B&B Thursday Update 5/5/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/5/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget is frantic over what has been going on with Ridge. He as some issues. He is dark and complicated. Things are going to be tough for Brooke. How is she going to react to this?

Brooke and Stephanie continue to talk in Brooke’s front room. Brooke doesn't believe it. Stephanie has said something to her that she finds ridiculous. Stephanie tells how Nick and Thorne were with Ridge when he dug up the grave so that has to be true. They wouldn’t make up a terrible lie like that. The CAT scan came up clean. He is not crazy, but he does need help. Stephanie wants Brooke to face what is really going on here.

At the beach house, Ridge and Taylor are together and she sees that Ridge is still wearing their wedding ring. That touches her heart so deeply she can’t express it in words. It has been the same for Ridge, she feels, as it has been for her to be alone. She can see that he has never forgotten about her, even with her dying. Ridge tells her how awful it has been without her all this time. They tell each other that they love each other. They have missed each other. Taylor has missed Ridge’s body as well. She pulls him to her and on top of her on the couch. She begs him to make love to her. She needs him. He pulls from her, but Taylor holds him close. He can’t do this. He moves away. She is scared now. "What is wrong? What is wrong with you?" She is scaring him. Ridge runs his hands through his hair. People are going to get hurt by this, mostly Brooke.

Bridget ends a call to her father. She turns to Nick and says that Stephanie is with Brooke and is explaining what happened with Ridge. Nick is sure that Brooke will be fine. Bridget can’t see how Brooke can be fine after hearing this. Bridget is worried and so is Eric. Eric and Thorne are out looking for Ridge now.

Brooke doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. She wants to talk to her husband. Brooke thinks that something has to be wrong with Ridge. Stephanie says that Ridge is seeing things more clearly than ever. Brooke wonders if they should call the police, but Stephanie knows that the last thing that they want is the police to learn what happened at the cemetery. Stephanie wants Brooke to face the truth. She tells the woman that Ridge is still in love with his wife.
Ridge tries to explain his feelings to Taylor. He tried to make a go of it alone with the kids but he couldn't do it. They wanted their mother and not him. He was miserable without her. He needed her so badly. Taylor wishes that she had been there for him. Ridge had no one and the emptiness almost killed him.

Nick and Bridget discuss their wedding and Nick is quick to assure Bridget that they will have their dream wedding. First they have to help the family to clam down.

Brooke and Stephanie don’t agree on much, but they do agree that Ridge needs special attention. He has to be the focus right now.

Taylor has a closer look at Ridge’s wedding band and sees that Ridge had put her in the past, as the ring is not the one she gave him. He explains that he still loves her, but he thought she was never coming back. He tells her that it Brooke is the woman he married. Brooke started out being a friend, but gradually brought a calm back into their lives. Taylor is hurt and sobs into Ridge’s arms.

Nick joins Bridget on the deck with a sack in hand. The two of them discuss having a small wedding and reception. Nick paints a beautiful picture with his words of a lovely wedding on the beach with just the two of them declaring their love for each other. Bridget tells him she would be happy with just him and the minister there. Nick tells her that he grabbed something from the house and opens the sack. He grabbed the top of the wedding cake. Bridget reminds him that it is supposed to be eaten on their first anniversary. Nick tells her that he figures they are doing things backwards anyway. They will eat the cake, then have the honeymoon and then get married. Bridget likes the sound of that as they feed each other small bites of the cake before kissing.

Taylor tells Ridge that she totally understands that Brooke wasn’t a replacement for her. She knows that Brooke was able to fill a void that was left in Ridge and the kids lives when they thought she was dead. Ridge tells her that is exactly correct. He still loves Taylor and the children do also. Taylor is happy again. The two agree that they will work everything out. Taylor goes to Ridges arms again and tells him that she is very happy that she has her family back now.

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