B&B Monday Update 5/2/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/2/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge has done the unthinkable. He has opened the casket and looked beyond inside. His face grimaces in horror.

Nick and Thorne arrive back at the Shady Marlin. Thorne is becoming unhinged at what he has just done. He can’t believed what he has done this night. He is going crazy thinking about digging up that grave tonight. Nick gets him to calm down and see that they had to do this to help their brother.

Ridge is looking at Taylor’s face or at least he thinks that he is. She looks just as beautiful as when he put her to her rest years ago. Even her makeup looks newly applied. He wants to touch her, but he knows that he shouldn’t. He pulls his hand back in horror at what he is about to do today. Still he leans forward and touches her. Ridge’s face changes. “What the hell?” Something isn’t right about this whole scene. He touches Taylor again. She is unusually hard to the touch. It is a mannequin. Not even a full-bodied one. Just the top half of a body made up to look like Taylor. What does this mean? Ridge reaches in and grabs the decoy out of the mannequin and holds it up. What the hell does this mean? “Taylor!” Ridge looks around frantically. “TAYLOR!” Ridge puts the dummy back in the casket, and he finds a garment in there that he is familiar with somehow. He holds it to his face. It even smells familiar. Ridge remembers exactly where he saw it last.

Back at the funeral, one of the twins put that in the casket as a keepsake for her mommy. Ridge removes it. He climbs out of the grave not knowing what to think now. He is more confused than ever.

A shadow looms behind Ridge. He sees it on the ground but seems unafraid somehow to turn and face whoever is there. “Ridge Forrester?” Ridge turns to find Omar behind him. Ridge never thought that he would see that face ever again in his life, but here it is. As soon as Ridge recognizes the man, he realizes that this must be the answer. Prince Omar feels that it is obvious why he is there. Omar admits to making sure that Taylor was taken to a place where she belonged. Omar says that even though Ridge was her husband, he let her die. Ridge doesn’t understand. However, maybe he does. Maybe Omar is the one that has been making Ridge think that Taylor is alive. Omar says that Ridge most likely believes that Taylor died on the table. Ridge threatens to go to the Feds. Omar knows that the authorities will not believe anything that Ridge says. Being with Leila was the most beautiful times that Omar ever had, but she came back to her husband. Omar believes that Ridge never knew what Taylor needed. He knew that Ridge and his family couldn’t ever take care of Taylor. Omar heard that Taylor was shot and near death, and he wept. He felt that someone had driven a stake through his heart. He went to see Taylor in the hospital and she was so fragile. It was like the first time that he ever saw his Leila. She could have died, but this time there was no one to take care of Taylor this time. She needed someone to believe in her, someone who had undying faith in her. Ridge declares that he had faith for Taylor, and he still does. He knows that God had other plans for Taylor. Omar sees that Ridge gave up on Taylor, but Omar never gave up on Taylor. NEVER!

Ridge will not have this man undermine what he had with Taylor. Prince Omar only sees that this man that professes to have loved Taylor that much wouldn’t have let her die. Prince Omar wouldn’t have done that. Taylor wasn’t able to think, but Ridge was, but he didn’t make any decisions for her. Prince Omar waited for Ridge to make a decision, but he didn’t. Omar then made arrangements that needed to be made. Omar brought in his people to bring Taylor back to his country. There she got the attention that she needed. Hospital security is a joke in this country and Taylor was out in no time. There was a funeral, but that wasn’t Taylor in the casket. That was an illusion. Ridge can’t believe it. He runs back to look at the mannequin. That must have been the body that he though was in the casket. Prince Omar had a replica of Taylor made and it was so good, it fooled even Taylor’s family. Ridge demands to know what happened to his wife. Prince Omar admits to having Taylor’s body. Even now.

At the Forrester home, Eric is on the phone with Meagan who confirms that Ridge isn’t at the office either.

Eric and Stephanie are sitting around when Thorne entres the house. He says that he was just with Ridge. He says that Ridge s with Taylor. Eric understands now. Ridge must be looking for closure. Thorne corrects what they are thinking. He admits that he just helped Ridge dig up Taylor’s grave.

Prince Omar feels that he has done no wiong. Ridge would have had her die, but Omar gave her life. Ridge remembers Taylor at the end. She asked that the machines be taken off. She said that she didn’t need them anymore. Ridge said that he did what he did because his wife asked him to do so.

Ridge remembers the very end when he was holding Taylor in his arms and the very last breath was going out of her forever, or so he thought. They told each other that they loved each other for the last time, or so he though. She leaned on his chest, and her eyes slowly closed. Ridge held her until he cold tell that she was gone, even though she was in his arms. The essence of her was gone forever. Ridge sank to the floor slowly with Taylor in his arms.

Prince Omar asked who pronounced Taylor dead that day. Ridge had no idea who did that. He didn’t need a doctor to tell him that she was dead. He was with her and knew that she was dying. Prince Omar says that Ridge wasn’t a doctor and yet didn’t try anything to save his wife. Ridge is starting to understand. It seems that when Prince Omar went to get Taylor, he… Ridge understands now that Taylor is alive. “My wife is alive isn’t she?” Prince Omar stands very still staring into the man’s eyes. “Answer me! Is Taylor alive?”

“Yes Ridge…I am…” Ridge knows that voice. He loosens his grip on Omar and turns to see who is there. Prince Omar takes this opportunity to leave the two to talk.

When the shining light stops blinding Ridge, he sees that he is looking at Taylor. She takes a couple of steps towards him smiling, with that bright light behind her. Ridge is dumbfounded at the sight of her.

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