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Eric & Stephanie’s front room:

Stephanie continues to plead with Nick to talk Brooke into walking away from her marriage with Ridge. Taylor listens quietly and just observes Nick and his reactions to Stephanie’s request. Stephanie is determined to get her point of view across to Nick. He can’t believe that Stephanie knows what her son is thinking and what his feelings are. Stephanie tells him that she does know how her son feels about Taylor. Nick again reminds Stephanie of Ridge’s feelings for Brooke and that they have a baby together. Stephanie tells him that Ridge will never abandon R.J. Taylor realizes that Nick is uncomfortable with this. Of course he is. This is Ridge’s decision to make and now he is being pulled into the middle of it. Stephanie tells him that is because she wants him to talk to Brooke and to think of the children. She doesn’t want Brooke to start a war over this. Nick asks how he is supposed to do that? Just convince her to give up on her marriage and everything that she loves in life? Stephanie knows that Nick sees this from Brooke’s point of view, but if he got to know Taylor a little bit, he might see it from her point of view too. Stephanie knows that Nick is the only one that Brooke will listen to, and she really believes this is the best for all involved.

Nick feels like he is being ganged up on as he looks at the two of them. He asks Taylor if she agrees with what Stephanie is saying. Taylor tells him that her and Stephanie are friends. Nick tells them that he is Brooke’s friend, but unlike Stephanie, he doesn’t believe in sticking his nose in other people’s business. Stephanie sees that she is not getting anywhere with Nick and decides to leave Taylor and Nick alone. Nick comments on what a piece of work she is, when she can’t get anywhere with him, she turns him over to the shrink. Stephanie tells him that Brooke is always talking about destiny. She wants Nick to see that Taylor is the destiny. She tells Taylor that she will talk to her later and leaves the house. Taylor puts her head in her hand. She can’t believe that Stephanie has put her in this position. She tells Nick that she understands that he is uncomfortable with this and he is free to just walk out the door. Nick tells her that he has every intention of leaving, but not before the two of them come to an understanding. It is Taylor, not Brooke, who needs to make a decision. Taylor realizes how protective Nick is of Brooke. Nick tells her that he thinks someone needs to be considering everything. Taylor knows that Brooke has hurt a lot of people in this family, including Ridge. Nick wants to know how she has hurt Ridge. Taylor tells him that she knows all about what happened between him and Brooke. Nick tells her that it didn’t happen the way Stephanie thinks it happened, and that none of it is Brooke’s fault. Taylor asks if he takes full responsibility for it. Nick tells her that he wished none of it had happened, but it did. He angrily tells her that he doesn’t have to justify himself to her. He does knows that Brooke has been a good wife and a good mother to Taylor’s children.

Taylor tells him that she has told Brooke that she appreciates all that she did while Taylor was gone. She also told Brooke that she doesn’t like some of the decisions that Brooke has been making and she doesn’t want Brooke influencing her children. Nick tells her there is a simple solution to that, take her children and move out. Taylor demands to know why her children should be the ones to live without a father. She reminds him that she is still legally married to Ridge. Nick asks her if that means that she wouldn’t have a problem ripping Ridge away from R.J. and Hope. Taylor tells him that it wouldn’t happen like that. Nick guesses that Taylor won’t have a problem with looking little Hope in the eye and telling her that her daddy is going away for good then. Taylor tells him that she doesn’t want that anymore than he does. Nick agrees that Ridge is in a tough spot, one that he would never want to be in. Taylor asks him what he would do if he was. Nick tells her that he would never leave Hope and R.J. Hope is a very special little girl that has been through a lot in her young age. She deserves to be in a happy and healthy family. Nick knows what it is like to grow up without a father. He knows the scars that it can leave. He asks Taylor to walk away and leave that family alone so that Hope can have all that she deserves. He asks if she can do that.

Coffee house:

Gabby has met Thomas for a cup of coffee. There are papers spread out all over the table. They talk about how tough things are at home for Thomas right now. Ridge is out of town and Brooke and Taylor both living under the same roof. Gabby can imagine there is a lot of tension there. Thomas just wishes that his father would hurry up and make a decision. He didn’t really ask her to meet him to talk about that though, he has some exciting news to tell her. Gabby guesses that he is excited because they will both be going to Ledgemont college together in the fall. Thomas agrees that is pretty incredible that they both wind up at the same college. He is happy to see Gabby all stoked about life again. It makes him happy to see her happy. He grabs her hand as he says this and Gabby blushes. Gabby tells him that she has turned in all her paperwork and is now just waiting to hear if she got the scholarship.

