B&B Friday Update 5/20/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/20/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Bridget comes to see Nick and she tells how it was to see Taylor again. It was like magic. The kids are thrilled to have their mother back with them. Bridget just had to touch her to make sure that she is real. Nick is glad that Bridget has had such a wonderful experience. Thorne and Eric are going to be shocked when they see Taylor this night. Everyone is happy for Taylor except for Brooke of course. Bridget would feel the same as Brooke does if this had happened to her. Still she finds that her mother is being very gracious about the whole thing. Right now, Bridget just feels so safe. Nick assures her that she will always feel that way as long as he can help it. Brooke needs her husband and to be in his arms. Bridget is sure that is the only way that Brooke will feel better.

Thorne can’t take his hands off Taylor after hugging her. He thought that his brother was crazy. Darla finds that this is an amazing story. Taylor says that being back home is what is amazing. Darla and Taylor hug. The doorbell rings. Outside Ridge’s house, Eric is with Stephanie. He has no idea what he is doing there. Ridge opens the door and his parents are suddenly there. He has been expecting them. It is Ericís turn to experience a miracle. ďSomething amazing has happened,Ē Ridge announces. Ridge backs up and lets Eric and his mother into the house. Eric takes the 2 steps into the house.

He lays eyes on Taylor and is shocked. He can see that Stephanie already knows. He canít speak. She knows that he would like to say something but he canít. She holds her arms out to him. ďIt is a long story. They hug like they have never hugged before.

Eric pushes Taylor back from him to look at her. He hears that she has been spending time with her children. She is so proud of them. This whole thing is so incredible. The children need her so much. Taylor will have to make up for lost time. Taylor feels like she just left them the other day. Eric is happy that she is back where she belongs. What a gift? What an amazing blessing. Now this family is all together again. They will never be apart again. Ridge confirms that. “Taylor is home. Thank you God.” Brooke watches without a smile on her face. The happy feelings that she has are wearing thin. This whole thing has meant a great deal to him. Ridge on the other hand can’t take the smile off his face, and he can’t move his eyes from Taylor’s face.

Nick and Bridget talk about Brooke and how she is going to deal with this change in her relationship with Ridge. She belongs with Ridge. Bridget has always thought that. They have a life and a family and now that is going to be ripped away from her if Ridge picks Taylor. Nick says that Bridget has to think a little more clearly about this. Nick says that everyone talks about Taylor as if she were a saint. If that is the case, Taylor should respect the life that Brooke has built with Ridge and leave them alone. Taylor is logical and rational but when love is involved, logic goes out the window. Bridget has been learning this as the years go by.

Everyone is gone now. The house is almost empty. It has been quite a day for the entire family. Ridge, Brooke and Taylor are alone now. Taylor seems overwhelmed but in a good way. Brooke is happy for Taylor and the family but she would like to get on with issues that need to be dealt with. Brooke would like to discuss some things right now as a matter of fact. Taylor says that she needs to say goodnight to the kids right now, and it is very late. Brooke is fine with that. They can talk in the morning. Brooke calls for Ridge to come upstairs with her. She isnít going to let Taylor have any leeway with this woman if she can help it. Taylor says that she needs to talk to Ridge first. Brooke can see that she is being shut out. She will go up ahead.

Ridge promises to come up soon to be with Brooke. Brooke leaves the room. Taylor and Ridge look into each other’s eyes. There is so much meaning there. She would like to talk to him. Ridge and Taylor sit with herbed tea and skimmed milk. He has made it for her just the way that she likes it. That is perfect for her. Some things never changed. Taylor knows that a lot of things have changed for him but her life has stayed the same. Her heart aches for him the way that it did the night he held her in the hospital. She knows that things are complicated for him but although he thought that she was dead, her feelings and her love for him never died. It has taken everything in her not reach out and touch his hair, not to climb into his arms. Ridge is so close to her and he moves away. She feels that he is uncomfortable. He is not but he thinks that this is something that the 3 of them should talk about. Taylor already knows that Brooke wants her out of the house. She wants her family back. Brooke was talking to Taylor as the mother of Ridge’s children. She was making a plea, asking Taylor to give up everything that has been most precious to her. To give up her home, her children and Ridge. She is crying now. She just can’t do this. Ridge moves closer to her. She doesn’t want him to decide anything right now; she only wanted to show him what is in her heart. Her love has been on hold for a long time and she doesn’t want to waste anymore time. She wants to be with Ridge as his wife. Ridge doesn’t know what to say. Taylor is going to leave now and say goodnight to the kids. She turns and walks from Ridge. He is left in his horrible dilemma.

Eric smiles when he says that Taylor is alive. Stephanie has pulled Eric out of the house to let Taylor have some peace.

This is a complicated situation. Eric wonders what will happen to Brookeís marriage. Stephanie reminds him that Ridge is married to Taylor legally.

Brooke has prepared for the evening to come. She will help her husband see that he has to be with her. She will remind him why they are so special together. She knows how to push all his buttons and will do just that. She has donned the most perfect, hot pink silk short spaghetti-strapped mini for the evening. She hopes to be expecting him at any moment. She is dressed for the part but her face is unsmiling. She knows that someone is going to be very unhappy very soon, and she hopes that it isn’t she. The door opens. Ridge enters the room. He sees his wife dressed for an evening of lovemaking. He is a little surprised to find her dressed the way that she is. Brooke looks into his face and smiles at him. She hopes for the best.

Eric sees the trouble now. It is nice to have Taylor back, but that means that either Brooke or Taylor will be crying after Ridge decides that he wants one and not the other. Brooke isn’t legally married. Stephanie says that Ridge can’t sleep with Brooke now. He is confused and he is overwhelmed. He can’t let himself be seduced into losing a life with Taylor. Eric wants Stephanie to stay out of this. He orders Stephanie to stay out of this and to let Taylor and Brooke deal with this. She is just concerned and so is she. Eric heads up to bed. Stephanie will be up in a minute.

Taylor walks through the house looking around at the place. This used to be her house once. She misses it.

The phone is ringing. She goes to it and answers. It is Stephanie. She asks if Ridge is with her. Taylor says no. He is upstairs. Stephanie tells Taylor that this can’t happen. Ridge is Taylor’s husband and that may mean that she might have to take the bull by the horns. Stephanie knows that Brooke is upstairs using sex, her children and every thing that she has to keep Ridge. Taylor can’t interrupt Ridge making his own decisions.

Ridge thought that Brooke would be asleep now but her she is alive and kicking. She waited for Ridge so that they could spend time together as she feels that they desperately need that. It has been like a revolving door in the house. Brooke says that she is fine with that. There are a few questions though. There is a lot to talk about but they donít have to talk now. Brooke wants them to reconnect right now. Ridge seems a little stressed out. Brooke has been feeling challenged by all this. The children are happy and Taylor is back, but on the other hand everything that she has built with Ridge could just disappear. Brooke can understand Ridge not sleeping with Brooke last night but they still have a lot to share.

The things that they share bring joy to them. She wants to see the love reflected in his eyes. She needs reassurance and most of all she needs Ridge. She starts unbuttoning his shirt, and then she is on him, kissing him and begging him to make love to her. He has his eyes closed and he kisses her back. He seems like he is in a trance. He has no direction. He is like a little paper boat being pulled this way and that by the winds.

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