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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In the girls room, Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas talk about all the things they are involved in that they want to share with Taylor. Steffy has a Lacrosse tournament, and since she is captain she feels that Taylor should come and see it. Phoebe has a dance recital at the same time as the tournament, and feels that Taylor should come and see her instead. Thomas agrees that Taylor should go to the dance recital and catch Steffyís next tournament. Steffy counters that she canít go to the next tournament because she has to be at his graduation. Thomas tells them both that they will have plenty of time to spend with Taylor while they are on the family vacation to Hawaii. Phoebe remembers that Steffy promised to teach Hope to surf. Steffy is surprised that Hope will still be coming on the trip. Phoebe doesnít understand, she thought the whole family would be going on the trip. Thomas and Steffy try to explain to her that things will have to change now that Taylor is back. They canít all keep living under the same roof. Ridge has approached the bedroom door and stops to listen to the conversation. Thomas tries to make Phoebe understand that Brooke will probably move out a long with R.J. and Hope. Phoebe becomes very upset at this news. She doesnít want anyone to move out. Thomas tells her that Brooke can get a house close by and they will be able to see R.J. and Hope whenever they want. Phoebe tells him that this is Brooke and R.J. and Hopeís home too. She doesnít know how they will explain it to R.J. and Hope since they are so little. She is really upset now and tells her brother and sister that it isnít fair. Thomas agrees that it isnít fair, but that is just the way it is. Steffy tries to lighten the mood and reminds her that if Hope moves out she will have her own room. Steffy yells at them that she doesnít want her own room if it means losing her brother and sister. She runs out of the room crying, right past Ridge. Thomas apologizes to Ridge for upsetting Steffy, he was just trying to make her understand what is going on.

Ridge sits Steffy and Thomas down and tells them that he knows things have been really confusing since Taylor returned. He talks to them about what Brooke must be going through right now. Thomas starts to get a little defensive, but Ridge calms him down by reminding them of all that Brooke has done for them. All the homework she helped with, all the times she changed her work schedule to be there for their school events, all the times she was by their side when they were sick. He tells Thomas how much it must have hurt Brooke, even though Brooke understood, when Thomas stood up for his mother the night before. It finally sinks in, and Thomas and Steffy both agree that Brooke has been like a mother to them. Thomas thanks Ridge for reminding them of that.

In Bridgetís bedroom, Brooke tells her daughter all about the horrible things that Stephanie said to her. Bridget canít believe all that Brooke is telling her. Brooke is afraid that Stephanie will persuade Ridge and she will lose him. She just doesnít know what she will do if that happens. Bridget tries to reassure Brooke, but Brooke is really worried. Bridget is appalled when she learns that Stephanie threatened to tell Taylor all about Brookeís recent past with Deacon and Nick. She just canít believe that all of this is being brought up again. Brooke cries and tells her daughter how much it hurt her when Thomas stood up for his mother. She understands it completely, but it still hurt. She loves all of Taylorís children as if they are her own and she and Ridge have worked so hard to build this family together. Bridget again voices her opinion that Ridge will stick by Brooke. Brooke tells her that as happy as she is for the kids and for Ridge, ever since Taylor returned she feels as if she is totally invisible. Bridget hugs her mother and tries to comfort her before taking off. After Bridget leaves, Brooke sits on the bed and looks at a picture of her and the twins. Phoebe knocks on the door and asks if she can come in. Of course, Brooke always has time for her.

Phoebe asks if Brooke is okay. Brooke tells her that she is fine, but she is concerned about Phoebe. It is obvious that she has been crying. Phoebe tells her that she is just worried about her and asks if it is true that she and R.J. and Hope are moving out. Brooke is shocked to hear this and asks her who told her that. Phoebe says that is what Thomas was saying. Brooke tells her that there are a lot of decisions to be made but she doesnít want Phoebe worrying about all of this. She wants Phoebe to enjoy her time with her mother and let the grown ups worry about who is going to be living where. Phoebe canít help but worry about it. She tells Brooke that she doesnít want her to move out and how much she loves her and gives her a hug.

Thomas and Steffy come in behind them as they hug. Thomas tells Brooke that they all feel that way. Brooke is so touched to see the three children that she helped to raise there to show their love. Thomas tells her that they all got so wrapped up in Taylorís return that they forgot what Brooke must be going through. He tells Brooke that they all love her like a mother. There is a group hug with tears of joy running down Brookeís face. She tells them all that they have no idea how much she needed to hear that. Ridge watches with a smile on his face from the doorway.

Eric & Stephanieís house:

Stephanie and Gabby talk in the front room. Stephanie worries that Taylorís return may upset Gabby. Gabby tells her that she is very happy for Thomas and the girls. Gaby tells her how Hope was clinging to Ridge earlier that day. Even though she is happy for Thomas and the girls, she worries about R.J. and Hope. Stephanie assures her that Ridge will always be a part of R.J. and Hopeís life. Gabby wonders about Brooke too. Stephanie tells her that is a different story. Ridge is legally married to Taylor. She hopes that Brooke will do the right thing for the first time in her life and just step aside. She tells Gaby that they all have to be extra sensitive to all the childrenís needs right now. Bridget has entered the room and asks Stephanie if that is really what she is worried about. Stephanie is surprised to see Bridget there. It is clear that Bridget isnít a happy camper right now as she asks Gabby for some time alone with Stephanie. Gabby uncomfortably excuses herself and leaves the room. Stephanie asks Bridget if everything is okay. Bridget informs her that she is absolutely appalled at the way Stephanie is treating Brooke.

Bridget tells her that what she is doing is wrong. Stephanie tells her that Ridge and Taylor are legally married, it has nothing to do with her. Bridget tells her that is just it, it has nothing to do with Stephanie and she should butt out. None of it is any of Stephanieís business, she had no right bringing Deacon up and threatening Brooke with him. Stephanie tries to calmly explain that she wasnít threatening anything, but Bridget it fired up now and wonít listen to her. She will not let Stephanie use Taylorís return to destroy her mother. Stephanie tells her that her only agenda is to make sure that Ridge and Taylor end up back together. Bridget asks if she has forgotten who was there for them when they all thought Taylor had died. Stephanie tells her that she hasnít forgotten anything, including what a tramp Brooke is. Bridget tells her that it isnít her place to judge Brooke, the people that were directly involved in all of that have forgiven Brooke and Ridge and her worked through it. Stephanie is amazed at how Brooke is able to charm people into forgiving her any sin that she commits.

She knows that Brooke will use anything, including her children to stay in that house. Bridget tells her that Brooke belongs in that house, it is her house now. She and Ridge love each other. Stephanie tells her that the only reason that Ridge is with Brooke is because he thought Taylor was dead. Stephanie thinks that the only decision that makes any sense is that Taylor and Ridge end up together. She starts to tell Bridget that she is going to do everything she can to see that it is Ridge and Taylor together, but Bridget interrupts her and tells her that she is not. She warns Stephanie that she is going to do Ďnothingí and let Ridge, Taylor and Brooke work this out on their own. Stephanie doesnít look impressed with Bridgetís threat.

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