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Eric & Stephanieís:

Stephanie and Bridget continue to go at each other over Brooke. Bridget just canít believe that Stephanie asked Brooke to give R.J. up. Stephanie just thinks that Taylor and Ridge are more suitable parents. Bridget reminds the she was raised by Brooke. Stephanie tells her that she is very proud of Bridget and Rick for turning out the way they did even with Brooke as a mother. Bridget tells her that Brooke also helped raise Taylorís children. Stephanie tells her that Brooke wasnít involved with them that long, and the time that she was involved wasnít all peaces and cream either. Bridget doesnít understand why Stephanie canít forget the past, and accept that Brooke and Ridge love each other. Stephanie tells her that she can see Brooke for the person she really is. Bridget doesnít think that is it all. She thinks that Stephanie is jealous of Brooke. She thinks that Stephanie canít stand it that everyone else has forgiven Brooke for her past mistakes. Stephanie tells her that she just sees the truth better than most do.

Bridget tries to figure out why Stephanie canít forgive her mother. She thinks that Stephanie looks at everything backwards, and begs her to please work through this like everyone else has. Their families have enough to worry about without Stephanie bringing all this back to the surface. Stephanie tells her that the only one she is concerned with is her son and his happiness. She believes that means him being with Taylor and their children. She tells Bridget that she has a right to her opinion. Bridget agrees that she does, as long as she keeps that opinion to herself. Before leaving, Bridget tells her that Taylor and Brooke are both wonderful women and one of them will end up with Ridge, but it isnít up to Stephanie who that woman will be. After Bridget leaves, Stephanie thinks about what she will do next. She calls Taylor and tells her that she would like to see her first thing in the morning. Taylor happily agrees to the meeting. Stephanie then picks up a picture of Ridge and Brooke. Once she tells Taylor all that Brooke has done, Taylor will not allow her to spend one more day in her home.

Shady Marlin:

Jackie has come to badger Nick about his marriage to Bridget again. She just wonít give up on this because Nick isnít listening to her. She wants him to call of the wedding to Bridget until things settle down. Nick tells her that he went to see Ridge and he told Ridge to take care of Brooke and their baby. Jackie is surprised that Nick talked to Ridge about the family that should have been his. Nick tells her that he wants that to happen so that he can have the family that he wants with Bridget. Then he and Bridget and Ridge and Brooke can live happily ever after. Jackie tells him that wonít happen if Stephanie has anything to say about it. Nick gets angry and tells her that Stephanie should keep her nose out of other peopleís business, but he knows that Stephanie is as stubborn as he is. Jackie goes back to the same old subject and tells Nick that if Ridge does reunite with Taylor, Brooke could be his again. Nick tries to make her understand that Brooke never was his. She always has and always will love Ridge. Jackie thinks that Brooke is in love with an illusion. Nick tells her that she is the one living with an illusion.

He takes his mothers face in his hands and looks her straight in the eye so that she will listen to him. He is going to marry Bridget. Bridget is going to be her daughter-in-law. She doesnít have to like it, but that is what is going to happen. Jackie gives up and leaves. Nick putters around for a little bit before Bridget comes in.

She goes straight to him. It is obvious that she just needs to be held by the man she loves for a few minutes. She tells him that they can cross her fatherís house off their list of potential places to have the wedding. Nick is surprised to hear that, he thought Eric was in total support of them. Bridget explains that it is Stephanie that they have to worry about. She tells him that Brooke and Stephanie went at it first, and then she had it out with Stephanie. She knows she probably shouldnít have gotten involved, but she couldnít stand the awful things that Stephanie was saying about her mother. Nick knows what kind of things Stephanie has said in the past, but Bridget tells him this time is much worse than ever before. She is really upset and worried. Nick tells her that Brooke is an old pro at handling Stephanie. He promises that if Stephanie goes after Brooke again, she will have to answer to him. Bridget thinks that is sweet of him, but it should be Ridge standing up for her mother. Ridge is so wrapped up in his own problems now though, that he isnít thinking of protecting Brooke from his motherís sharp tongue. Nick sits with her on the couch and tells her that she shouldnít be worrying about her mother right now either. She should be concentrating on the two of them. They start to kiss and Nick accomplishes his mission of taking Bridgetís mind off her worries.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Ridge answers the door to a very anxious Massimo. Massimo tells him that he tried to give him and Taylor a little time, but he just canít wait anymore. Taylor taps him on the shoulder and he gleefully turns to see her with his own eyes.

