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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís home:

In Ridge and Brookeís bedroom, Brooke canít believe that Ridge isnít saying anything. She tells him that she knows this is an incredible thing that has happened. She is happy that Taylor is back. Taylor is going to have to accept that Brooke is married to Ridge now. They have worked a long time to get the family to pull together like it has. That isnít going to change now. Ridge tries to calm Brooke down and assure her that everything is going to be okay. He thinks right now they just need to concentrate on the kids. Everyone is overwhelmed and everyone is tired. They need to get some rest for now and look at things again in the morning. Brooke reminds him that this has to be strange for Taylor also. This used to be Taylorís home, hell, this used to be Taylorís bedroom. She knows that this has to be effecting Ridge also, she wants to share it with him. She asks him to share what he is feeling with her. Ridge admits that he and Taylor stayed up all night talking about what had happened to her, all that the kids had gone through, and that it should have felt strange. It didnít feel strange though. It felt like they had just picked up where they left off. Brooke tries to stay understanding, but the worry is starting to show on her face. She is sure that it felt that way to Taylor too.

Ridge is just so happy that his children have their mother back. He had always worried about raising them without her, and now he doesnít have to. Ridge thinks he should stop talking now. He knows that he needs to sleep and thinks maybe he isnít even making sense. Brooke continues to stay understanding. She knows it is a miracle that Taylor is back. She will always be a part of the childrenís lives, and that means she will always be a part of Brookeís life. Ridge wonders if Taylor had never been gone if the girls would still be in boarding school, or if Thomas would have ever gotten mixed up with Amber. He tells Brooke that she was wonderful with the children, and they all adore her. Now they will be blessed that they will have both of them in their lives forever. He thanks God for the second chance they have all been given. Brookeís worry grows at hearing that statement. They both agree that it is a complicated situation. Brooke wants to get everything settled as quickly as possible so that the kids donít have to worry about what will happen next. Ridge seems to not realize what he is saying as he tells Brooke that they will figure it all out. They can all be one big happy family. Maybe not a Ďtraditionalí family, but when have they ever been Ďtraditionalí. Brooke worries as Ridge happily holds her.

In the twins room, the girls show Taylor pictures of some of their friends and go on and on about their lives while Thomas lays quietly listening on the other bed. Taylor tells the girls that she was surprised that they had wanted to go away to school. The girls both tell her that they now would rather be with her. Taylor doesnít want to change their plans, but they insist that they donít want to be away from her anymore than they have to. She sits on the bed with the girls again and they continue to play catch-up with all the gossip of the town. When they mention that Thomas now likes girls, a LOT, Thomas gets a little embarrassed and tells them that discussion will wait till later. Taylor tells them all that her and Ridge were up all night and she is a little tired. She tells the girls to run off and get washed up for bed and promises to stay with them at least until they all fall asleep. When the girls run off to freshen up, Taylor takes the opportunity to catch up with her son a little bit. She teases him about the many girls in his life that the twins mentioned. Thomas manages to blow off that conversation for a bit longer and Taylor asks about the dance contest that she heard he won not long ago. She is happy to hear that he isnít shy anymore.

Thomas tells her that the contest was fun but it was one of the several nights that he really missed her. He tells her how his faith in God almost went away. He didnít understand why he should continue to go to church and praise God when God had done something so terrible to them. Taylor tells him that everything in life happens for a reason. They just have to have faith that they were all made to go through this experience to prepare them for something later on in life. Thomas is amazed that his mother is always able to find something positive in every situation. He tells her that what he missed the most as a child was the feeling of security and love when his mother just held him in her arms. He knows that it might sound silly now, but asks her to just hold him. Taylor is so touched. She holds her son in her arms and is thankful that God answered her prayers and brought her home. The girls come back from the rest room and tell Thomas that for this special occasion, he is welcome to stay in their room also since Taylor will be staying.

They all enjoy a group hug and a bit more chatting before they settle in for the night. Thomas sleeps on one bed while Taylor holds both the girls on the other bed. They fall asleep this way. Ridge peeks in to check on all of them. He happily covers Thomas and then goes to make sure the girls are covered. He bends down to kiss Taylor on the cheek, which wakes Taylor up. The two of them share an intimate exchange of happy looks as Brooke enters the room and watches them in silence.

Shady Marlin:

Nick tries to convince Bridget to take a midnight swim with him, telling her that it is the best way to get her mind off of all that is going on. Bridgett just doesnít understand how she Ďcanítí stop thinking of all that is going on. Taylor is at Brooke and Ridgeís house right now and so many that love her still donít even know she is alive. Eric and Stephanie, who loved Taylor very much. Nick continues to try to get her mind off of things, but Bridgett just canís stop worrying about how this is going to affect everyone involved. She knows what it was like because she grew up watching Taylor and her mother fight over Ridge. It wasnít a pretty sight to see. Nick tells her that he knows how to get her mind off of her troubles and the two of them make love.

Once the lovemaking session is over, Bridgettís mind again returns to the worries of the day. She is very worried about how her mother will survive all of this. She doesnít think she will survive it at all if Ridge turns back to Taylor.

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