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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

In the twins bedroom, Ridge, Thomas, Phoebe, Steffy and Taylor all sit on the bed. Brooke watches unseen from the door. All marvel at how wonderful it is to have Taylor home again. Ridge tells them all that it has been a very long time since he has felt this way. Brooke is upset to hear Ridge tell his family that he thought he would never feel this way again. She leaves quietly. Taylor asks for a family hug. After the hug, she explains to her children all that happened to her since they last saw her in the hospital. Her vitals were so weak that anyone would have thought she was dead, but she was only in a coma. She explains that there was no way to know if she would ever pull out of it, and even if she did they couldnít have known if she would live or die then too. She tells them that she knew she had to fight to get back to them.

Every time she felt like giving up, she would hear their prayers and it would give her strength to hold on a little longer. She knows there is no scientific reason for it, but she did actually hear their prayers and it is the only thing that kept her alive. Phoebe tells her that she believes her because she could always hear Taylor too. The only place she couldnít feel Taylor was at the cemetery. Thomas comments that they all thought Ridge had gone crazy when he said he saw her at Bridgetís wedding. Especially Stephanie. He canít wait to see his grandmotherís face when she sees Taylor for herself. All but Steffy get a good giggle out of that. Steffy thinks it isnít funny at all. Ridge tells her that they are all just very happy. Steffy agrees that this is the happiest day of her life and doesnít understand why she is crying. Ridge tells her that they all need to have a good cry. They have held it in for way too long. Taylor canít believe how much the children have grown, and how much she missed.

Ridge tells them all that he would go to the art shows, or the tennis matches and be so proud of his children. He would look over to share a smile with Taylor and be sad every time that she wasnít there. He would tuck the kids in at night and tell them how proud their mommy was of them. He tried so hard to be both mother and father to the kids, but finally had to accept that he just couldnít. All the kids tell him that he did a wonderful job. Taylor agrees with her children. He did a fantastic job of pulling the kids through the bad times. He doesnít have to do it alone anymore though. She is home now and they will do it together.

Bridget paces in Brookeís bedroom wondering what is going on. Brooke returns and is in deep thought after what she heard.

Bridget asks how things are going and Brooke tells her that they are all together now. Things are going just like anyone would expect when someone you love has been dead for so long then suddenly comes back. Bridget asks if she should go and see Taylor. Brooke thinks that isnít such a good idea, they all need this time alone right now. Bridget understands that. Brooke tells her that the children and Taylor deserve to be happy again. Bridget thinks the children have been through more because Taylor was in a coma. She tells her mother that in Taylorís head, she may only have missed a few months. She may think that she is coming home to this house and everything is the same. Brooke tells her that Taylorís family will always be her family and she will always be welcome in Brookeís home.

One change she will have to learn to accept is that Ridge is her husband now, and that isnít going to change. The two women discuss what it must be like for Taylor to have been in a coma for so long and to have lost all sense of time. It will be hard for her to adjust to all that has changed since she has been gone. Brooke hears RJ cry through the baby monitor. Bridget takes off and Brooke goes to get RJ. After she gets RJ, she goes to the twins room where everyone is still sitting on the bed talking. She knocks lightly on the door and asks if the two of them can come in. Ridge realizes that he should have told Taylor something now. Taylor jumps off the bed and runs to Brooke asking who this lovely little boy is. Brooke is shocked that Ridge hasnít told Taylor. Taylor is shocked and Ridge looks a bit ashamed as Brooke tells her that RJ is her and Ridgeís baby.

Shady Marlin:

Nick comes into his cabin to find Stephanie waiting on him. She immediately lets him know how disappointed she is with him for helping Ridge to dig up Taylorís grave. Nick tells her that he didnít know what else to do.

He didnít just want to leave Ridge out there alone, and he was hoping that Ridge would come to his senses before they actually dug up the whole thing. Stephanie tells him how worried she is about her son and that she really thinks he is having a nervous breakdown. Nick tells her that he loves his brother and will do whatever she thinks he needs to do to help him. Stephanie thinks that Ridge never got over his feelings for Taylor. Nick can understand that maybe Ridge stayed so strong for the children that he never allowed himself the time to grieve. Stephanie tells him that she has talked to James and they think that Ridge needs to be institutionalized. Nick is a little shocked to hear this, but Stephanie convinces him that it really is that bad. She knows that it will be hard on Brooke and the kids because Ridge has just come back home. She asks Nick to be there for Brooke and the children during the time that Ridge is away. Nick lets this soak in for a bit, and assures Stephanie that he will do whatever is needed of him. After Stephanie leaves, Nick goes out on the deck and lights a cigar. He thinks about all that he and Stephanie discussed. He just didnít realize that Ridge was that bad off.

Bridget comes on board and asks if he is okay. He tells her about the visit from Stephanie and that Stephanie wants to put Ridge in an institution. Bridget tells him that wonít be necessary. Nick doesnít know what to think when Bridget informs him that Taylor really is alive. She saw her with her own eyes. She is with Ridge and the children as they speak. Nick is dumbfounded.

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