He is speechless for a few seconds, but quickly recovers and gives her a hug. Brooke starts to come into the room, but watches the three for a short time before joining them. Massimo thinks Taylor is still as beautiful as ever. He tells her how devastated they all were when they thought she was dead and how much she has been missed. Taylor tells him that she missed him too. Massimo is just so happy to have her back. Taylor tells him that some things are different now, she knows that Massimo is really Ridgeís father. Massimo tells her that is right. Taylor now understands why Massimo was always so nice to her family. Massimo tells her that he felt a connection with her and her children the first time he met her. Brooke decides to join the three now and comes out from behind the plant. Massimo is happy to see yet another Marone and give Brooke a warm and welcome hug. He embarrasses Ridge when he tells them all that he envyís his son for living with two such wonderful women. He quickly covers by telling them all that he knows this is a very difficult situation but he trusts the three of them to do what is right for all the children without any interference from anyone else in the family. Brooke is very thankful to hear that and wishes everyone else felt the same way. The four of them move into the front room and sit for a catch up session.

Taylor fills Massimo in on how Omar finally came to realize that she would never love anyone else but Ridge and let her come home while Brooke stands quietly by and listens. When the doorbell rings, Brooke offers to get it. Massimo is surprised to see Jackie there. Jackie is disappointed to see so many people there, as she wanted to talk to Brooke privately. She quickly recovers and tells them all that she couldnít wait one more minute to come and meet the infamous Doc. Forrester. Massimo introduces the two women. Taylor happily greets Jackie, knowing that she is Nickís mother. She knows that Nick is engaged to Bridget and apologizes for interrupting the wedding. Jackie tells her not to apologize, her coming back is a godsend.

Brooke slips away with a glass of wine to the patio to be alone with her thoughts. She has so much to think about. Jackie finds her alone and joins her after shutting the doors. She tells Brooke that she knows this must be hard on her, watching Ridge being drawn back to the family he had before they were married. When Brooke turns to look in on Ridge, Taylor and Massimo talking, Jackie tells her that her future will be like this. With Ridge being in there, and her being out here. Unless Brooke does something about it right now. Brooke tells her that no decisions have been made yet. Jackie tells her that things donít have to be this way. There is another man out there that loves her and her children. Brooke gets a bit annoyed and reminds Jackie that Nick is engaged to Bridget now. Jackie tells her that she knows Nickís heart is really with Brooke though. Brooke becomes a bit alarmed and asks if Nick told her that. Jackie admits that he didnít, she just knows. Brooke tells her that Nick is totally committed to Bridget. Jackie tells her that she has to recognize what is happening. Ridge is going to reunite with Taylor. Stephanie is totally on Taylorís side. She wants Brooke to accept all of this before Nick marries Bridget, because once he does that, she wonít have this chance again. She tells Brooke that Stephanie and Ridge have never appreciated Brooke like herself and Nick do. This isnít just about Brookeís happiness, this is about her childrenís happiness too. They all deserve to be happy and in a stable home. Jackie doesnít believe that Brooke has that waiting for her with Ridge, but she does have that waiting for her with Nick. Brooke watches her husband through the door as Jackie talks.

Back inside, Taylor has asked Massimoís help in finding her father and bringing him home. Massimo is more than happy to help out and tells her not to worry about anything. He will find Jack, and Jack will want to rush right home as soon as he hears that his beautiful daughter is back. Taylor is very thankful, she has missed her dad so much. Ridge assures her that Jack has missed her too.

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