B&B Friday Update 5/6/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/6/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Ridge and Taylor are together. It is morning now. The sun is up. She knows that everyone is going to wondering where he is. Especially Brooke. Ridge calls Brooke. Brooke is sleeping on the couch when the phone rings. She answers to Ridge. He tells her that he is coming home. Something amazing has happened and he would like to talk to her about it. He tells her that a miracle has happened. Brooke has no idea what to make of this.

Ridge goes into the back room to change. Taylor is unsure what is going to happen now that she knows all that there is to know about Ridge’s life. This isn’t gong to be easy for everyone. She refers to Brooke when she says that, but Ridge doesn’t acknowledge that aspect of things. The kids will love it, but it will be a shock is all that he says. Ridge knows that the kids will be thrilled to see their mother under any circumstances. The important thing is that Taylor is back and they will deal with the rest in time. Taylor is strangely silent. She would like to go to her kids, but she wants Ridge to prepare the kids first for her arrival. Ridge loves how she always knew what was best for the kids. Ridge tells Taylor that some of her clothes are still in the house and she can change into something else. He doesn’t want to leave her as she may disappear again. She moves to him, assuring him that she isn’t a dream. She promises to never leave him again. They hold each other tightly before he heads out. He turns to look at her from the door and she smiles for him. Once the door closes behind him, the smile fades from her face. Taylor has learned that Ridge isn’t free as he was when she left him. That could mean problems.

Stephanie talks to the twins, telling them that Brooke will need time alone with Ridge when he comes home. They understand but they have missed him a great deal and would like to go to the hospital and see him. Thomas is quiet, knowing that his grandparents are trying to spare the twins from learning just what occurred with their father the night before. Eric and Stephanie were trying to spare the twins the news that their father has left the hospital, but the twins are determined to see him and so they are told the truth. At least some of it. Ridge has left the hospital and no one knows where he is right now.

Steffie and Pheboe are stunned to hear that their father is missing. No one knows where he is. The twins have many questions, and Stephanie tries to answer them carefully without arousing too much suspicion that something is terribly wrong with her son. Thomas steps into it saying that Ridge thought that he saw Taylor at the wedding and that is why he has been confused lately. The twins had heard nothing about that. They are stunned. Is someone trying to hurt their father? Stephanie quickly brings the twins worry down. She says that Ridge is a little confused and needs some time to recover from what has happened to him. Something must have made Ridge remember Taylor. Maybe it was the wedding. Stephanie agrees. Stephanie knows that the twins miss Taylor as she does, but she isn’t coming back.

Taylor looks through the house for the clothes that Ridge says were still there, and finds a picture of she and Ridge in a box. They were so happy back then. They were on the beach, and they posed casually for the picture. She remembers all of it, and can’t help smiling over the thoughts that come flooding back to her.

Ridge arrives home and Brooke takes him in her arms, glad to see that he is okay. She sees that he has different clothes on from the ones that he had with him at the hospital. Ridge only answers that the night before was the most incredible in his life. Brooke reveals that she knows that Ridge left the hospital the night before. She also knows that he dug up Taylor’s grave. That was a crime. Something could happen to him now. Ridge says that something has already happened. Brooke feels that he really needs help now. Ridge knows now more than ever that he is really okay. He takes Brooke’s face in his hands and tells her that Taylor is alive. She tries to hide the horror that she feels at what she hears.

Taylor is finished looking at the picture and then she moves to the next thing. A rose that was flattened and save. She remembers that time too. She was with Ridge and the room was filled with candles. He gave her a rose and rubbed it on her face before devouring her. He was on top of her before a fire. Taylor smiles at the memories she has kept deep inside her. She kisses the rose and heaves a deep sigh feeling the comfort that the rose has given her about the life that she once had.

Ridge tells Brooke again that Taylor is alive. Brooke says no. She will not listen to this. She says that Taylor is gone and never coming back. Brooke has called James, who is out of the country, but has generously offered the name of another physician for Ridge to see. Ridge is sure that he is not crazy. Ridge is there to prepare everyone. Brooke again says that this is not real. Ridge says that it is. Brooke canít believe that he actually opened the casket. He did and there was nothing inside. Ridge says that wasnít Taylor. There was a dummy in there. Brooke is horrified. She knows that Taylor is not a prop. Brooke begs him to stop talking like this. Ridge says that he was wrong. He thought that Taylor was dead, but she wasnít.

He tells how Omar had taken her body and kept her on life support. Taylor was in a coma and now she is alive. Ridge is sure. He says that he was with Taylor all night. Brooke has no idea what to make of what Ridge has just told him. Brooke would like to help Ridge with this, but she needs him to first acknowledge that he is making a mistake. Ridge says that he was with Taylor all night and that isnít a lie. Brooke says that he has to think about his family and how this is going to affect him. He has thought about that. That is why he spent the night talking with Taylor. She was there. Ridge touched her and she is alive. He wants Brooke to understand everything. Ridge knows that if this is untrue then he would be crazy. He tries his best to make her see what he is saying, but she canít wrap her mind around it. Brooke believes that he believes that Taylor is alive, but not in the sense that he thinks. She is alive in spirit alone. Ridge says no. The kids will have their mother back. Ridge knows what he is saying and he is not crazy. He is there to prepare the kids and Brooke. Brooke shouts at him to stop this. Taylor is gone. The doorbell rings. Ridge says that is Taylor at the door. Brooke is unhappy with this. Brooke says that when she opens the door and Taylor is not there, she wants Ridge to promise to get help. She goes to the door. She puts her hand on the knob. Outside of the house, Taylor stands waiting with her arms crossed. The door opens. Taylor turns and Brooke almost falls to her knees from the sight of Taylor standing before her.

AH!!!!!!!! Brooke shrieks at the sight. Taylor calmly stares back into Brookeís face.

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