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Eric & Stephanie’s:

In the front room, Taylor is pleasantly surprised to see that Ridge has stopped by. He tells her that he had picked Hope up from preschool. Gabby took Hope to find the other kids. Taylor tells him that Thomas and the girls are down at the tennis court. She just came up to make them all sandwiches and Eric took them down to the kids. She asks if he wants to go and join them. Ridge tells her that they can wait, he wants to spend some time with Taylor for now. Taylor is happy to hear this as they haven’t had any time alone since the first night. She thought about what their first few days together would be like for months. Ridge takes her in his arms and holds her close for a few minutes telling her how amazing she feels to him. Taylor doesn’t want the moment to ever end. He tells her that it doesn’t have to ever end. He tells her that they will work all of this out. Taylor enjoys being back in Eric and Stephanie’s house because of the wonderful memories here, but she knows that even though the house hasn’t changed, everything else has. Ridge corrects her and tells her that his love for her has never changed, and it never will. Ridge notices that Taylor has been looking at the photo albums and they sit down together to look at them.

They take a couple of trips down memory lane together, remembering when Ridge asked her to marry him and the day of their wedding. Taylor tells him that their wedding day was the happiest day of her life. She tells him that she promised herself that she wouldn’t pressure him, but she really needs to be with him as husband and wife. She needs to be back in ‘their’ home with ‘their’ children. She tells him that she wants him to talk to Brooke because she doesn’t want to waste any more time. She wants to be in his bed again and wake up in his arms. She starts kissing him all over his face telling him how much she wants, needs and loves him. Ridge does nothing to stop her and says nothing back. He enjoys being with Taylor after being apart for so long.

Bridget finds Eric by the pool and tells him that she just came from the tennis court where Gabby has taken Hope to meet up with Thomas and the girls. She worries that Ridge is alone with Taylor. She thinks it is wonderful that Taylor is back, and she loves and respects Taylor. She just doesn’t want to see her mother hurt. Eric tells her that Ridge doesn’t want to hurt either of the women in his life. Bridget knows that but she thinks something needs to be done immediately. She tells her father that she came by to see if she could get his and Stephanie’s support in talking Taylor into moving out of the house and accepting that Ridge has moved on and is now married to Brooke.

Eric tells her that isn’t going to happen. Bridget is horrified to learn that Stephanie wants Brooke out. Eric tells her that he tried to keep his wife out of the middle of this and let Ridge, Taylor and Brooke work this out on their own, but that isn’t happening. He tells her that Stephanie has just been pretending to support Brooke all this time because of Ridge’s ultimatum. Now that Taylor is back, all of Stephanie’s hatred for Brooke has come flooding back. Bridget is really worried about what this will do to Brooke. It will bring back all of her insecurities again. This just can’t be happening all over again. Bridget realizes that Stephanie is talking to Brooke right now and she knows that is not a good thing.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s:

Brooke greets Stephanie at the door and invites her in for coffee. She has been expecting Stephanie. At first, Stephanie lets Brooke believe that she is there to support her. She understands that Brooke must be going through all sorts of emotions. Brooke admits that it has been hard, but it is such a miracle that Taylor is back. The kids have their mother back, Stephanie has her best friend back. Stephanie agrees that it is a miracle. Brooke admits that it is true that she slept in Bridget’s room last night, but tells her mother-in-law that it is only temporary. Stephanie asks if that is true, or it is just what Brooke is hoping. Stephanie tells her that she is surprised that Brooke is being so reasonable about all of this. Brooke tells her that she just wants what is best for the family. Stephanie agrees that is what she wants too. She tells her that Taylor is very appreciative of all that Brooke did for her children while she was gone. Brooke tells her that she loves Thomas and the girls as if they were her own. Stephanie then tells her exactly why she is here now.

If Brooke really does want to do what is best for the family, she will make the sacrifice and move out because Taylor and Ridge belong together. Brooke is shocked to realize that Stephanie never has really learned to accept her. Stephanie reminds her of everything that went on with Deacon and Bridget, Bridget and Ridge, and the paternity fiasco with R.J. Brooke is speechless as she lets all this sink in. Stephanie turns really cruel then and tells Brooke that she is still the same tramp from the other side of the tracks that she has always been. She whored her way through the Forrester family, but now that Taylor is back, that is all going to be over and Brooke will be out of their lives forever. She never believed that this could happen, but it has happened. Taylor has broken Brooke’s hold on this family. Taylor is back, her daughter is back, goodness and decency are back. It has been a long time coming.

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