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Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s house:

Taylor, Brooke and Bridget continue to discuss Brooke’s past. Taylor thinks that Bridget’s ability to forgive is inspiring. Most daughters would have severed all ties. Brooke is very proud of Bridget and tells Taylor that Bridget isn’t like most daughters. Taylor can clearly see that. She thinks Bridget has turned out to be a wonderful woman. Bridget takes a bit of offense at this and asks Taylor if she means ‘in spite’ of her mother. Taylor doesn’t want to judge what kind of environment Bridget was brought up in, that isn’t her place. It is her place to judge what kind of environment her own children are brought up in though. Bridget tells her that Brooke has been a wonderful mother to all of the kids. Taylor tells her that she knows that and she does appreciate everything Brooke did. The twins are at an impressionable age now and will be needing to take their sexual cues from a good role model. Brooke doesn’t like where this is heading. Taylor tells her flat out that she is not comfortable with Brooke being around her children.

Bridget is shocked into silence and Brooke is angry. Brooke loves those girls as if they were her own. Taylor reminds her that she ends up hurting every one she loves also. She thought that Brooke had changed this pattern, but she now sees that nothing has changed. Brooke still puts her own happiness above that of her children. Bridget tries to tell Taylor that isn’t true, but Taylor believes what she believes. Taylor is happy that Bridget and Brooke have worked through things, but no child should ever have to go through that. She tells Brooke that she will not allow her to do that to her children. Brooke’s head is spinning. She can’t believe that Taylor’s attitude towards her has changed so much in just a 24 hour period. Brooke tells her that she would never hurt Thomas or the girls. She reminds Taylor of all the times that she has been there for all of them. Bridget confirms that her mother has been there for all of them. Brooke tells her that all three of them told her that they love her and thanked her for being a mother to them. Taylor admits that the girls have told her how much they love Brooke, and that they think she is cool. A mother needs not to be so ‘cool’ all the time though, she needs to be a good role model for them. Brooke realizes that this isn’t really about the children. Taylor has jumped on the bandwagon with Stephanie to make sure that Brooke is out of Ridge’s life for good. That doesn’t surprise Brooke though because Taylor has always put her nose up in the air when it came to Brooke. She knows that she has made mistakes, but she doesn’t have to answer to Taylor for that. She just wants Taylor to get off her soapbox and realize that she would never do anything to hurt her children. Taylor doesn’t want to belittle what Brooke means to her children, she really does appreciate all that Bridget and Brooke did for her family while she was gone. She is home now though and she wants to raise her children in a healthy environment. She came home and wanted to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt, but then she learned about Deacon and Nick. She knows that everyone makes mistakes, but most people learn from those mistakes. Taylor’s cell phone rings and the argument is interrupted while Taylor takes the call. It is Stephanie asking her to come over right away. There is someone there that Stephanie wants Taylor to meet. Taylor tells her that she will be right over. After she hangs up the phone, she tells Brooke that she really isn’t trying to condemn anyone.

She just wants Brooke to see this from her perspective. She came home to her home, to her husband and now she has to sleep in another room. She has tried being patient, but her patience is running out. Ridge is Taylor’s husband, this house is her home. She wants to work all of this out as quickly and peacefully as they can. Brooke comments that what Taylor really means is that is what she wants as long as Brooke is the one to leave. Taylor has had enough of this talk. She tells Brooke that the bottom line is that Brooke has overstayed her welcome and it is time for her to leave. With that said, she storms out the front door, leaving Brooke and Bridget too stunned to say anything. Brooke can’t believe the way Taylor was just talking to her. Bridget agrees that she was being a bit sanctimonious. Brooke comments that it is hard to make mistakes when you are in a coma. She tells Bridget that they were all getting along so well and thinking of the children before Stephanie started stirring the pot again, like she always does. Bridget offers her mother support and tells her that it is Stephanie’s loss if she can’t see what a good person Brooke is. Bridget is able to calm her mother down. Brooke is very thankful for her daughter’s support. Bridget promises that her and Nick will always be there for her and they will get her through all of this.

Eric’s office:

Eric is showing Jackie a couple of new designs that she agrees are very beautiful. She feels like he didn’t ask for this meeting just to show her the new designs though. Eric excuses the models and tells Jackie that she is a very perceptive person, now if she also weren’t so interfering he could respect her even more. Jackie guesses that he talking about Bridget. She tries to explain to him that she really does like Bridget, she is just worried about her. Eric tells her that it isn’t her decision to make. It is Bridget and Nick’s decision. She is totally out of line suggesting that Nick is better off with Brooke. Eric is concerned for his daughter being under so much stress when it should be the happiest time in her life. Jackie tells him that it is nothing compared to the stress she will feel later in life if she marries Nick now. Eric tells her that he believes that Nick is committed to Bridget now. Jackie tells him that the only reason Nick committed to Bridget was because he thought Brooke was lost to him forever. She admits that Nick does love Bridget, but not in the way he loves Brooke. Eric tells her that Brooke had her chance to be with Nick and turned it down. Jackie counters that is only because she was holding on to this ridiculous notion that Ridge is her destiny.

