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Ericís office at Forrester:

Bridget drops by to see her father. Eric is happy to see her and comments that at least someone still loves him. Bridget is surprised by his comment. Eric explains that he had to tell Thomas that he couldnít design for Forrester just yet, not until he had a few more years of design school. Bridget thinks that is reasonable, but Eric tells her that Thomas didnít agree with that.

Bridget thinks that Thomas is just anxious to study with the genius that designed her wedding dress. Eric is flattered and welcomes the compliment, but he thinks that no one even saw the dress. They just saw how beautiful she was. He thinks he even saw a tear in Nickís eyes. Eric tells her that he is really glad that she found Nick. Bridget agrees with that wholeheartedly. Eric asks how the wedding plans are coming along. Bridget tells her that Nick wants to get married right now, but she wants to wait till this storm blows over. She really wants it to be a joyous day, not a tension filled one. Eric asks if Jackie is still giving her a hard time. He has put a call in to Jackie, but hasnít talked to her yet. Bridget tells him that she appreciates that, but it really isnít Jackie that is causing her worry. She is sure of Nickís commitment to her and isnít worried that his mother could split them up. It is Stephanieís meddling that is worrying her. Eric agrees with his daughter that Ridge has a hard enough choice without Stephanie putting her two cents in. Bridget tells him that it is much worse than Stephanie just voicing her opinion.

She is doing everything she can to make sure Brooke just gets out of the way. She asks Eric to talk to her again and tell her to back off. Eric agrees to talk to Stephanie, but warns his daughter that it really wonít do much good. Stephanieís feelings on this subject run very deep. Bridget sadly realizes that Stephanie is going to force everyone to take sides on this.


Clarke tries to explain to Sally why he thinks having Thomas work for them isnít such a good idea. They need someone that is talented and has experience. Not someone that they havenít even seen his work yet. Sally disagrees. Just having another Forrester name working for Spectra will be enough. Clarke doesnít agree. It is the fashions that makes the money, not a name. Even if it is ĎForresterí. As they talk, Thomas comes in and wonders why Sally wanted to see him. Sally tells him to have a seat. She explains to him that they have been having problems meeting the teen market since Amber left.

She thought that Thomas might be able to help them. Instead of coming right out and asking Thomas to come to work for them, she asks him if he knows someone that might be interested in working for them. They need someone that is young and knows what teens like. Someone that is hungry to work, and maybe is being held back in their current position. Thomas asks if this person would need to have any experience. Sally tells him that isnít really necessary, she searches for the right word. Clarke offers up that it needs to be someone that could handle being an overnight sensation. Thomas tells them to look no further. He is the man they are looking for.

Eric & Stephanieís house:

Stephanie has summoned Nick for a visit. He is curious as to why she asked him over. She tells him that she wanted to talk to him about arrangements for the wedding to be held at her house. Nick tells her that he is surprised that she is still offering her house considering the little tiff that her and Bridget had. Stephanie tells him they have had several tiffs over the years. She tells him that they are currently disagreeing on which woman should be with Ridge. Nick understands that she is taking the side of the ex-dead wife. Stephanie tells him of course she is. Nick asks her if she really wants to get into an argument with him also.

Nick starts to leave, he doesnít want to get in the middle of this. Stephanie tells him to stop being so dramatic and just speak his mind. Nick tells her that she knows he has always wanted Brooke to be happy, but this isnít his decision to make. It is her golden boyís decision. He just thinks it is sad that both women have to wait around for that decision. Stephanie says she knows who is best for her son. So does Nick, Brooke belongs with her husband. He thinks that no one should find it surprising that he thinks Brooke and Ridge should stay together. Stephanie tells him that his mother might, since she thinks that Nick should be with Ridge. Nick tells her that he will get into this discussion with her, since he is already there. He will not talk to her about his mother though. He knows that Jackie visited Stephanie. His mother was out of line. Stephanie tells him that she did tell Jackie to take a hike, but one thing is for sure. Jackie knows her son, just as Stephanie knows Ridge. Jackie thinks that Nick would be happier with Brooke. Nick tells her that he is going to marry Bridget, not her mother. He is a bit angry that she didnít really call him over there to discuss the wedding, but really to dangle a carrot named Brooke in front of his nose to see if he had any lingering feelings for her. Stephanie tells him to stop burying his head in the sand. Nick tells her that whatever he feels for Bridget or Brooke is none of her business. Stephanie tells him that she is only concerned because she doesnít want him marrying Bridget and then waking up some day and realizing that he is married to the wrong woman.

