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By Boo
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Forrester Creations:

Thomas is alone in one of the offices. He is looking at a picture of Taylor when Gaby comes in to bring him a sales report.

She reminds him that she is now working as Stephanie’s personal assistant. Gaby tells him that Megan asked her to tell him that his father called and wants to meet him at home ASAP. Thomas is excited that he has heard from Ridge and starts asking her all kinds of questions about the call when Gaby reminds him that she is only delivering a message. She didn’t talk to Ridge, Megan did. Thomas apologizes, he has just been so worried about his father since he left the hospital last night. He asks if Gaby is aware that Ridge has this crazy idea that his mother is still alive. Gaby has heard about it. Gaby remembers meeting Taylor a long time ago at Stephanie’s. She remembers her being very nice. She understands that this must be hard on Thomas, with his father thinking she is still alive. Thomas tells her that he would have understood it if it had happened after Taylor died, but not this many years later.

People are supposed to grieve and move on. He realizes that Gaby has just lost her mother and apologizes for being insensitive. Gaby understands. She thinks that Ridge must still be missing Taylor an awful lot for him to start thinking now that Taylor is alive. That’s the problem, Thomas tells her. He knows that his mother is dead and it really hurts to see his father going through this and not be able to help him. Gaby reminds him that Ridge is a strong man, but even the strongest men have their moments. Thomas knows this, it’s just that he misses his mother so much. He misses that special place that you go to when you are in your mothers arms and all is right with the world. Gaby understands that. She gives him a hug to try and comfort him.

Ridge & Brooke’s house:

In the front room, Steffy and Phoebe continue to jump up and down and beg their father to tell them what the big secret is. They are dieing to know what is going on. Taylor enters the room behind them. Ridge tells the girls that every one of their questions is about to be answered. The girls turn to see Taylor standing in the patio doorway. Phoebe drops her books and immediately runs for her bedroom. Steffy is too shocked for words. She apologizes for Phoebe’s actions and explains to this woman that she looks just like their mother, who is dead. She starts to cry. Taylor goes to her and tells her that she is her mother, not just a look-alike. Steffy is blown away and just doesn’t understand how this could be possible. Ridge and Taylor are finally able to convince Steffy that it is true. Taylor is alive and she is home now. Taylor and Steffy embrace and cry. Ridge blissfully watches on.

In Brooke’s bedroom, Bridget rushes in and wonders what the emergency is. Brooke sounded frantic on the phone. Brooke tells her that Ridge is okay. He is home. Bridget tells her mother that she is aware of what happened last night, with Ridge digging up Taylor’s grave. She assures her mom that the whole family is there for Ridge and will be there to help him get some therapy. Brooke tells her that Ridge doesn’t need therapy. Bridget doesn’t understand that statement, since Ridge believes that Taylor is alive. Brooke tells her that Ridge isn’t crazy, because Taylor is alive. She is downstairs with Steffy right now. Bridget is shocked and can barely believe what her mother is telling her. The two of them go out to the catwalk and watch the reunion between Taylor and Steffy for a short time.

When they get back to Brooke’s room, Bridget goes on and on about what a miracle it is that Taylor is alive. She remembers what it was like after Taylor’s death and how devastated all the kids were. Brooke agrees with her daughter that it is the most wonderful miracle that could have happened for the children. She doesn’t say anything, but we can tell that she is very worried about what this means for her and Ridge.

In the twins room, Phoebe lays crying on the bed. Taylor comes to the door and watches her daughter, not sure what to say. Instead of saying anything she decides to sing “You Are My Sunshine”. Phoebe listens, still laying on the bed.

When Taylor calls her name, she slowly sits up in bed and Taylor rushes into her daughters arms. They hold each other and cry for a bit. Taylor tells Phoebe that she knows that she probably has all kinds of questions. Ridge and Taylor will do their best to answer all of them. For right now though, what is important is that she is back. She promises to never leave them again. Ridge and Steffy come to the door and watch the two before Steffy joins her mother and sister on the bed. The three hug and have a cry fest. Ridge quietly closes the door and turns in the hallway to find Thomas has just arrived. Thomas is happy to see that his father is okay, but tells him that this nonsense about Taylor being alive has to stop. It is only hurting everyone that is involved. Ridge tries to tell him that he isn’t crazy as Thomas overhears the crying in the twins room.

Ridge tells him that something wonderful has happened and the girls are crying because they are happy. He tells him that the girls are not alone in that room. Slowly, Ridge guides his son to the door and opens it. Thomas is totally shocked to see his mother sitting with his sisters. He calls out, unsure if it is really her. Taylor comes to him and tells him that it is her. When she goes to touch his face, Thomas pulls away slightly. He can’t believe what he is seeing. The girls tell Thomas that it is true, it is their mother. She is home now. Thomas remains speechless as this sinks in. Taylor hugs him and cries. She will never leave again. The girls and Ridge join them for a family hug. Brooke walks in behind all of them and watches as the family, including her husband, rebond.

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