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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/2/05



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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Ridge finds Brooke in the front room and reports that all the kids are off to school. The twins are excited to be auditing classes at Roxbury. Brooke comments that she will be happy when they are officially enrolled. Ridge tells her that for the first time in a long time, Hope cried when he dropped her of this morning. Brooke suggests that they pick her up together. Ridge loves the way Brooke thinks, he loves that about her. He thinks she is such a good influence on all of them. Brooke admits that it was nice to hear that Thomas and the girls still love her. Ridge tells her that she is very deserving of their love, she has been there for all of them. Now it is their turn to be there for her. Brooke tells him again how happy she is for them that Taylor is back in their lives. Ridge notices that something is bothering her.

Brooke tells him that she wishes she didnít have to tell him this. He thinks she is upset that they are not sharing a bed right now. She tells him that she does miss him, but she understands why they arenít sleeping together. Reluctantly, she tells Ridge that Stephanie has decided that Brooke shouldnít be a part of this family anymore. Ridge is upset to hear this. None of this is any of Stephanieís business. Brooke reminds him that Taylor is Stephanieís best friend. Brooke goes on to tell him that Stephanie paid her a visit yesterday and made her position very well known. She tells him everything that Stephanie said to her. Stephanie is determined to tell Taylor every mistake that Brooke has made. Brooke points out that Taylor isnít here this morning, so she can only imagine that Stephanie is doing that right now. Ridge gets more upset by the minute. When Brooke tells him that Stephanie wants her to give R.J. up and let Ridge and Taylor adopt him and raise him, Ridge has heard enough. He grabs her hand and leads her out of the house. It is time to put his mother in her place.

Guest house at Eric & Stephanieís:

Thomas comes in looking for Eric carrying a sketch pad. He finds Gabby unpacking there and humming a song. Gaby is happy to see him and confirms that she is living in the guest house now instead of staying in her motherís room in the main house.

She asks him how things are going at home. Thomas tells her that it is great having his mother back, but it is a little weird with none of them knowing who is going to live where. He compliments her on her singing voice. Gaby is flattered. She notices the sketch pad and wonders what it is. Thomas tells her that he thinks he is ready to start designing. He is really excited about this. Gaby is happy for him and thinks this will make Eric and Ridge happy too. Thomas tells her that Ridge had been sketching for years already when he was Thomasí age. Gaby is excited for him. Eric knocks on the door. He noticed Thomasí car out front and wondered if he is there. Thomas is happy to see his grandfather. He tells him that he is graduating next week and he did do the internship at Forrester. Eric tells him that he did a great job with the internship. Thomas tells Eric that he is now ready to start designing. He nervously shows the sketches to Eric. Gaby and Thomas stand back and anxiously await Ericís opinion. Eric is pleased with Thomasí work, but tells the boy that he doesnít think this is the right time for Thomas to start designing. Thomas tells him that the thought Eric and Ridge could mentor him. Eric tells him that things are just really busy right now.

With Thorne helping Sally all he can, the competition is steep. Thomas pleads a good case, but Eric still doesnít think that Thomas is ready. He tells him to take a few years of design classes and then they will talk about him designing for Forester. Eric knows that he has disappointed his grandson, but he still believes that Thomas just isnít ready. After Eric leaves, Gaby tries to console Thomas, but he is pretty upset. Gaby tells him to look on the bright side, now he will have the whole summer to spend with his mother. Thomas tells her that Taylor will be busy with the girls, and with Ridge. He is ready to design now. He doesnít know how he is going to do it, but that is exactly what he is going to do.

Main house at Eric & Stephanieís:

Stephanie greets Taylor with a hug. She still canít believe that Taylor is back. Taylor is happy to be back, but things are a lot more complicated than she had imagined. Stephanie tells her that they will work through all of this together. Taylor tells her that Ridge has two wives now. Stephanie tells her that he only has one love. Taylor tells her that she can tell that Ridge does care about Brooke, and it is obvious that Brooke is still in love with Ridge. Stephanie tells her friend that is why she asked her over this morning. There are things that Taylor needs to know. Stephanie can only imagine how hard this is on her and Ridge. Taylor agrees that things are tough, but there is a lot to consider. Stephanie knows her friend well enough that she knows that Taylor will be concerned with Brookeís children. Taylor admits that she just canít imagine R.J. growing up without his father in the house, and Hope is so clearly connected to Ridge. Stephanie admits that Ridge has been wonderful with Hope. When Taylor comments that she finds it unfortunate that Whip doesnít take more interest in Hope,

Stephanie finds her perfect moment to spill her first can of gossip. Taylor is thrown for a loop when she learns that Deacon is Hopeís father. She just canít imagine how Brooke could have had a baby with her daughterís husband. She doesnít understand why Bridget seems to be so supportive of Brooke. Stephanie tells her that it took Bridget a long time to get over it, but she did finally forgive her. Taylor is surprised that Ridge has forgiven Brooke too. She has a hard time absorbing this news. Stephanie tells her that she didnít want Taylor thinking that Ridge and Brooke have a perfect marriage. She also tells her that she doesnít think that Brooke should be in that home with Taylorís children and Taylorís husband one more day. Taylor is upset now, she though that Brooke had been a good influence on her children. Stephanie takes this chance to open the second can of gossip and tells her all about Brooke and Ridgeís first wedding and the honeymoon. There was an accident and they all thought that Ridge was dead. Taylor imagines that Brooke was devastated. Stephanie agrees that they were all devastated, but Brooke handled her grief by turning to Nick. Taylor can hardly believe her friend is telling her the truth when Stephanie tells her that Brooke slept with Nick within 24 hours of learning that Ridge was dead. She carried R.J. the whole nine months thinking that he was Nickís child. Taylor is horrified at all of this news. Ridge and Brooke come in the front door unnoticed. Stephanie tells Taylor that Brooke hasnít changed at all. Taylor is the only one that can get rid of Brooke for good, she has to make a stand. Ridge has heard enough and makes their presence known. Taylor rushes to Brooke and asks her if all that Stephanie has just told her is true.

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