She thinks that if he has any doubts at all about this marriage to Bridget, he should call off the wedding now. Nick thinks that Stephanie is confused here. It is her son that needs to make a decision here, not him. Ridge is now married to Brooke, they have a child together. They have a commitment to each other. He canít believe that Stephanie thinks Ridge will walk away from that. Stephanie tells him that R.J. is what Brooke is clinging to right now. She does get his attention though, when she tells him that Ridge will end up with Taylor. That will mean that Brooke will come to him for support. Nick tells her that he will give Brooke support, as a friend. Stephanie tells him that Brooke will not be looking for a friend, she will be looking for something much more. She tells him to think long and hard here because Ridge isnít the only one that needs to make a decision. He needs to decide if he really does love Bridget like he says he does. She hopes that he does because she doesnít want to see Bridget hurt. but she would rather see him walk out on her now instead of after a few years of marriage and a couple of babies. She doesnít want him to wake up after that amount of time and realize that he does really have feelings for her mother. It would devastate Bridget then.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Taylor returns to the front room after getting the kids off to school. Brooke offers to take her around looking for office space since she assumes that Taylor will want to open her practice again. Taylor tells her that she hasnít decided when she will start seeing patients again, but she does want to do a bit of research. She wants to understand what kind of a woman can sleep with her husbands brother the day after she thinks he is dead. Brooke thought that Taylor had said last night that she wasnít going to get into this.

Taylor tells her that last night she said that she was comfortable letting Ridge make this decision. The thing is that in all the years she has studied sexual disorders, she has never came across this kind of scenario. She wonders if Brooke can help her shed some light on it. She wonders why a woman would be aroused by her husbandís brother the day after she thought he had died. Brooke tells her that she wasnít aroused. Taylor says that she knows Ridge blames Nick and wonders if Brooke does too. Brooke tells her that Nick is not a sexual predator. Taylor is happy to hear this since Nick will be marrying Bridget soon. She wonders if it wasnít Nickís fault, was it Brookeís fault? Brooke tells her that it isnít a matter of placing blame anywhere. Taylor tells her that is what she doesnít get about Brooke. No matter what happens or who gets hurt, it is never anyoneís fault. Especially not Brookeís. The problem with that is it doesnít give an explanation as to how something like this could happen. Taylor would really like an explanation. Brooke doesnít see the sense in dredging this all up again. It is in the past. Taylor tells her she just wants to understand how she can say that she loves a man so much, yet hurt him like she did.

Brooke tells her that this is what Stephanie was hoping would happen, she is using Brookeís past to come between the two of them. She doesnít understand why Taylor is acting like this when Brooke welcomed her into her home and has been so good to her. Brooke asks her if she really believes that she could be the monster that Stephanie makes her out to be if Taylorís own children love her so much. It is the children they need to be concerned with here, not Brookeís past. Taylor tells her that is exactly what she is concerned with. She wonders how many other horrible decisions Brooke made while her children were watching her as a role model. Brooke tells her that she does regret many things that she has done in her lifetime. She lived with the pain and the guilt for many years. She paid her penance. She knows that it is easy for Taylor to waltz in and play judge and jury, but the fact is that Brooke has also done many things that she is proud of in the past. Stephanie sure isnít going to tell Taylor about those things. Taylor tells her that she is still trying to understand how Brooke could have hurt Ridge like that, and how she could devastate her own daughter. Now she is allowing Bridget to marry another man that had feelings for her. How does she expect Bridget to deal with that without having to have therapy for years.

Bridget has come into the room now and tells Taylor that she will answer that question. She tells Taylor that she did carry resentment and anger with her for a long time. Then one night she just realized that you have to accept your own faults, as well as others. She realized that Brooke never did anything to intentionally hurt her, and the forgiveness was there. The whole situation actually brought them closer together. Taylor is happy that Bridget has been able to work through all of that but she worries that she is setting herself up again for the same situation. Brooke tells her that if she had any doubts that Nick still had feelings for her, she would never allow this wedding to happen. Bridget explains that they have all talked through this and she is confident that Nick no longer has feelings for Brooke. Taylor is happy to hear that and tells her that the only reason she brought it up was out of concern for Bridget. Bridget understands but says that they all lived through the pain of the situation with Deacon, they would never make the same mistake again. Brooke tells her that things are different now anyway. She is married to Ridge and has a family with him. She has no intention of walking away from that. Plus, she would never get in the way of Bridget and Nickís happiness. Taylor asks Bridget if she is really sure about Nick. Bridget tells her that she doesnít have one doubt in her mind.

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