B&B Tuesday Update 5/10/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/10/05



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Ridge & Brooke’s house:

Brooke feels a bit awkward watching Ridge hold Taylor. She starts to leave the room when Taylor snaps to what this must be doing to Brooke. She apologizes to Brooke and tells her that she is just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ridge comments that they are all feeling pretty overwhelmed, but this will be nothing compared to what the kids are going to feel. This reminds Taylor of how badly she wants to see the children. She begs Ridge to go and get the kids right away. Ridge agrees and takes off for to pick up the kids, leaving Brooke and Taylor alone. Taylor doesn’t see to realize how uncomfortable Brooke is in this situation. The two of them take lemonade to the patio while they wait for Ridge to come back. Brooke admits that it is a little strange to have Taylor back in this house. Taylor tells her that she had gone over this in her mind a million times before coming back. The only thing that she hadn’t planned on was finding out that Ridge had married Brooke. Taylor explains that she spent so many years in a coma, that time didn’t pass for her like it did everyone else. To her, it seems like just yesterday that she was here.

She tells Brooke that when she saw the children at the wedding, it hit her how long she has been gone. They have grown up so much. She thanks Brooke for being there for her children and helping them to move on with their lives. Brooke tells her that none of her children ever forgot her. They always included her in their prayers. She also makes a point to let Taylor know that she has grown very close to all the children, and that ‘they’ are a family now. Taylor tells her that Ridge told her all that he could, but she wants to know everything and asks Brooke to tell her all there is to know about her children. Their likes and dislikes, their personality, she wants to know everything that she has missed. Brooke tells her that Thomas is the most like Taylor. He is very sensitive and caring. He has a lot of friends and his eyes are very expressive. Thomas is very good in Spanish. Taylor soaks in every word that Brooke says. Brooke tells her that the girls begged and begged to go away to school. They have a way of tag-teaming her and Ridge. Taylor smiles remembering that they have always done that. Brooke tells her that Steffy is the more outgoing of the twins. Always on the phone with her friends, or text messaging them. She made the tennis team. Phoebe is much quieter than her sister. She likes to draw, or write in her journal. Brooke tells her that a lot of the entries in Phoebe’s journal are about Taylor. Taylor is so happy to hear that her children have not forgotten her. Brooke tells her that she is a part of her children, they would never be able to forget her.

Shady Marlin:

Nick and Bridget continue to try to convince Jackie that they are happy together and that she shouldn’t worry so much.

Bridget thinks that maybe if they had included Jackie in their relationship more, she wouldn’t have the reservations that she has now. Bridget admits that neither of them were looking to get involved. They have both talked about this at length and Bridget promises Jackie that she could never walk away from Nick. Jackie tells them that Massimo always says that everything happens for a reason. Maybe the wedding was interrupted for a reason. She begs the two lovers to slow down. Nick explains that when you love someone as much as the two of them love each other, you don’t want to wait for anything. As soon as Ridge is back on his feet, this wedding is going to take place, with or without her blessing. Jackie finally realizes that nothing she says will change their minds and thanks Bridget for making her son so happy. She gives Bridget a hug before leaving. Nick tries to get Bridget’s mind off all that is going on, but Bridget just can’t stop thinking of Ridge, her mother, Thomas and the girls, and all that is going on. Nick decides that Bridget needs to get out and have some fun. Bridget tries to protest as Nick pushes her out the door. He takes her to the park.

As one of his songs play in the background, we see a beautiful montage of the two of them at the park. They play with a remote boat in a fountain, buy a big inflatable Frisbee like thing and throw it back and forth a bit. A lot of kissing and chasing. They look like the perfect couple in love, having the day of their lives.

Eric and Stephanie’s:

Eric pours himself a glass of water in the front room as Stephanie joins him. They are both very worried about Ridge. For him to dig up Taylor’s grave is just inconceivable to them both. Stephanie tells him that the psychiatrist has recommended a very nice facility that Ridge can go to get help. Eric isn’t sure that they need to send him away. As they discuss this, Ridge bursts through the front door wanting to know where the kids are. Stephanie and Eric try to get him to tell them what is going on. They want to talk to him about getting help. Ridge is in such a good mood, his parents don’t understand at all what is going on. They tell him that Thomas is at Forrester and the girls are in the other room watching a movie. Just then, Steffy and Phoebe burst into the room. They knew they heard Ridge’s voice.

They are both happy and excited to see their father and to know that he is okay. Ridge assures them that he is fine and he has a wonderful surprise for them. He tells them to hurry and get their stuff together, as he has to take them home right now. The twins rush off to gather their things as Ridge calls Forrester to have Thomas meet them at home. Eric and Stephanie don’t think it is a good idea for the girls to be with Ridge right now. They offer to take them home to Brooke. Ridge tells them that everything is okay, he is okay. Brooke knows that he is there picking up the girls. He is sorry that he doesn’t have time to explain everything right now. Stephanie and Eric are very confused as the girls come out ready to go. Ridge kisses his mother and tells her that if she doesn’t believe in miracles now, she soon will. He then rushes the girls out the door, leaving Stephanie and Eric shocked and confused.

Back at Ridge and Brooke’s house:

Taylor and Brooke are still talking on the patio. Brooke tells her that she often walks by the girls rooms and will hear them singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Taylor is touched to hear this as she remembers singing that song to them a lot when they were little. Just then, they hear the girls and Ridge burst into the house. Taylor is anxious to see them and starts inside. Brooke stops her to tell her that she is about to give her children the best present in the world. She is about to give them herself.

Taylor peers through the curtains and sees Phoebe and Steffy jumping up and down and demanding to know what the secret is. They have waited long enough.

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