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Forrester Creations:

Brooke has gone to the office to pick up a few things so she can work from home. Nick finds her there and explains that he has come to see how she is doing. She isnít surprised to learn that Bridget has filled him in on Taylorís miraculous return. Nick thinks that it is pretty awesome for Ridge and the kids. Brooke tells him that Taylor was very well loved and it is miraculous for anyone that loved her. She tells him that Taylor was a wonderful person and a wonderful mother. Nick asks if she was also a wonderful wife. Brooke knows that a lot has happened while Taylor has been gone, and she has a lot to adjust to. Nick thinks that goes double for Brooke and Ridge. They both agree that this isnít an ordinary situation. Brooke knows that it only feels like a few months for Taylor. Nick asks if she knows how Ridge feels. Brooke tells him that Ridge is happy for his children. Brooke gets a bit upset with Nick when he asks if she has thought about the legality of her marriage to Ridge. Nick explains that he is only there to support her. Brooke walks away from him and tries to busy herself by looking at some dresses. Nick comes up behind her and tells her that he is only keeping a promise. He promised to look our for her and her best interests. Brookeís anger dissipates at this and she looks very thankful. She apologizes for snapping at him and the two sit down to discuss the situation. Brooke knows that there are legal problems that they all must deal with now, but she is most concerned with how all of this is going to impact all the children, hers and Taylorís. She doesnít want Ridge to be put in a situation where he has to choose between his two families. Nick asks her what will happen if it does come down to that. Brooke just has to hope that Ridge will do the right thing.

Nick is convinced that sticking by Brooke is the right thing, Ridge made a commitment to her. Brooke reminds him that Ridge made a commitment to Taylor first. Nick wonít allow her to start thinking like that. Brooke and Ridge have built a life together. RJ is a baby and needs his father. Brooke tells him that Taylor will just have to learn to accept that. Nick asks if Stephanie has weighed in on this yet. Brooke tells him that she doesnít think Stephanie knows yet, but she isnít hopeful that Stephanie will take her side. Stephanie and Taylor are very good friends. Nick thinks that Stephanie knows how badly a baby needs both parents. He thinks that Stephanie should be on her knees thanking Brooke for giving her that beautiful grand baby, for making Ridge happy and for doing such a wonderful job with Taylorís kids. Brooke only wishes she had that kind of relationship with Stephanie. She does believe very strongly though, that her and Ridge will make it through this storm still in tact.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In the master bedroom, Ridge sits alone thinking of all that has happened when Bridget comes bursting through the door. She just canít wait anymore. She wants to see Taylor. Ridge explains that Taylor is with Stephanie right now and he was trying to give them a bit of privacy so they could catch up. Bridget remembers what it was like for all of them, the unbearable pain when they lost Taylor. Ridge admits that he never thought a person could live through that kind of pain, but now he is overflowing with joy. Bridget understands that and is very happy for Ridge. Bridget tells him that she wants to hear every last detail about when the kids saw Taylor again for the first time. Ridge tells her everything that happened and how happy they all were in that moment. He tells her that Taylor spent the night with all three of the children. Bridget asks if that means that he and Brooke had a chance to talk about things.

Ridge explains that everyone was so tired last night. After Brooke went to sleep, he spent the night downstairs thinking. Bridget tells him that Brooke would have stayed up with him if he asked. She reminds him that they have now built a life together and have a child together. She explains that Brooke only wants to know what he is feeling so she can help him through it. Ridge tells her that he isnít trying to shut Brooke out. Bridget knows that, she just wants him to stay focused on his marriage to Brooke. Ridge tells her that he knows that things are really complicated and that there is a lot to work out, but right now all he can do is enjoy the happiness that he feels when he sees his children with their mother and seeing his mother with her best friend. Bridget understands and tells him that she believes he, the kids and Stephanie all deserve all this happiness.

In the front room, Stephanie still marvels over Taylor being back. The two hug and thank their blessings.

Stephanie remembers the last time she saw Taylor in the hospital when they thought she was dead. She has a wave of guilt come over her. She feels that she should have known and done something. Taylor calms her friend down and tells her that it was her own decision to take all the monitors off. She thought it was inevitable that she was going to die. Stephanie still feels extreme guilt, but Taylor is finally able to calm her down and convince her that none of this could have been changed. Stephanie then thinks of Omar and wonders if he really has accepted Taylorís decision and will leave her alone now. Taylor admits that he is still in pain, but she believes that he knows that she will always love only one man. That man is Ridge. They talk about taking the girls out of school early. Stephanie thinks it is a good idea. Taylor is thankful to Stephanie and Brooke for doing such a good job with them. They have all grown up so much. Stephanie reminds her that no one could replace her. Taylor knows that Bridget helped a lot and she canít wait to thank her. She is sorry that she interrupted Bridgetís wedding. Stephanie doesnít think Bridget will think of it like that and asks if Bridget knows yet.

Taylor assumes that Brooke has told her daughter everything by now. Stephanie asks her how she really feels about this marriage to Brooke. Taylor breaks down and cries in her friends arms. Stephanie tells her that Ridgeís heart has always belonged with Taylor, he was just so lost when she was gone. He didnít know how to go on with his life without Taylor. Taylor says that she understands that Ridge needed to turn to Brooke, and she is thankful to Brooke for being there for him. She realizes that everything has changed now. Stephanie agrees that the dynamic of the family has changed, but she doesnít believe that the depth of Ridgeís feelings have changed. She knows that all that is important now is that Taylor is back with them all again. She explains that she lost her faith in God when Taylor died, she was angry at him for putting her family through all that pain. Now Taylor is back and it is a blessing. She asks Taylor to promise to never leave again. Taylor swears that she is home to stay. The two women hug as Ridge walks in and happily watches them.

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