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Ridge & Brookeís place:

Brooke is still too shocked to say anything. Ridge goes to her side and tells her not to be afraid. It really is Taylor. Brooke doesnít trust her own eyes and slams the door shut, locking it securely.

This canít be happening. It just canít be true. Taylor is dead. She has been dead for such a long time. Ridge tries to assure her that it is real, but Brooke is barely listening to him. She walks slowly into the front room. Ridge unlocks the door and lets Taylor into the house. When Taylor calls out to Brooke, she slowly turns around knowing the sound of Taylorís voice. She faints dead away. Ridge rushes to her side and tells her that she will be okay. He lays her on the couch and puts a cool rag on her forehead, urging her back to awareness. Brooke starts to come back and slowly brings Ridge into focus. She is relieved at first, thinking it was all a dream. Ridge explains that she fainted and Brooke becomes confused again. She is speechless. When Taylor apologizes for scaring her, Brooke still canít believe what is happening. Finally it starts to sink in. She canít believe that Taylor is really here. Ridge and Taylor explain that Taylor was in a coma. Taylor tells Brooke that as soon as she woke up, all she could think about was getting back to her family.

She sees a picture of Thomas and the twins and looks at it. She tells them how her heart has ached to see them. She is still aching. She decides that she wants to see them right now. She starts to head upstairs when Ridge tells her that the kids arenít home. Brooke tells her that they are at Eric and Stephanieís. Ridge explains that Brooke wasnít sure what kind of shape Ridge was going to be in when he came home and she didnít want to upset the kids, so she sent them to their grand-parents. Taylor is touched that Brooke would take care of her children in such a wonderful manner. She goes to Brookeís side and sits on the edge of the couch. Taylor is very thankful to Brooke for taking care of her children as well as she has. She gives Brooke a hug. Brooke is still pretty much in shock and just doesnít know what to think. Taylor wonders around the room looking at pictures and remembering the happy times they had in this house. Brooke wonders around the room trying to sort out all of this and what it will mean to her and Ridge. Ridge asks if she is okay, he knows this is a lot to absorb. Brooke thinks of what this will mean to the children. Ridge joins Taylor and asks her how it feels to be back home. Taylor admits that it feels wonderful. She remembers all the good times they had in this house and she is so happy to have her family back. She leaps into Ridgeís open arms and enjoys her second chance.

Brooke looks on, worried and confused.

Shady Marlin:

Jackie comes in to find Nick cleaning up. She is worried about her son. Nick tells her that he is doing better than Ridge. She tells him that Massimo is keeping tabs and trying to find out who interrupted the wedding. Nick tells her that they are only thinking of it as a Ďglitchí. Jackie isnít happy to hear that they plan to still get married. She canít believe that Nick doesnít worry too. He is a sailor and should believe in omens. This was an omen telling him that he is marrying the wrong woman. Nick is upset to hear his mother talk like that. He threatens to throw her overboard if she doesnít stop it. She is just voicing an opinion. Nick tells her that he doesnít want to hear her opinion. They continue to argue, Jackie reminding him that he was in love with Bridgetís mother not so long ago. Bridget comes back from getting breakfast and overhears some of the conversation. She isnít happy either.

The two of them try to convince Jackie that she is wrong. They have discussed this from all angles. Jackie only wants to save them both from a lot of heartache. Nick and Bridget stand strong with their commitment to each other, no matter what Jackie thinks or says.

Eric & Stephanieís:

Thomas and Stephanie come back into the house, leaving the twins and Eric out by the pool. Thomas is really worried about his father. Stephanie tells him that Ridge will work through this and things will be fine again.

Thomas knows that no matter what happens, Ridge will still miss Taylor. He misses her too, just as much as his father does. Stephanie tells him that he just has to keep the happy memories alive in his heart. Thomas tells her that he does try to do that, but lately he has been starting to forget things. Taylor used to tell him a bedtime story every night. It was the same story every night. He used to know it so well that he would say every word right along with her. He tried to tell Hope the same story the other night and couldnít remember it passed the first few words. He begins to cry and wishes they had written the story down before Taylor died. Sometimes he canít even remember the sound of her voice anymore and he has to listen to a tape to remember it. Stephanie tells him that she remembers Taylorís beautiful voice. She asks him if he can remember what it felt like when Taylor held him as a child. He admits that he remembers that it felt like heaven. Stephanie tells him that life just works out like this sometimes. He picks up a picture of Taylor and comments on how beautiful she was. Stephanie thinks it is safe to say that Taylor was beautiful.

Thomas tells her that the worst part for him and the twins is that they didnít say good bye. The last time they left her hospital room, they had no idea that it would be the last time that they saw her. He regrets so much that they didnít tell her how much they love her. Stephanie assures him that Taylor knew how much they all loved her. Thomas cries as he tells his grandmother that he wishes he had one more chance to make sure.

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