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Shady Marlin:

Nick and Bridget have come in to the main cabin from the deck. Nick is still trying to let the news that Taylor is alive soak in. Bridget is worried about what this all means to her mother. Nick is no legal eagle, but since Taylor is still alive, does that mean that Taylor and Ridge are still married? Bridget isn’t sure, but she does know that in Taylor’s mind she is still married to Ridge. Nick realizes that Bridget is worried about Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. He assures her that Ridge will not leave Brooke. Bridget isn’t so sure. Brooke has never been able to get passed the pull that Taylor has on Ridge. Nick thinks that Ridge is more committed to Brooke now than he was then. He also thinks that Ridge will realize his responsibility to RJ and Hope. Bridget agrees that Ridge will do what is best for his family, but she knows that Ridge has two families now. She also isn’t sure if Taylor will understand Ridge’s commitment to RJ and Hope. Nick is surprised to hear this, since he has been told that Taylor is a shrink. She should recognize what the children need more than anyone else. Bridget agrees that she is a shrink, and she is also the kindest most compassionate person Bridget knows.

Taylor has fought a long hard fight to get back to Ridge, Bridget just doesn’t see her giving in anytime soon. Nick suggests that maybe they can all live together in the house, but quickly sees that isn’t a great idea. Bridget just can’t picture her mother and Taylor living in the same house, going after the same man. She doesn’t see either one of them backing down from Ridge. She tells him that Taylor and Brooke both brought totally different things to Ridge’s life. She tries to explain what a calming effect Taylor has always had on Ridge. She is a very self-assured person and it shows in everything she does, with her patients, as a mother, as a wife. Nick notices that Bridget has been very well impressed with Taylor and reminds her that her mother is a very special lady too. Bridget knows that and resents that Nick even think that she isn’t also very proud of her mother. Nick again states that when all of this craziness is over, Ridge will end up with Brooke. Bridget isn’t as sure as Nick is. The two go back out to the deck as Nick comments what a crazy family she has. There is always some kind of major drama going on with her family.

Bridget agrees and wonders how something so beautiful can hurt so many people. Nick hopes that they all do the right thing. Bridget points out that there is no clear path as to what that is. Both women have a family with Ridge, both women have made commitments to him, he has made commitments to both women. She just doesn’t see an easy answer to any of this. Nick tells her that Ridge will have to choose one of them. That is what Bridget is worried about, which one he will choose.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylor’s house:

In Phoebe’s room, Taylor is slapped in the face with a can of reality when Brooke tells her that the baby she is holding is her and Ridge’s son.

Neither women can believe that Ridge didn’t tell Taylor about the baby. Brooke looks mad while Taylor looks hurt. Brooke tells Taylor that a lot has happened since she has been gone. The twins tell Taylor that the baby’s name is Ridge Jr. and they call him RJ. Kids being kids and not realizing what an awkward position they are putting their mother in, ask Brooke to let Taylor hold RJ. Brooke hesitantly hands RJ over. Taylor has a hard time absorbing that Ridge has a baby with Brooke. Steffy asks if she is okay. Ridge tells the kids that Taylor is just a bit overwhelmed right now. Brooke tells her that RJ really is a miracle baby because her and Ridge had prayed for him for so long and he really brought the family together. Steffy tells her that they have a little sister too. Brooke corrects her and explains that Hope is their step sister. Taylor looks bewildered at all of them.

Taylor starts to realize just how long she has been gone when Steffy proudly tells her that RJ took his first steps the other day. Taylor has tears streaming down her face as the girls become really concerned about her. Ridge takes RJ from her as Brooke tells them that he is cutting a tooth right now. Ridge apologizes to Taylor, he should never have let this come out like this. Taylor tells him there is no need to apologize. Ridge thinks it is time for him and Taylor to have some time alone so they can talk, but the kids think that Ridge has had enough time with her and it is their turn. Taylor admits that she isn’t done catching up with her children either. Ridge warns the kids not to wear their mother out as they all return to cuddle on Phoebe’s bed and start to catch up. Ridge takes off calling for Brooke to follow.

Brooke watches Taylor and her children for a short time before she follows him out. Taylor thinks that being here with her children must be what heaven is like. Steffy is just happy that Taylor never found heaven for real. They ask about her time away. She confirms that she was in a palace for all these years in a big marble room with gold everywhere. Steffy thinks that their mother is just like Sleeping Beauty. She was asleep until a prince woke her up. The girls ask if Omar was in love with Taylor. Taylor admits that he was. When Thomas asks if she was in love with him, she tells him that there is only one man that she ever has loved, or ever will. She is just so happy to be back with everyone she loves again. She again reassures them all that she will never leave again. She is where she belongs, with her family.

In Ridge & Brooke’s room, Brooke sits on the bed looking at a picture of her, Ridge and all the kids. Ridge comes in reporting that RJ is being read to and is fine for the night. Brooke wastes no time in letting him know that it upset her that he hadn’t told her about RJ. Ridge tries to explain that he had so much to catch Taylor up on as far as her own kids goes, he just didn’t have time to tell her about their kids. Brooke takes exception to that. Ridge tells her that he didn’t mean to slight anyone. Right now his head is spinning. Between coming face to face with Taylor and trying to prove to everyone he knows that he wasn’t completely crazy he just doesn’t even know what end is up right now. He didn’t omit the information on purpose.

Brooke softens a bit, but she is still determined to have this talk. Ridge realizes that she must be overwhelmed right now too. Brooke admits that her head is spinning too. Ridge tells her that the important thing is that Taylor is alive and home. Brooke agrees that it is wonderful that Taylor is alive, but the ‘home’ part is what they need to talk about. Taylor is back in ‘their’ home. Ridge and Brooke’s home. The two of them talk about how different their world is today than it was yesterday. Today they live in a world where Taylor is alive. They are both very happy for the kids that she is. Brooke reminds him that for Taylor it has only been a few months, but for the rest of them it has been a lifetime. The kids have grown up, the two of them have exchanged rings, they have a baby now, they are a real family now. Ridge agrees that it is going to be a lot of adjusting for everyone. He is thankful to hear Brooke say that Taylor will always have a place in their lives and will always be welcome in her home.

Brooke tells him that for tonight, Taylor can stay in the guest room or in the kids room. Ridge doesn’t think any of them will be leaving the twins room anytime soon. Ridge is shocked, however, when Brooke tells him that they will find Taylor someplace else to stay tomorrow. Somewhere that the children will have easy access to her. He can’t believe that Brooke will be asking Taylor to leave. Brooke is equally shocked that Ridge doesn’t readily agree with her. She tells him that their first priority is to keep this family intact. Ridge doesn’t answer her, but looks at her as if he doesn’t quite agree with what she has said.

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