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Eric & Stephanieís house:

Stephanie sits at the table trying to eat some breakfast. She is still very upset by the actions of her son. She just canít understand how she could have missed how much Ridge was still grieving for Taylor. She understands how Brooke could have missed it, but she doesnít understand how she herself missed it. Eric comes in to join her and the two of them discuss having Ridge committed. They agree that Ridge is not going to like the idea at all. Stephanie tells her husband that is why she wants to talk to him alone. She doesnít want Ridge feeling like he is being ambushed by the family if too many of them approach him. They both agree that they hope Ridge will listen and agree to get help. Stephanie worries that she shouldnít have allowed Ridge to take the girls home last night. Eric reminds her that Brooke is there and would have called if things werenít going well.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In Ridge & Brookeís bedroom, Brooke wakes to find that Ridge has been up for hours. He explains that he let her sleep because he thought she needed the rest. He has already given RJ a bottle and taken care of him. Taylor got up with the girls and fixed a big pancake breakfast for everyone. They assigned him the bacon duty. Thomas took the girls to their boarding school to pack their things. This upsets Brooke a bit that it wasnít discussed with her. Ridge explains that he talked to the dean and explained the situation. The dean understood and agreed to let the girls email in their final exams and to leave the school early.

Ridge is in an excellent mood and tells Brooke that he has to go. Brooke wants to talk a bit, but Ridge explains that Stephanie called and is coming over. He canít wait to see the look on his motherís face when she sees Taylor. He rushes out. Brooke goes to the dressing room to get dressed. Just as she finishes up, Bridget lets herself in and calls out for her mother. Bridget is anxious to hear how the night went. Brooke tells her that all went well. Taylor spent the night in the room with the girls. Brooke tells Bridget all that has transpired this morning too. Bridget wonders if Brooke and Ridge have had a chance to discuss things. Brooke tells her that there is nothing to discuss. Taylor may be home, but nothing has changed. Bridget is relieved to hear that everything is okay between Ridge and her mother. Brooke is surprised that Bridget would think anything different. She explains that the children are what is important now. Bridget agrees with that, but is worried about the complications that this might bring on. She tells her mother that she called a friend on her way over here and asked about the situation. She tells Brooke that her friend told her that Ridge and Brooke may not be legally married. Brooke is upset that her daughter has already called the lawyers. If her and Ridge are not legally married, that is just a technicality and they will work around it.

Bridget explains that she is just worried and wanted to be informed and ready to face whatever might come. Brooke insists that her and Ridge are still solid and there is nothing to worry about. Bridget is concerned that Taylor will want Ridge back. Brooke is sure that they her and Ridgeís relationship is much more mature and stronger than it was in the past when Taylor was involved. She is just as sure that Taylor is an intelligent woman and will understand everything once she has a chance to sit down and talk face to face with her. She reminds Bridget that even Stephanie supports her and Ridge now. Bridget asks if Brooke really thinks that Stephanie will take her side this time. Brooke is hoping that no one will need to choose sides. Things are the way they are, and nothing will change that. Bridget feels much better knowing that her mother is feeling so confident. Brooke thanks her daughter for her concern, but assures her that there is no reason to worry.

In the front room, Ridge comes down to find Taylor cleaning the breakfast mess up. He canít help but still be amazed to see her there.

Taylor tells him to get used to it because she isnít going anywhere. She finishes cleaning up the front room and informs Ridge that she is going to do the kitchen next. He tells her not to worry about it, but she wants to. It is something that feels familiar to her and will help her pass the time until the children get back. She goes to the kitchen as the doorbell rings. Ridge answers the door to find Stephanie. Stephanie is happy to hear that the children arenít there. She carefully tells her son that they have talked to a few psychiatrists and they think that he needs to get some help. Ridge enjoys listening to his mother make plans to have him sent away. He tries to get her to listen to him, but Stephanie is worried sick and wants to get this discussion out of the way. She tells him that she knows what he did at the cemetery. She knows that the woman at the wedding might have looked like Taylor, but it just couldnít be. She thinks her son is delusional and really needs some help. Ridge continues to try to get her to listen to him and tells his mother that it was Taylor that he saw at the wedding. Stephanie is really worried now. She tries to get Ridge to understand that it couldnít have been Taylor; Taylor is dead. Taylor has entered the room behind Stephanie and calls out her name. Stephanie hears that voice and isnít sure what to do. She looks at Ridge as if his hysteria has some how affected her now.

Stephanie slowly turns to see Taylor and turns white as a ghost at the site of her. Taylor tells her that it is really her, she isnít dead. Stephanie is too shocked to say anything. She continues to stare at Taylor, afraid to believe this miracle. Taylor tells her that things will be okay and takes Stephanieís hand and touches her face with it. Ridge asks if his mother needs to sit down, but Stephanie doesnít hear a word he says. She continues to touch Taylor as if she canít believe it. Ridge tells her that it isnít a dream, it is real. Taylor hugs Stephanie as she sobs into Taylorís arms. Stephanie just canít believe this, she canít stop sobbing and touching Taylor. When she finally pulls herself together a little bit, Taylor and Ridge both explain how this is all possible. They tell her that Taylor has been in a coma and Omar saved her life. She was finally able to convince Omar that Ridge is the only man she would ever love and he brought her home. Stephanie asks about the kids and Taylor tells her that she was with them all night long. Stephanie apologizes to Ridge for thinking that he was crazy. Ridge understands, he was beginning to wonder himself. Stephanie hugs Ridge knowing how wonderful it is that the children have their mother back. She tells him that he now has his wife back also. Ridge agrees with her that it is true. Ridge gets a call on his cell and excuses himself to take the call. Stephanie and Taylor sit to talk. Stephanie. Taylor knows that things are not the same as they were when she left. Stephanie tells her that she really tried to be there for the children. Taylor knows this and thanks her. Stephanie knows that it is important for children to have both a mother and a father. Taylor wants that too.

Unfortunately, Brooke wants that too for RJ. Stephanie asks how Brooke took the news. Taylor tells her that she was shocked but she recovered. Stephanie tells her that faith has brought her back to them and that this is where she belongs. Taylor has noticed that Ridge does seem happy that she is back. Stephanie tells her that Ridge still loves her. He has never loved anyone like he loved her. She knows that things are different now, but Taylor is where she belongs. She makes it clear that she feels this is Taylorís home, not Brookeís. Taylor looks very thankful to have her mother-in-laws support.

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