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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/24/05



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Eric & Stephanieís house:

Stephanie has just told Gabby that Taylor is alive. Gabby is very happy for Thomas. She can only imagine the happiness he must be feeling. Stephanie was a little worried that it would cause Gabby to feel a little envious, but Gabby is just very happy for her friend. She asks if Stephanie thinks it would be okay for her to go and see Thomas. Stephanie thinks that is a great idea. Gabby rushes out the door as Jackie is coming in. Stephanie isnít real happy to see Jackie and informs her that Eric isnít there right now.

That is fine with Jackie because she came to have a private talk with Stephanie. Stephanie canít imagine what Jackie wants to talk to her about. Jackie tells her that she knows they donít see eye to eye on some things. Stephanie doesnít think they see eye to eye on anything at all. Stephanieís sharp tongue doesnít deter Jackie from discussing what she came here to discuss. She wants Stephanie and her to work together to get Ridge and Taylor together and Nick and Brooke back together. Stephanie reminds her that Nick is engaged to Bridget now and Brooke will never betray her daughter again. Stephanie doesnít understand why Jackie would want to break up Nick and Bridget. Jackie explains that she knows Nick cares about Bridget, but he doesnít feel the passion for her that he had with Brooke.

She is convinced that Nick would be happier with Brooke in the end. She wants to break up Bridget and Nick now, before they get married and have kids and then discover that Nick still has feelings for Brooke. Stephanie isnít buying any of this. Nick and Bridget will be happy together, they are committed to each other. Ridge and Taylor will be together too. Jackie asks if that means that Brooke will be alone. Stephanie coldly answers that life is like that sometimes.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In Ridgeís bedroom, Brooke is shocked that Thomas has asked her to leave. Thomas apologizes, he doesnít want to hurt Brooke, but things have changed now. He doesnít think that Ridge should be up here with Brooke with Taylor in the house. Brooke tells him that she and Ridge arenít doing anything wrong, she is his wife. Thomas reminds her that Taylor is also Ridgeís wife. Taylor knocks on the door and comes in wanting to talk to Ridge. She is shocked to find Thomas there and asks what he is doing there.

Ridge explains that Thomas was giving them his thoughts on the current situation. Brooke tells her that Thomas has asked her to leave. Taylor asks Thomas to let the adults work this out. Thomas tells his mother that Ridge and Brooke were just about to sleep together. Ridge tries to get Thomas to calm down and tells him that they can work all of this out tomorrow. Thomas wants to know what is going to happen tonight. He tells Brooke that he is sorry, he doesnít want her to have to leave, but it is causing a lot of tension with him and the girls knowing that Ridge is up here with her when their mother is downstairs. Ridge canít be married to two women. Brooke is confused, a few days ago they were a happy family, but now Thomas isnít happy. Taylor tries to explain that teenagers see things pretty much black and white. Brooke tells her that Thomas is not a normal teenager, he is sensitive to other peopleís feelings. Thomas counters by saying that someone has to stand up for his mother.

Brooke asks about R.J. and Hope. Ridge tells his son that all of his children are important to him and he will not be forced to play favorites. Thomas tells his father that he already is playing favorites by being up here with Brooke and leaving Taylor downstairs alone. Brooke tries to explain to Thomas that she understands that Taylor worked a long time to get back to her life, but her life isnít the same anymore. The fact is that things have changed. Ridge and Brooke are now married with a baby and Hope calls Ridge daddy now. Taylor knows that small children need their father. Brooke tells her that she understands that Taylor wants to be close to her children too. They can make an offer on the house next door, or down the street or something. They will work it all out, but Taylor needs to understand that her and Ridge have worked hard to get to where they are now. That isnít going to changed. She pleads with Thomas to understand and to think about Hope and R.J. She feels that she has to speak for her children here too, because they are too young to speak for themselves. She reminds Thomas that he is going away to college soon and asks him how he thinks R.J. and Hope would feel if suddenly Ridge just wasnít around anymore. Thomas tells them all that he knows that someone has to leave and asks his father who that someone is going to be. Ridge asks Thomas to leave them alone, he wants to talk to both the women by himself. A frustrated Thomas leaves the adults to work it out. After Thomas leaves, all three adults agree that something has to be done for the childrenís sake. Ridge tells Taylor how happy he was when he found her alive, and bringing her home to the kids was phenomenal. He tells both women that he is happier now than he ever has been before. He knows someone is going to end up getting hurt, and he doesnít want that. He does know that he has to make a decision though.

He turns to Brooke and says ďIím sorry. I am so sorry.Ē

Downstairs, Thomas finds Gabby waiting for him in the front room. She explains that Phoebe let her in.

She tells him that she knows his mother is alive and happily hugs him. She is so happy for him. Thomas is happy too, but he explains how complicated things are now. He tells her all about the conversation that he just had with Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke upstairs. Gabby thinks he did the right thing and is very proud of him for standing up for his mother like he did. She tells him that she is sure that his mother is very proud of him too. She gives him a hug, just as Caitlin busts in the door. Caitlin jumps to conclusions and thinks that Thomas and Gabby are together now. She explains that Steffy told her that Thomas had some wonderful news for her so she thought she would surprise him with popcorn and a movie.

She thought the news was good. Thomas tries to explain that it is good news, but Caitlin wonít listen. She shoves the popcorn and movie at him and runs out the door in tears. Thomas yells after her, but she isnít going to come back.

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