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Shady Marlin:

Massimo and Jackie arrive separately wondering why they have been summoned so late in the evening. Nick explains that it wasnít something he wanted to discuss on the phone. He tells both of them that Ridge wasnít crazy or hallucinating or seeing ghosts. Taylor is alive.

Massimo is shocked. Jackie looks concerned right off the bat. Massimo has to take a moment to let the news soak in, but then becomes very happy. He asks Nick to break out the champagne. Nick can only offer some warm beer since his fridge is on the blink. Massimo doesnít care, it will all taste like sweet wine with this wonderful news. Jackie stays quiet and observes. Massimo thinks of all the pain that everyone went through when Taylor was announced dead. Suddenly, he remembers Brooke and wonders what this will mean for her. Bridget tells him that they are all worried about that. Massimo doesnít envy Ridge at all. He is a man with two wives. Jackie finally speaks up and asks if Ridge is still married to Taylor. Nick comments that it is a good question. Massimo tells them that he will call his attorneyís first thing in the morning.

Bridget thinks it is too soon to make any major decisions. Jackie wonders when she will get to meet Taylor. Bridget tells her that they plan on inviting Taylor to the wedding, she can meet her there. As Massimo proposes a toast with the warm beers, Nick breaks out the cigars. Jackie lets them know that even though this is Nickís home, they still will not smoke when she is on board and sends them out to the deck. With the men gone, Bridget immediately informs Jackie that she knows Jackie must be thinking that Brooke is free to be with Nick now. Jackie tells her that isnít what she is thinking, she knows that Nick is committed to Bridget now. Bridget is happy to hear this, telling Jackie that even though Taylor is home, she knows that Ridge and Brooke will not break up.

A little later, Jackie comes out to find Nick on the deck. She apologizes for taking so long saying her compact fell out of her purse. She notices that Bridget and Massimo are not there asking where they went. Nick isnít happy with his mother. He knows that she took an extra long time knowing that Bridget and Massimo would get tired of waiting on her and go on without her.

Jackie quickly changes the subject and tells him that she knew it was an omen that his wedding was interrupted. Nick is really angry with his mother now. He knew she was going to do this and he just canít believe that she believes in all of that stuff. Jackie tells him that she believes everything happens for a reason. Taylor interrupted that wedding as a way to make sure he is still available. Nick tells her that he isnít available. In his mind, he is married to Bridget. Jackie is determined to get her word in. She knows that Nick believes that in his head, she is more concerned with what he believes in his heart. She tells him that he has one last chance to make it with Brooke, he shouldnít turn his back on it. Nick is fed up now and turns to tell his mother that nothing has changed to find that she has slipped away. He goes to the edge of the boat and yells after her that nothing has changed.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In the front room, Taylor wonders around thinking of all that is going on. She sees a picture of Brooke and Ridge and picks it up thinking of all the complications that their marriage causes. She is happy to see Thomas when he comes in from picking things up from the office. Thomas still canít believe she is actually here. He asks where Ridge is. Taylor explains that they started to have a good chat session when she went to say good night to the girls. When she came back, he was gone. Thomas asks if Ridge went out. Taylor explains that she thinks he is upstairs with Brooke. Thomas comments that he is just saying good night to Brooke too. Taylor isnít so sure that is what Ridge is doing. Thomas is shocked that she thinks he might be sleeping with Brooke. He tells his mother that Ridge would never do that, now that Taylor is back. He thinks Ridge is just trying to take it slow, so that he doesnít hurt Brooke too much. Brooke was good to Ridge, and him and the girls, but Thomas knows that they canít all live there together. Taylor agrees but is a little surprised that Thomas assumes that Ridge will ask Brooke to be the one to leave. Thomas guarantees her that this is her home, and she isnít ever leaving it again. Taylor isnít so sure about that. Thomas canít believe that. Ridge made a commitment to Taylor, the two of them raised a family in this house. Taylor isnít so sure that Brooke will see it that way. Thomas tells her that someone will just have to explain it to Brooke then. Taylor reminds him that if Brooke leaves, she will take Hope and R.J. with her, and he wonít have the family he has grown to love. Thomas thinks that Ridge will share custody with Brooke for R.J. and Hope can visit anytime she wants. Taylor tells her son that all of this canít be worked out tonight, he should try to get some sleep. Thomas wants to make sure that this is what Taylor wants too. Taylor assures her son that she wants to be here with her family more than anything in the world. The two of them kiss goodnight and Thomas heads upstairs.

In Ridgeís bedroom, Brooke continues to work on him telling him that she needs to feel secure again. She tells him that she is happy that Taylor is back, but she needs him right now. She manages to get him on the bed and they make out heavily for a bit. Brooke tells him how much she loves their lives together. Ridge knows that she does. She reminds him how hard they fought to build this family. She just doesnít ever want it to change. He tells her that they shouldnít get ahead of themselves here. Brooke takes comfort in that because whenever she is worried about something, he always tells her that, then he will whisper that he loves her in her ear.

As they start to kiss again, Thomas knocks on the door. At first they try to ignore it, but Thomas tells his father that it is important. Ridge gets up and buttons his shirt on as Brooke puts her robe on. When he lets Thomas in the room, Brooke starts to leave to give them privacy. Thomas asks her to stay. He tells them both that he wanted to get his two cents in before any decisions are made.

He knows that either Brooke or Taylor are going to have to move out as they canít all live there together. Brooke braces herself and asks him what he would like to happen. Thomas tells her that he would like for everyone to be happy, but knows that isnít true. He tells Brooke just how much she means to him. He has come to think of her as his mom. He knows that this house wasnít a home until she moved in. Ridge was just a shadow of himself before Brooke came into his life. Thomas knows that the girls feel the same way. Brooke is so touched to hear Thomas say all these wonderful things. She tells him that she loves him too and the two hug. With tears streaming down his face, he remembers when he and the girls asked her to marry them. Brooke remembers that fondly too. Ridge listens to what his son has to say with interest. With tears streaming down his face, Thomas explains that their real mother is home now and they all need time together. It is breaking his heart to now have to ask her to be the one to leave. Brooke is shocked to the core.

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