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Eric & Stephanie’s:

It is morning in L.A. and Taylor and the kids have come for a visit. Stephanie and Eric are just as excited to see them. Gabby comes in, anxious to meet Taylor. Thomas introduces the two and Gabby tells Taylor how happy she is for all of them. Taylor is sorry to hear about Helen. Gabby thanks her, but lets her know that she really is happy for all of them. Taylor shoos the kids all out to the pool promising to join them after she has had a chance to visit with their grandparents. Phoebe is a bit reluctant to leave her mother, but finally goes to join the other teens at the pool. Stephanie and Eric fuss over Taylor again and tell her several times what a blessing it is to have her back in their lives. Eric wants to shout it from the balcony. Taylor doesn’t want others to know just yet, she is enjoying her time with the kids. Stephanie makes them all some tea, which brings back even more good memories to Taylor. Stephanie agrees that they have shared many cups of tea in this room. Stephanie wastes no time in asking what is going on with Brooke.

Taylor tells them that Ridge asked Brooke to move out of their bedroom and into the guest room last night. Stephanie is elated to hear this. Taylor tells them that it wasn’t Ridge’s idea. Eric isn’t surprised to hear that it was Thomas’ idea. The kids are old enough now to understand what is going on. Stephanie jumps right back into old ways and starts bashing Brooke. Taylor tells them that she feels sorry for Brooke, and totally understands that Brooke’s life has been turned upside down. Stephanie tells her friend that if she knew all that had been going on, she wouldn’t feel the same way. Eric watches his wife closely as he sees her turn back into a Brooke hating monster. She starts to go into detail about all that Brooke has put Ridge through when Eric stops her. He tells her that this is a happy time and she should view it as a blessing. Stephanie agrees for the time being as the pool house phone buzzes. The girls are calling to rush Taylor down to join them. Taylor takes off to spend time with her children and Eric lays into Stephanie.

Stephanie goes straight to the defense and justifies her actions. Eric reminds her that they had decided not to get involved, but Stephanie thinks that Brooke involved her when she started sleeping through her family. Brooke needs someone to tell her to move out of Taylor’s house. Eric is appalled when Stephanie calls Brooke and asks if she can come over and talk to her. Eric again reminds her that they agreed to stay out of it. Stephanie tells him that she never agreed to any such thing. She intends to tell Brooke that she needs to move out of Taylor’s house today! Eric doesn’t even try to stop his stubborn wife as he watches her storm out the door. He has been down this path before, and knows that it would do no good.

At the pool, the kids have mixed up a pitcher of lemonade and serve each other some refreshments. Gabby tells them all again how happy she is for them that there mother is back. She thinks it is incredible. The twins tell her how happy they are just to hear her voice. Steffy doesn’t even mind when she tells them to clean their room. Thomas jokes with them that won’t last long. Thomas realizes that all their carrying on must be making Gabby miss her mother even more. Gabby assures them that she loves hearing about Taylor, but still starts to cry a little bit. She apologizes for being such a cry baby. The twins and Thomas assure her that they used to cry all the time when they thought their mom was dead. Phoebe tells her that they will share their mom with her. Gaby tells them that she couldn’t ask them to do that, they just got their mom back. Thomas tells her that Taylor has plenty of love to go around. He knows that Taylor would never be able to take her mom’s place, but it would be great for her to come over and spend some time getting to know Taylor.

Gabby tells them that it sounds cool and the twins rush to her side to give her a sisterly hug. Gabby is humbled, but happy.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s house:

Ridge sits alone and remembers the night he found Taylor at the cemetery. He reflects on the love the two of them shared. This is such a hard decision for him to make. Nick lets himself in and asks for Brooke. Ridge tells him that Brooke went to the office and he isn’t sure when she will be back. Nick tells him that he just wanted to make sure that Brooke was okay. He tells Ridge that Brooke called last night looking for Bridget and told him that they were no longer sleeping together. Ridge wants Nick to stay out of it, but Nick wants Ridge to listen to him. Nick knows that Ridge is in a bad place right now, and he understands that Ridge needs to make a decision. He tells Ridge that R.J. and Hope need him. Ridge tells him that he has to do what is right for ‘all’ his children. Nick reminds him that his children with Taylor are older now and will understand, but R.J. and Hope are too young to understand. Ridge is well aware of his predicament without Nick pointing it out.

Nick reminds him that when they found out R.J. was his child, Nick backed out of the picture completely and gave him R.J. and Hope. He reminds Nick of his obligation to them now, and to Brooke. Ridge tells him that he doesn’t understand because he doesn’t know Taylor or the connection that he and Taylor shared. Nick agrees that he doesn’t know Taylor, but he does know Brooke. He knows that Brooke has devoted her whole adult life to building a family with Ridge. She has never given her heart fully to any other man. Brooke is finally happy now with Ridge, R.J. and Hope. He warns Ridge not to let them down.

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