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Gabby’s place:

Thomas is upset that his grandfather didn’t like his work. Gaby tells him that she thinks Eric is very proud of him. Thomas says that he isn’t proud enough to give him a real job at Forrester. That isn’t what Gabby heard. Thomas admits that Eric didn’t completely shut him out but it still is very disappointing to him. Gabby understands that he is just anxious to get where the action is since he will be graduating soon. He tells her that he guesses that isn’t going to happen now. Not unless he makes it happen that is.

Gabby goes back to unpacking some things as Thomas sits on the couch and starts sketching again. Gabby joins him on the couch for a bit and realizes that he just doesn’t give up easily. Thomas tells her that he doesn’t when it is something he wants this badly. He respects his grandfather a lot, and knows that Eric has been in the business for many years. He just thinks that Eric doesn’t know how to design for teens. Gabby understands that is what Thomas wants to do. She thought that was why they hired Caitlin. Thomas agrees, but reminds her that Eric said it wasn’t working out like they had hoped. Since Caitlin’s name has been brought up, Gabby asks if he has talked to her since she walked in on them the other night. Thomas tells her that he has left a couple of messages but Caitlin hasn’t called him back. Gabby apologizes, she doesn’t want to come between him and Caitlin. She only gave him that kiss because she was so happy for him. Thomas totally understands and tells her that it isn’t her fault. Caitlin just didn’t give him a chance to explain about his mother, which reminds him that things aren’t getting any better at home right now either. He tells her not to take him wrong, he knows that Brooke has been like a mother to him and he does love her. Now that Taylor is back though, he just wants things to go back to the way they used to be.


Thorne and Darla have just told Sally that Taylor is alive. Sally is thrilled to hear about it. She wants all the details and wonders why she hasn’t been told about this before. She understands when Darla and Thorne tell her that family was trying to give Taylor and the children some privacy before the news breaks to the media. Sally hits the nail on the head when she comments that ‘Queen Stephanie’ must be doing cartwheels now that her best friend is back because it will mean getting Brooke Logan out of her life for good. Darla and Thorne just look at each other like that is something they had hoped wouldn’t happen. Thorne tells her that nothing has been decided and everyone, including Sally, should not be making assumptions. He then turns their attention back to the sales reports. They are running neck to neck with Forrester and they shouldn’t be. They should be way ahead like they were after the fashion show. Sally tells him that the difference between now and then is that they had Amber working for them then.

Thorne tells her that Amber tried to kill his brother, no way is she coming back to Spectra. Sally sees that Thorne is strong on this point and decides against pressing the issue. She tells him that they do need to find someone that will give them a shot in the arm. Wouldn’t it be the coup de’ coup if they could find someone with a Forrester pedigree to step in. Thorne agrees that they need to find a new designer, but right now all he can think of is his family. He tells Darla that he is most worried about the children. Darla reminds him that they will still love Brooke too. Thorne knows that this has got to be really confusing for all of them. Darla wonders if that is why Thomas was trying to get a hold of him. Thorne decides to call Thomas back right now and asks Sally to use her phone. They decide to put Thomas on speaker phone so they can all say hello to him. Thomas sits on the couch sketching as his phone rings. When he answers he is surprised to be on speaker phone at Spectra, but happy to hear from everyone. Thorne asks if he was calling because something is wrong. Thomas tells him no, but it doesn’t matter anymore. He tells Thorne that he had some designs that he wanted to show Thorne for his opinion, but Eric already said they weren’t good enough. You can see Sally’s wheel’s starting to turn right away, but Thorne tells Thomas that he is sorry, but Eric really knows his stuff. Sally tells Thorne that Eric made the mistake of letting Thorne slip through his fingers and look how good Thorne is doing now. Clarke comes in to tell Thorne that there is an emergency down in the cutting room and he needs to get down there right away. Thomas overhears this and tells his uncle to go on and take care of business. They all send Thomas their support and end the call as Thorne and Darla rush to find out what is wrong in the cutting room. Clarke asks Sally what was going on. Sally tells him that Thomas is wanting to start designing but Eric thinks that he is too green.

Clarke agrees that Thomas is barely out of diapers. Sally doesn’t agree. Thomas has Forrester blood pumping through his veins. Wouldn’t it be great if they could snag another Forrester for Spectra. That would mean that they would almost have more Forresters working for them than Forrester does. Which would mean more prestige, and of course, more money.

