girls, Hope and R.J. She tells Bridget that when Taylor came back she tried to be supportive. She loves Thomas and the girls and was so happy for them. She accepts that Taylor deserves a place in their lives. Now though, Taylor has started to demonize her and make her into a villain. Brooke hates what this is doing to the family, and most of all she hates what it is doing to her. Bridget tries to console her mother and gives her a hug. She admits that all of this is making all of her insecurities come to the surface again. Bridget tells her that it isnít like she is making something up in her head. This is a very real and stressful situation.

Bridget thinks that she will feel better when Ridge gets back from New York. She thinks that Ridge just needed to put everything in prospective. Brooke apologizes to her daughter. She knows that Ridge and Brooke arenít setting a very good example for Ďmarriageí right now. Bridget tells her that her and Nick are well aware that marriage isnít always easy. Brooke is happy to hear that they are still going to go ahead with the wedding. Brooke tells her that Nick would marry her tonight, but she wants to wait till things calm down. Brooke tells her that they should elope. Bridget is shocked at this. She wants to be able to look back on her wedding and remember the whole family coming together. Brooke tells her daughter that if she waits on that, it will never happen.

A little later, Bridget is gone when Nick shows up at the door. Brooke thinks he is there looking for Bridget. Nick tells her that he is there to talk to her. She knows that he was talking to Stephanie and Taylor. Nick tells her that if he had known what they wanted to talk about, he wouldnít have gone there. She wants to know what they said, she knows they are trying to turn him against her. Nick tells her that isnít exactly right. Stephanie and Taylor are both convinced that Ridge will choose Taylor. Brooke knows that is how they feel. Nick tells her that it really is Brooke that they are concerned with. Him and Brooke. Brooke is confused, they know that Nick is engaged to Bridget. Nick tells her that is true and that Stephanie and Taylor are only trying to put a spin on thinks to take the attention away from the real issue. Nick tells her that they are telling him that when Ridge goes back to Taylor, Brooke will be lonely and need someone to be with her that loves her and the children. Taylorís mouth drops to the floor when Nick tells her that Taylor and Stephanie think the Nick and Brooke belong together.

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