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Eric & Stephanieís:

Bridget sits and talks with Thomas while Gabby tries to keep Hope busy with coloring. Thomas tells Bridget that he canít wait until he can sit and have evenings with his family like they used to.

His mother and father and him and his sisters just hanging out and playing a board game, or watching a movie. Bridget tells him that she is sure Brooke will be accommodating. Thomas tells her that he was talking about after Brooke moves out. Bridget tells him not to get ahead of himself. Ridge, Brooke and Taylor have some very hard decisions to make. Hope announces that she wants to see her daddy. Gabby tries to distract her with an offer of swimming, but Hope runs off in search of Ridge. Thomas offers to go after her, but Gaby tells him not to worry about it. She will chase Hope down. Bridget tells Thomas that she knows that he has some very strong feelings about this whole situation. Thomas guesses that she does too and asks her to share them with him. Bridget tries to get out of talking to Thomas about this, but Thomas presses her. Bridget tells him that they should just wait to see what decision is made, and then support them all. Thomas presents his case, saying how long he and the girls have been without their father. Their mother loves their father and fought her way back from death to be with him.

Bridget knows how Thomas feels, but reminds him that Brooke and Ridge have been together for so long now. They have R.J. and Hope thinks of Ridge as her dad now. Bridget reminds him that he and the girls are grown now, but Hope and R.J. are still very young and in need of a father. Thomas understands where Bridget is coming from, but he still thinks his mother has a right to be with the man she loves. Bridget agrees that she does, but so does Brooke. Gabby returns to tell them that she couldnít get Hope to let go of Ridgeís leg. Bridget guesses that Hope can sense that something is up. Thomas tells her that he doesnít want to see Hope hurt. Bridget tells him that she doesnít want to see any of them hurt, but they both agree that unless they can clone Ridge, that is impossible.

In the front room, Taylor and Ridge continue to enjoy these few moments alone. She tells him that she is trying to be patient, but she wants her life with him back.

He tells her that he wants her too. They start to get into some heavy kissing when Hope runs in and asks her daddy what he is doing. Gaby follows Hope in and apologizes for Hope getting away from her. Ridge picks Hope up and sits her on his lap for a bit. He tells her that he knows what a determined and stubborn little girl she can be. Hope tells him that she is just like mommy. Ridge agrees with that, but asks her to listen to Gaby for now. Gaby tries to get her interested in going back to play with Bridget and Thomas, but Taylor tells her that she doesnít mind if Hope wants to spend some time with her daddy. Hope is happy to stay.

Gaby runs off to get Hopeís video player for her. Seeing Hope has the effect of slapping Ridge in the face with a dose of reality. Taylor tells him that she thinks Hope feels like Taylor is pulling him away from her and that is why she doesnít want to leave his side. Ridge tells her that he canít stand the thought of hurting Hope. He loves that little girl very much and knows that she looks at him as her daddy. He just doesnít see how he can continue to give her that unconditional love when his own heart is breaking in two. Taylor tells him that he she understands that he loves Hope and R.J. She sees it in his eyes when he looks at them the way he looks at her children. She feels bad that she complicated everything for him, but admits that she still wants him back as her husband. Ridge tells her that he doesnít want to let anyone down. Taylor understands that is the man she fell in love with. Ridge tells her how hard it was for him when they thought she had died. How he tried so hard to be there for the kids, but he canít deny that he did feel sometimes that he was letting the children down. Taylor tells him that the kids all adore him and would never have blamed him for anything. Ridge knows that either Hope and R.J. are going to get hurt, or Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe are going to get hurt. He knows that he made a commitment to Taylor, but he made that same commitment to Brooke. Taylor knows and understands that he did what he felt he had to do. She tells him that doesnít stop her from wanting him, and their life together, back though. Ridge just doesnít know what to do. Taylor tells him that they have been through some really rough times and she knows they will get through this too. He should do what he has always done, and follow his heart. She knows that he wants to do what is best for everyone, but what he really needs to do is what is best for him.

 Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Stephanie continues to lay into Brooke, telling her how happy she is that Taylor can now break the hold that Brooke has on the Forrester family.

Brooke asks her if she lied when she praised Brooke for holding the family together when Ridge was gone. Stephanie coldly tells her that she was only doing what she had to do. Brooke canít believe that deception comes so easily to Stephanie. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie is being so cruel. Stephanie reminds her of all the men she has slept with and again tells her that Taylor will put a stop to it as far as the Forresters are concerned. Brooke reminds her that she is R.J.ís mother and that Stephanie would do well not to forget that. Stephanie tells her that she would do anything if she could change who R.J.ís mother is. Brooke tells her that she canít change that. R.J. is of her womb, with Ridge. Brooke tells her that it is her and Ridgeís destiny to be together. Stephanie counters that the real destiny is Taylor coming back. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie is being so cruel. She tells her that R.J. was conceived in love. Stephanie agrees that she does want what is best for R.J. She thinks he needs to be raised with two stable parents. Brooke thinks that she has gotten through to Stephanie and thanks her for at least acknowledging that she and Ridge are good parents. Stephanie tells her that she used to watch Brooke when she was married to Eric, and thought that she just might be a good mother. She was wrong though, she watched Brooke use Bridget and Ric for her own purposes whenever she wanted something and she is afraid that Brooke will do that with R.J. also. Brookeís mouth drops to the floor out of shock when Stephanie tells her that she thinks Brooke should step aside and let Ridge and Taylor raise R.J. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie would even ask such a thing.

Stephanie thinks it is a perfect idea, that way Brooke will be free to sleep around town and be the tramp that she is. Brooke is hurt to the very core of her being, but when Stephanie tells her that Bridget and Ric practically raised themselves, Brooke gets mad. She yells at Stephanie that Bridget and Ric are two of the very best people she knows. Stephanie says in spite of Brooke. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie comes here with a smile and wears a cross and talks to her of morality when her own children canít get away from her quick enough. She has tried to rule all of her kids lives with her lies and manipulations. She knows what she is talking about because she has shielded her own husband from Stephanie many times. Brooke tells her that she and Ridge are in love, even if Stephanie doesnít want to believe that. Stephanie tells her that she believes that Ridge loves Taylor more than he loves her. Brooke will not let Stephanie use Taylor to settle old scores with her. She tells her that her and Ridge will make the decisions that need to be made as husband and wife. Stephanie again tells her that Ridge will be with the woman who will not betray him, and they both know that is Taylor. Brooke thinks that it is ironic that Stephanie talks of love when she knows nothing about it. Stephanie agrees that she knows nothing of the kind of love Brooke is talking about. Brooke is completely happy as long as she is having sex with someone elseís husband or brother or son-in-law. Brooke agrees that maybe she loved too much and got herself into trouble when she was younger. Stephanie tells her that is why she wants R.J. raised by a woman that is more mature. Now she has pushed Brookeís last button. She blows up at Stephanie and tells her that her and Ridge are husband and wife, R.J. is their son and she will not let the words of an old Ďbitchí take that from her. Brooke shows Stephanie the door. Stephanie leaves with a slight smile on her face.

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