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By Glynis
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Prince Omar’s assistant comes to get him. It is time to leave. They have waited long enough. Waiting any longer may be a danger to them. It is clear that Taylor has to stay there. Prince Omar will leave, but Leila will always be in his heart. Prince Omar relives the happy times in his country with Leila. He doted on her and made her a princess. She wore the traditional garb of his country and she adopted the dances and ate the foods. She was a delight to him in every way. Prince Omar let her go once and she almost died. He brought her back to life, but her heart belongs to Ridge, and he can’t fight that. He can give her everything but the passion and the love that Ridge gives to her. She is going to her family, but it may not be the dream that she thinks that it is. In fact, it is going to be the challenge of her life.

At the mansion, Thomas and Brooke are talking about Ridge and his condition. Brooke just keeps hoping for the best. They are hoping that he will be home soon. They also hope that he is not still talking about Taylor. Brooke is handling what is going on with Ridge just fine. Thomas knows that Brooke has been throw a lot. Thomas wants to be the one that Brooke talks to about this. Brooke is strangely silent. Thomas wants her to let it out.

At the cemetery, Eric and Stephanie along with Thorne have returned. They can tell that the soil has been disturbed. Ridge actually did this.

Ridge has taken Taylor back to her beach house where she used to live long ago. She marvels at being there again. She holds her hands over her mouth like a little schoolchild as she enters the house. It is just like old times to her. She lived so much of her life there. She is so beautiful to him. He can’t take his eyes from her face. They hug and kiss each other like it is going to be the last time again. He doesn’t want to let her go for fear that she will disappear again like before. She tells him not to let her go, but to hold her tighter. She will not let him go either. She smells and tastes like Taylor and with that comes lots of good memories for Ridge. They hang on to each other desperately. Taylor ran to be back with Ridge and to be in his arms. They hold each other tight. Taylor is finally safe, and she is finally home. He looks deeply into her face and then he kisses her.

Thomas knows that things haven’t been easy for Brooke. First the Morgan thing and now this. He knows that Brooke really suffered the whole time and is still hurting. The girls were away at school, but Thomas was there and he knows how she has suffered. Brooke tries to put Thomas first. He wants her to lean on him for a while. She is his mother now, and she wants him to see how important he and his sisters are to him. She hopes that is okay. That is okay with Thomas. She hugs the boy.

Stephanie knows that something is up and that they had better find Ridge and fast. They have to find out what went on in this graveyard. Thorne worries what Ridge might have seen when he dug up Taylor. Eric feels that Ridge got a rude awakening. Stephanie can see now that Ridge has never recovered from Taylor’s death.

AT the beach house, Ridge and Taylor hug and hug and stare into each other’s eyes. Ridge is so full of her. He has no room in him for anything else. They will never be apart again, not ever. Ridge will never let her go. She is never to be out of his sight. She is his angel from above. That is exactly how he thinks of her, especially after the way that she appeared to him in the graveyard. When she saw him at the wedding and the kids who are all grown up now, she knew that she had missed all that time. She has everything back now though and she will not be sorry. She will treasure her family and make things better for all of them than they had ever been before. She has Ridge, and he confirms that. “Yes you do. Yes you do.” Their lips meet tenderly as they explore each other for the first time in a long time.

Stephanie looks at Taylor’s tombstone and wonders why Ridge would do something like this. Taylor would forgive him for doing this if she could. If this had been anyone else, Ridge would never have done this. Ridge is convinced that Taylor lives. He must miss her still, and love her still. That is why this has happened. The truth seems to be that Ridge is still in love with Taylor.

The phone rings. Brooke answers to Dr. Mclean. Brooke wonders if Ridge has been causing trouble at the hospital. The doctor tells that Ridge has left the hospital. His tests are fine, but he has left. The doctor is sure that Ridge will be home in a minute or so. Brooke thanks him for calling. Thomas wants to know what is up with Brooke. Brooke says that Ridge has left the hospital and should be home now. Brooke knows that Ridge will fine. She remembers Ridge promising her that he wouldn’t let anyone take him from his family again.

Ridge feels like Taylor is a vision to behold. God is with them and he is helping them. How else could all this have happened? Taylor looks like a beautiful creation that can’t possibly be real. She has been physically gone, but she has been with him with her strength and her love. He has felt her in him all the time that she has been gone. She has been with him all these years, but there is nothing like the real thing. With that said, he picks her up and twirls her around the room as he holds her in his arms. She has gotten prettier to him too. How can that be possible? She really wants to see her kids. Ridge can’t wait to show them to her. It hasn’t been easy. The first few months, the twins cried and cried, and Thomas was angry. The kids never stopped missing their mother. Never. They are going to be so happy to have their mother back. Ridge misses her so much. He really does, and he loves her so much. Taylor loves him too. She always will. She always will.

Brooke paces the floor. She remembers Ridge telling her that Taylor is alive. Brooke remembers how much Ridge loved Taylor. This must be killing him now. Brooke remembers Ridge not being able to accept that Taylor was dead. She was supposed to be with him and growing old with him. They had a deal. Ridge knows that he can’t do it on his own. He couldn’t do it by himself. Brooke took him in her arms back then. Brooke goes to the phone. She calls Ridge’s cell phone, but no one answers. She leaves a message for him to call her.  Stephanie comes to the door to talk to Ridge. Brooke tells that he isn’t there. She learns that Ridge was at the cemetery. Brooke feels that Ridge may be finally dealing with the fact that Taylor is really gone. Stephanie tells that Ridge was there to exhume Taylor, and not visit the grave. This is too traumatic for Ridge to deal with. He is over the edge now. Stephanie knows that Ridge needs Brooke now more than ever. Whatever he has done, that doesn’t matter. Ridge has to be faced with the truth about the dead, cause the dead don’t come back.

Ridge never thought that he would feel this way again. He is looking at that beautiful face and hearing that voice again. She asks if he has moved on with his life. He says no. Not ever. Taylor said that she tried to move on with Omar. When she woke up, she had to keep fighting for her health, but she never gave up because she knew that he would never give up on her. Ridge is suddenly sad. Taylor thinks that they are going to just pick up where they left off. Ridge suddenly has nothing to say. Taylor sees that Ridge wears a wedding ring. “You are still wearing our ring. That is so sweet.” Ridge hasn’t a clue how he is going to deal with this. He grabs Taylor and pulls her to him in an embrace. She is crying now over his shoulder.

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