If she doesn’t get the scholarship, she won’t have the money to go to college. Thomas tells her that Stephanie’s offer to send her through school is still open, but he sees that she really wants to do this on her own. He knows that she will get the scholarship, or the school will have to answer to him. Gabby giggles over that and then notices all the papers on the table. She asks him what they are. Thomas is proud to tell her that it is a contract. He is the newest and hottest talent at Spectra Couture. Gabby is really excited for him, but she notices that he hasn’t signed the contract yet. Thomas tells her that he is worried about the hornets nest that it will open if he does. Both privately and publicly. Gabby understands his concerns, but she tells him that she would buy one of his designs in a second. Thomas is happy to hear this and asks her to wish him luck. He is headed out to Spectra right now to see where his Uncle Thorne stands on this. Gabby wishes him luck as he lightly kisses her before taking off. Gabby isn’t sure what to think about that quick little kiss, but she didn’t mind it at all.


Sally and Clarke have just told Thorne that they talked to Thomas about coming to work for Spectra. Thorne isn’t sure that is a good idea, considering the turmoil his family is in at the moment. Sally won’t hear of Thorne’s doubts. She knows this is a brilliant idea. Eric had his chance and passed on it. Thomas is a Forrester, he is bound to have talent pumping through his veins. Darla reminds Thorne that Thomas did sound really down when he talked to them before. Thorne admits that he felt for Thomas but… Sally again tells them that she thinks it is a brilliant idea. Clarke comments that he thinks it was a cheap idea, considering what Sally put on the contract as a salary for him. Thorne is upset to hear that there has already been a contract drawn up. Sally tells him that she called Thomas in just to ask if he knew any young designers, but when he started pitching himself, she had to say that she would consider him. Thorne is a bit angry at his partner. Considering Thomas and giving him a contract is two totally different things. He is upset that he wasn’t consulted on this. He doesn’t think that his family needs this extra flak right now, considering all that happened when he came to Spectra. Sally tells him that she figured Thorne, of all people, would want to give Thomas a chance considering all of that. If she is wrong, fine. Thorne admits that he would like to give Thomas a chance.

There is a very big ‘but’ though, Thomas isn’t a designer. Sally tells them that she isn’t doing this just to stick it to the Forresters again, she is doing it because Thomas is young and energetic. He is just what they need to launch the new teen line they were talking about. Just then, Thomas comes in. Sally welcomes him and tells him that they were just talking about him. Thomas gets right to the point and asks Thorne where he stands on this. Sally thinks his straight forwardness will fit right in around Spectra. Thorne asks him if he has thought this all through. Thomas has thought about all of it. He knows that Ridge and Eric are not going to change their minds, and he really wants this job. Thorne asks if he has talked to Ridge too. Thomas tells him that Ridge feels the same way as Eric. He needs to spend a few years in design school. Sally says that is hogwash, Spectra is all about training and taking chances with new talent. Darla agrees with her. Thorne tells Thomas that it will get a lot of tongues wagging. Thomas replies that is what the fashion world is all about isn’t it. Sally uses that statement to point out that Thomas really does know what he is talking about. Thorne asks if Thomas really wants this job. Thomas tells him that he knows that he isn’t experienced, but he will work his butt off for Thorne. Finally, Thorne agrees to give Thomas a try.

There are cheers all around and congratulatory hugs from Thorne and Darla. Sally asks for a hug also. Thomas tells her there is one thing he wants to change in the contract. Clarke thinks it is the salary. Thomas tells them that he is okay with the salary, but he wants it clear that he is only working for the summer because he is going to college in the fall. Thorne understands that Thomas wants to keep his options open and is proud of his nephew for that. Sally tells him that they will all hope that after he sees how wonderful it is to work for Spectra, he will change his mind. She agrees to change the contract though to accommodate Thomas’ wishes. Thomas accepts the position and gives Sally a hug. Celebration all around.

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