Eric thinks that Jackie is holding on to a ridiculous notion that her son belongs with Brooke. Jackie tells him that he shouldn’t underestimate Nick and Brooke’s history. Eric tells her that is exactly what it is, history. Jackie knows her son, she sees it in his eyes when he looks at Brooke. Eric tells her that is friendship she is seeing. Eric tells her that Bridget has assured him that Nick is over Brooke, he chooses to believe his daughter. Jackie tells him to answer her one question. Does any man that has ever been in love with Brooke ever gotten completely over her? Eric tells her that even if Nick did still have feelings for Brooke, it wouldn’t do any good because Brooke would never hurt her daughter like that again. Jackie tells him that Brooke is a woman that follows her heart. Eric tells her that Brooke’s heart is with her children first. He finally has had enough of this conversation with Jackie. He tells her that Bridget and Nick are going to get married after this new storm passes. They are going to throw them a wonderful wedding and they are all going to be happy for them. He warns her not to let him hear from Bridget that she is still interfering with the relationship. He wants her to understand that if she keeps interfering with her children’s lives, it will come back to haunt her. He has seen it happen a million times with Stephanie. He doesn’t understand why the two of them can’t just trust their own children to live their own lives.

Eric & Stephanie’s house:

Nick and Stephanie continue to spar in the front room. Nick tells Stephanie flat out that his relationship with Brooke or Bridget is none of her business. Of course, the queen doesn’t agree with that. If it affects anyone in her family, it is her business. Stephanie tells him that she doesn’t want to fight with him at all. She knows that he is very good friends with Brooke, some people think they are too good of friends. Nick announces that he thinks he should leave on that note. Stephanie stops him by telling him that she is glad that Brooke has his support because she is going to need it now more than ever. Nick asks if that is because Ridge is going back to Taylor. Stephanie thinks that Nick is finally starting to see things her way. He corrects her and still believes that Ridge will stay with Brooke, because he doesn’t see how any man could walk away from Brooke. Stephanie wonders if that is why Nick paid Ridge a visit to plead Brooke’s case. Nick tells her that he just wanted to make sure that Ridge was thinking things through with a clear mind and not letting anyone influence him. Stephanie claims that Ridge will go back to Taylor no matter what she or anyone else says. She just wants Brooke to accept that so that she isn’t hurt further. Nick is surprised at Stephanie’s manipulations. Is she really saying that she is really concerned with Brooke’s feelings and that she is only looking out for Brooke now? Stephanie tells him that is exactly what she is doing. She wonders why Nick isn’t doing the same thing. If he really wants to help Brooke, he shouldn’t encourage her to stay in this marriage. Ridge tells her that Ridge and their children are what is important to her. Stephanie tries to convince Nick that he would understand if he had ever met Taylor and seen Ridge and Taylor together. Ridge will be with Taylor.

Nick has a chance here to be a really good friend to Brooke and convince Brooke to accept the inevitable and walk out of the marriage with her head held high. Nick scoffs at that, he can’t believe the way Stephanie tries to make herself look concerned for Brooke. Nick tells her that they disagree on one key point, he believes that Ridge will stay with Brooke, if only because of R.J. Stephanie won’t be swayed. Nick tells her that he feels like this is a competition and it shouldn’t be. Stephanie agrees, there is no competition at all in her book and if he had the chance to meet Taylor he would understand what she is saying. Stephanie goes to make a call as Nick looks out at the beautiful view from the balcony. When Stephanie returns, he comments that everyone talks about Taylor as if she is a saint, even Bridget. Stephanie thinks that should tell him something. Nick comments that he has never been too big on saints. He wants to Stephanie to admit that she really doesn’t care at all about what happens to Brooke, all she cares about is Ridge ending up with Taylor. Stephanie tells him that he does care about Brooke though and she wants him to do what a good friend would do. Just then, Taylor comes in wondering who it is that Stephanie wanted her to meet. When Stephanie tells her it is Nick, Taylor is very curious about this man she has heard so much about. She is anxious to meet him. Nick is also curious about this ‘saint’ of a woman that he has heard about. He doesn’t look too impressed with Taylor while Taylor looks as if she can’t wait to dive in and get to know Nick’s mind.

Stephanie explains that Nick is a very good friend of Brooke’s and that she has just been trying to convince him to talk Brooke into stepping aside so that Taylor can have her family back. Nick watches with interest as Stephanie asks him to please talk to Brooke.

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