Back at Gabby’s:

Gabby asks Thomas who was on the phone. Thomas tells her that it was his Uncle Thorne and the Spectra group. He tells her about Sally’s comment that Eric let Thorne slip through his fingers. He guesses there is still hope for him. Gabby tells him that she really likes one of the dresses in his sketch pad. He guesses that it is the pink one. Gabby is surprised that he knew which one she liked.

He said he did that one with her in mind. She is flattered. She thinks that he should show that one to Eric again. Thomas tells her that a guy can only take so much rejection a day, it isn’t good for the ego. She tells him that she thinks he is a really ‘down to earth’ type of guy. Thomas jokes that makes him sound like a boy scout. He asks if she really likes his designs. She tells him that she thinks they are great, fun and sexy. Thomas likes the sound of that. He knows that he is no where near his dad and grandpa’s talent, but he will get there some day. Gabby jokes that she can say she knew him when. Thomas thanks her for making him feel so good when he was so bummed out just a short while ago. She is very flattered when Thomas tells her that she has the magic touch in more ways than one.

Eric & Stephanie’s front room:

Taylor demands to know if all that Stephanie told her is true. Brooke looks at Stephanie and wonders what all Stephanie has told Taylor and what kind of spin she has put on it. Taylor asks Brooke point blank if she slept with Deacon and had a child by him while he was married to Bridget. Ridge tells his mother that she had no right telling Taylor any of this.

Brooke tells her that it should have been Brooke or Ridge that told Taylor. She admits that it is something that never should have happened and something she is terribly ashamed of. Taylor is shocked to learn that it is true. Brooke doesn’t expect her to understand it, because she doesn’t understand it herself. It was something she got caught up in. Stephanie spits out that she was caught up in her lust. Ridge tries to quiet his mother’s tongue. Brooke tells Taylor that she knows it was a mistake, but thank god that Bridget and Ridge were able to forgive her and life moves on. Taylor asks her if she has done anything else to humiliate the family. Stephanie brings up that Brooke slept with Nick also.

Taylor asks if that is also true. Ridge tells her that it isn’t true. Brooke claims that Stephanie is telling lies now. Ridge explains that Brooke was overcome with grief and Nick took advantage of her. Stephanie doesn’t believe that at all, but thinks that Brooke would have Ridge believe it. Ridge tells him mother he has had enough, but she keeps it up. She asks if Brooke resisted at all. Brooke can’t believe that Stephanie is still blaming her for everything that has ever gone wrong in this family. She knows that she has made some huge mistakes but she never meant to hurt the people that she loves. Taylor watches the argument with interest as Ridge tells his mother that she had no right telling Taylor any of this. Stephanie thinks that Taylor has a right to know all about the whore Brooke since Brooke is raising her kids. Stephanie sees that things are getting a bit too heated and tries to calm everyone down by reminding them that Taylor is back. She was just trying to give Brooke the chance to do what is right for the family. Brooke tells her that she now sees that all the support Stephanie offered was to give Brooke a false sense of security. Stephanie tells her to stop being so melodramatic. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she told her that to her face, that she only pretended to be nice to Brooke so that Ridge wouldn’t cut her out of his and R.J.’s life. Taylor still listens quietly to all of this. Stephanie thinks that Brooke would have really liked to have seen that. Stephanie tells them that the point now is the welfare of the children and who is going to raise them.

Taylor is shocked at Stephanie when Ridge tells her that Stephanie expected Brooke to give R.J. up to Taylor and Ridge to raise. Stephanie defends what she said because Taylor is clearly the better parent. Ridge asks Brooke and Taylor to go on back to the house as he wants to have a word with his mother in private. Brooke and Taylor hesitantly leave. Ridge immediately lays into his mother heavily. Stephanie again tries to defend herself saying that she knows that Taylor and Ridge belong together. Ridge reminds her that Thomas and the girls love Brooke too because she has been a wonderful mother to them while Taylor was gone. Stephanie won’t let up and still thinks she is right.

Ridge finally has had enough of her and tells her that this is his decision to make, not hers. He warns her that if she doesn’t butt out, she will regret it. He slams out of the house.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s house:

When the women arrive back home, Taylor starts to go straight up to her room but Brooke stops her. She wants to talk to Taylor. She tells Taylor that she knows that Stephanie is Taylor’s best friend, but what Stephanie just did was wrong. Just like asking her to give up her son to Taylor. Taylor tells her that she would never try to take her son from her. Brooke tells her that Stephanie will not stop trying to use Taylor to play dirty tricks to get Ridge and Taylor back together. Taylor simply tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to play dirty tricks. This is Ridge’s decision to make and Taylor believes in her heart that Ridge will make the right decision. She leaves a stunned Brooke standing in the front room as she makes her way up to her room.

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