B&B Tuesday Update 5/3/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/3/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

It is true. Taylor stands before Ridge. He can barely speak. “Is it you?” The woman answers yes, that it is her. Ridge falls to his knees. Taylor walks to him and offers him her hand. He looks at it and dares to touch it. She is real. He isn’t crazy. “You are alive?” Now Taylor is crying too. They keep hold of each other’s hand.

AT the boat, Nick has just come out of the shower. He is toweling off.

Bridget enters the room; sorry that she missed him having his shower. Why she would have washed her fiancée’s back for him. Nick doesn’t seem right. It was kind of a weird night for him. Nick has some questions for Bridget about Taylor.

Thorne has just told his parents that he has just dug up Taylor’s grave. Eric and Stephanie are furious. They learn that Ridge is still at the cemetery with Taylor.

Ridge thinks that he is dreaming. This isn’t real. This can’t be happening. He looks at her hands and slowly rises from his knees to look into her face. “Is this real? Is this happening? She nods her head to confirm his questions. He holds her hand to his heart. “Oh my God!” He touches her face, and looks at her beautiful smile. They are both crying now. She touches his lips. She moves to him and they kiss. It is a continuation of the last kiss that they shared so long ago when she seemed to have died. They hold each other now.

Prince Omar watches from some trees not far away. He left to let the two have their reunion, but now he is curious to see what has transpired since he has left them to talk. Talking seems to have nothing to do with this. This is about an outpouring of feelings from one to the other. Words are not needed for these two to come together again after all the years that have passed. It is like they were never apart. Omar never could share a thing like that with his Leila, and he is facing that truth right now. He has mixed feelings. He is happy for his Leila, but at the same time sad.

Ridge and Taylor hold each other and cry. They can’t believe that they are together again. Fate has really put them together again. when there was absolutely no hope. Ridge has been saved from thinking that he was crazy.

Omar continues to watch undetected. He sees that his Leila has really missed this man. How he wishes that she could love him with the same fever.

Ridge is glad to see Taylor alive and well. He looks at the sky and thanks God for bringing this amazing woman back to him. He keeps touching her face, not believing that she is rally there, but she really is. She is home now. She is home now. Taylor is smiling now. She is so happy to be looking into his face after all this time.

Stephanie is furious that Thorne left his brother at the cemetery. Thorne said that he had to do it. He was ordered to leave. Thorne really believes that Nick was right, and that Ridge had to see that Taylor really is dead.

Ridge is so glad that he has confirmed that he really did see Taylor by seeing this whole thing through. No one believed him, and yet he held fast knowing that what he saw was the truth and that he had to find Taylor. He knew what he saw. Even though he went to her funeral. He felt her deep inside. She shakes her head. She knows everything that he is saying about the way that he feels. She felt the same way when she saw him. She was dying inside She was at the wedding and she saw Thomas and she was going to call out to her girls, but she couldn’t. She missed Ridge. She missed him so much. Now here they are. It is a miracle. It truly is. He holds her head in his hands. He thinks about the kids. They are going to get to see Taylor. She laughs at that. They are going to celebrate. She never really left at all. He holds her close to him. He cries out to God in happiness. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Ridge and Taylor finally pull their bodies from each other. Ridge has no idea how he is going to explain this to their children. She says that she almost died. She slipped into a coma when Ridge had thought that she had died. She was the one that took herself off the monitors. Ridge shouldn’t feel any guilt for that. Omar sent his men to the hospital and they discovered that she was still alive. She came out of the coma and lived again. She remembered her family, and in fact that was the first thing that she wanted when she came too. That was a very painful time for Taylor. She was kept in isolation. Omar was hoping that Taylor would choose a life with him. Still, she never stopped believing in her family and getting back to them. Finally, Taylor did have a chance.

Ridge looks over at where Omar was standing but he sees that Omar and all traces of him are gone. They both know that he is gone forever. Taylor is not angry with the man. He has in fact given Taylor a second chance. She will never leave her family again. She will never leave them again. Ridge and Taylor embrace again stronger than ever.

Nick is deep in thought, and Bridget tries to reach him. Why does he want to talk about Taylor? Nick says that Ridge left the hospital and he asked Nick and Thorne to help him dig up Taylor’s grave. Ridge was going to do it anyway, so his brothers helped him. Nick only hopes that Ridge got the closure that he so desired. Nick knows that Ridge needed to do this. He has to accept the truth. Bridget is almost crying for Ridge. It is like he is doing anything to hold Taylor in his arms one more time.

Over at the cemetery, Ridge holds Taylor in his arms. She has been waiting for this since the moment that she woke up. She knows and remembers what it felt like to be in Ridge’s arms. She couldn’t give up. Her heart couldn’t let her give up. Everything seemed completely hopeless, and still she couldn’t forget all the times that they had together. She knew that one-day… All that time that she was in the coma, she knew that her family needed her. Ridge admits that they do need her. They need her so much. Ridge has been saying prayers for Taylor. She felt every one of them. They stare into each other’s eyes. They were oceans apart, but she knew that they were still connected. Their love has always connected them. It is a love that is so strong, it can overcome everything. This is what brought her back to them. She laughs at that. Nothing, no one can hold them apart. She loves him so much.

In addition, for the first time, they kiss. They really kiss, like the married couple they were and are.


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