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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Ridge tells a speechless Brooke that they canít keep this up. He thought they could work this out, but it just isnít happening. Brooke thinks he is asking her to move out, and asks him exactly what he is saying to her. She is extremely relieved when Ridge tells her that he thinks they canít sleep in the same bed with Taylor there. It is upsetting the children too much. When he realizes that Brooke thought he was asking her to move out of the house, he tells her that he would never do that. It wouldnít be fair to her. Leaving things as they are isnít fair to Taylor either though. He knows that Thomas was right and he shouldnít be playing favorites, but he wonít let Thomas bully him into a decision that he isnít ready to make yet. He tells Taylor and Brooke that he is moving into the guest room. Brooke tells him that isnít necessary, she will move into the guest room.

Taylor tells Ridge that her and Brooke both realize that he has a decision to make and they both know that he doesnít want to hurt anyone. She thinks the two of them not sleeping together right now is a good temporary solution. Brooke starts to go to the bathroom to gather her things. Ridge is thankful to her for offering to do this. Brooke knows that he would never ask her to move into the guest room. She tells him that she will not pressure him because she wants him to take his time with this decision so that he can make the right one. When Brooke goes to gather her things, Taylor tells Ridge that she is sorry. Ridge tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about. She answered the kids prayers, and his, when she came back. Taylor is still sorry that Thomas was there saying the things he was saying earlier. Ridge tells her that Thomas brought up some good points. He knows that this isnít comfortable for her. Taylor admits that it isnít exactly what she had in mind. Ridge promises that they will work everything out.

They will sit down with the kids and answer all of their questions. Taylor surmises that they will be very busy then. She tells him that she is going to bed. She tells him that she loves him, Ridge responds that he loves her too. She gently kisses him on the cheek before leaving for the night. Brooke comes out of the bathroom with an overnight bag. Ridge tells her that he didnít expect it to come to this and apologizes. Brooke tells him that she understands that Thomas was upset. She hopes that if things were reversed, she hopes that R.J. would stand up for her too. Ridge reminds her that Thomas really cares about her too. Brooke knows this, she just worries about how different things will be. Ridge tells her that things are going to change, he just isnít sure how yet. Brooke tells him that she isnít asking him to tell her right now. She has faith that she will be back in his bed soon. She tells him that her love for him and their family will never change. Ridge tells her that he feels the same way. Brooke sadly leaves the room. Ridge sits on the bed and thinks about the two woman that he loves.

Eric & Stephanieís house:

Bridget comes in pretty late, prompting Eric to ask if everything is okay. She apologizes for just dropping in so late, but things are a bit tense at her motherís house right now. Eric tells her that she is more than welcome to stay with them until things calm down at home. Bridget tells him that she has been spending a lot of time with Nick, and she will be okay. She just left Nickís place and tells him that they have just told Jackie and Massimo about Taylorís return.

Neither one of them has heard anything at all about how things are going at Ridgeís place. Bridget tells him that she feels so bad for all of them. Eric agrees that it has to be tough on Brooke and Taylor, but it is Ridge that he is worried about. He doesnít envy the position that Ridge has been put in right now at all. Bridget tells him that this should be a happy time for all of them, but it isnít. She tells him that Brooke is being very supportive and wants the kids to spend time with their mother. Eric tells her that he is worried about Brooke too, but this is something that Brooke, Ridge and Taylor have to work through on their own. It will only complicate it much more if others get involved. Bridget just wants Brooke to be as sure about Ridge as she is about Nick. Eric makes sure that Bridget and Nick are still going to have the wedding. She tells him that it is kind of hard to think about it right now, with all that is going on, but yes they are still getting married. Probably not at Ridgeís house now though and asks if they can get married there. Eric thinks that is a great idea. Bridget tells her father that she just doesnít see how this thing with Taylor can work out without someone getting hurt. She knows that Taylor knows how important it is for R.J. and Hope to have their father around when they are this young. Eric agrees, but still thinks that it is an awful lot to ask of Taylor.

Eric thinks that no one should take sides on this issue. Bridget knows what Eric, means but thinks it is hard not to take sides if something isnít done soon. It is clear that she wants her mother to come out of this with her family intact. Eric tells her that she needs to leave Brooke to work this out on her own and concentrate on her own relationship with Nick. Bridget has been taking care of Brooke since she was a little girl. Now it is time for her to take care of herself. She asks if she can get a bit of fatherly advice, in how to tame a future mother-in-law. Eric is shocked to hear that Jackie thinks Nick should be with Brooke. Jackie is convinced that no one can make Nick as happy as Brooke can. Bridget tells him that she fully believes that Nick is committed to her and isnít worried about it. Eric is confident in his daughter then. If she believes in Nick, then he does too.

Shady Marlin:

Nick putters around trying to fix a ham radio, and not getting very good results. Jackie meekly comes into the cabin. He asks if she is back to drive her point home again. She tells him she is only there to explain, she didnít like the way they left things before. Nick tells her not to bother. Jackie tells him that she really doesnít have anything against Bridget, she is just worried about all of them. Nick reminds his mother that he and Bridget are adults and can make decisions on their own. Jackie asks him if he feels the same magic with Bridget that he did with Brooke. He answers saying that there is no way to Ďcompareí the two relationships. Jackie does her best to point out to him that Brooke may be left alone again. Nick doesnít think that will happen. Jackie tells him that Stephanie thinks Ridge will choose Taylor. This angers Nick even more, that Stephanie is now sticking her nose into it also. Jackie yells at her son that Ridge is going to go back to Taylor, and Nick will be married to Bridget and that will leave Brooke totally alone.

This starts to get Nickís attention until Jackie reminds him that he made a promise to Brooke, to be there for her if Ridge ever made her cry again. It could be happening again as soon as tonight. Nick has had it now and shoves Jackieís purse at her telling her that he doesnít want to hear another word from her. Jackie asks him one last question before leaving. She asks if he is mad at her because she is wrong, or because he knows that she is right? She sadly leaves her son to think on that. Nick goes back to working on the radio and starts to make a bit of progress. He goes out to the deck to finish up on it and remembers back to a time with Brooke on the island.

He remembers telling her that the sea was the love of his life, and she is his sea. Nick is pulled out of his daydream when Bridgetís phone rings. He answers to hear Brooke asking for Bridget. Nick explains that she left a little while ago and he isnít sure where she was going. He can tell something is wrong and asks if Ridge has done something again. Brooke admits that they are not sleeping in the same bed for now. She tells him about the conversation with Thomas and how they thought it was best not to sleep together right now. Nick gets angry at this news. Brooke tells him that Thomas was only standing up for his mother. Nick thinks that Ridge should be standing up for Brooke. Brooke asks if Nick thinks that Ridge will choose Taylor. She tells him that she is confident that her and Ridge will survive this and they will once again be together. Nick tells her to hang in there and reminds her of his promise to her. He will always be there for her if she needs him. Brooke is pleased to hear that and asks him if he means Ďalwaysí. Nick confirms that he does mean it before hanging up.

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