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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In the bedroom, Stephanie and Ridge talk about how amazing Taylor is. Ridge tells her that Taylor is exactly the same as she always has been. She is the woman he fell in love with. They both agree that it is wonderful that the children have their mother back now. Stephanie tells him that she didnít realize until today when she was talking to Taylor that she lost her faith in God when Taylor died. When she saw Taylor again, her faith was restored. Ridge is a little shocked to hear this from his mother, but he does understand how she felt. They all suffered a great deal. Now that Taylor is home they can all start to heal. Stephanie again apologizes to Ridge for doubting him. He had been acting so peculiar these past few months. She just didnít realize that he was still grieving so much for Taylor. They both talk about what a good influence Taylor has always been on Ridge. Stephanie asks how Brooke is dealing with all of this. Ridge tells her that she is shocked, like the rest of them, but very happy for Taylor and the children.

Stephanie knows that Brooke has been a very good influence on the children, but now that Taylor is back her role is going to have to change. Ridge doesnít want to ruin this blessing by talking about all of this. Stephanie understands, but wants to make sure that Ridge sees that he is going to have to make some decisions. He is living in a house with two women who both think of him as their husband. Ridge is more than aware of his situation, it isnít like he planned it this way. She points out that the children are watching him and whatever he does right now. He has to make the right decision. Taylor has to be very upset to find that he has remarried. Ridge knows all of this. He just isnít in the mood to deal with it right now. He wants to hold onto the happiness that he feels. Stephanie wonít back off. She wants to make sure that Ridge realizes that he has a second chance to live his life with Taylor now, no matter how sexy Brooke may be. She wants him not to be foolish and to grab this second chance with Taylor as quickly as possible. It is impossible to tell from Ridgeís expression if he agrees with his mother or not.

In the front room, Bridget has finally been able to see Taylor. The two hug and are very happy to see each other. Taylor thanks Bridget for all she did when they thought Taylor had died. Bridget fills her in a little bit on what everyone went through and tells her how happy she is that Taylor is back.

Bridget tells Taylor that she is studying medicine now because Taylor was such a big influence on her. She prays that she will be half as good of a doctor as Taylor is. Taylor is very happy for Bridget that she is going after her dreams. She offers to help Bridget with her studies if she ever needs the help. Bridget just canít imagine all that Taylor has been through, fighting to get back to her family. Taylor tells her that it is all in the past now, she is home with Ridge and her children and she is never leaving again.

Taylor apologizes for interrupting Bridgetís wedding. Bridget tells her that it was only postponed and she doesnít hold that against her. She is just so happy to have Taylor back home. Taylor comments that Nick is a lucky guy, which gets Bridget proudly telling Taylor all about what a wonderful man Nick is. Taylor is very happy for Bridget, she can see that Bridget is very much in love and happy. Bridget tells her again how wonderful it is to have her back and the two hug. Brooke walks in the front door and sees the two women hugging. Taylor tells Brooke that she has raised an amazing daughter. Brooke agrees that Bridget is becoming her own woman. She tells them both that she had to pick some things up from the office. Bridget offers to help her mother, but Brooke reminds her that she needs to be spending some time with Nick. Bridget agrees and says her good-byes before she runs off to do just that. Taylor tells Brooke that she is going to go upstairs and get ready for the childrenís return but Brooke asks her to stay behind.

She wants to talk to her. She pulls out some flyers and tells Taylor that she stopped and talked to a real estate agent this morning. She found a couple of homes that are really close to this house, one of them even has a pool. Taylor is surprised that Brooke has done this. Brooke tells her that she only wants what is best for the children. Taylor tells her that she really appreciates the way Brooke is handling all of this, she canít imagine how difficult this must be on Brooke. Brooke tells her that all she has to do is think of the children, and it all becomes clear to her. Taylor tells her that she realizes that while she has been gone, this house has become a home for Brooke. Brooke is really relieved to hear that Taylor understands this. Taylor tells her of course she understands and she wants Brooke to take as long as she needs to find another home. Brooke is shocked that Taylor misunderstood and quickly corrects her. Taylor is the one that should be moving out. Brooke knows that Ridge and Taylor decided to take the girls out of school and she was just trying to get things settled quickly, for the childrenís sake.

Taylor asks if this is what Ridge wants. Brooke tells her that they havenít really discussed it, she was just trying to help. Hope come in with a picture she has drawn for her Ďdaddyí. Brooke tells her that daddy isnít home yet, but she will give him the picture when he does get home. The picture is of Ridge and Hope playing outside.

Brooke thanks her for the picture and sends her off for Catherine to give her a bath. Taylor looks on, reality setting in that Ridge really does have another family to think of. Brooke shows the picture to Taylor. Taylor realizes that Hope must love Ridge very much. Brooke tells her that is why she is asking Taylor to move out. RJ and Hope need their father. She tells Taylor that she really is happy that she is home, it is a wonderful thing. She also understands that for Taylor, it has only been a few months, but really it has been years. Taylor agrees that the children are all grown up now, and now Hope and RJ are Ridgeís children too. Brooke drives home the fact that this is her family now. and Ridge is her husband. Taylorís children are almost grown now, but Hope and RJ are young. She knows that Taylor is a psychiatrist and that Taylor understands how important it is in young development to have both their parents around. Taylor tells her that she respects Brookeís family now, but she really wants to discuss this with Ridge before she makes any kind of decision. Brooke tells her that Ridge is confused right now, but Taylor has a chance now to do the right thing for everyone. Brooke asks her not to take Ridge away from Hope and RJ.

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