B&B Friday Update 4/29/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/29/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thomas confides in Bridget that he likes that his father is talking about his mother a little bit. They seem to have forgotten her until now.

Ridge, Thorne and Nick are digging a grave up. Ridge has convinced his brothers that they have to do this in order to prove that Taylor is really dead. Ridge really needs to know if Taylor is really dead. Thorne is very uncomfortable with this. Ridge remembers seeing the eyes of the woman that was attacked at Nick’s wedding, and he knows that he has to continue digging. They are almost half way to the coffin now. Thorne looks at Nick for a moment and then continues to help with the digging. They have to hurry. They have to be out of there before morning. Nick thinks that instead of digging up the body, what they really need to be doing is finding the doctor that pronounced Taylor dead. Ridge has already tried finding that out and that is why now he has come to the realization that he has to dig up this body to prove to himself that the woman that he saw at Nick’s wedding wasn’t Taylor. Thorne really hates this idea, but Nick seems to think that it will bring a kind of closure to the whole issue, so he goes along with his brother on this one. The brothers get to their destination. They reach the coffin after digging for a long while. Ridge is relieved and in a way his brothers are too. This horrible night will finally end. Ridge is glad for his brothers’ assistance, but he wants to take things from here. He will be the one to see if Taylor is in the coffin, and he will look at her or whoever is in there to put this matter to rest. Nick and Thorne understand what it is that Ridge wants to do and they allow him to do it.

Ridge moves forward positioning himself to open the lid of the coffin. One way or the other he is going to get answers. At this point, the answer doesn’t have to be the one that he expects, but it will stop him wondering about this.

Stephanie is having a moment to herself. All this talk about Taylor has brought back some really warm memories about her dear friend. Eric finds Stephanie alone and thinking to herself. This is when she tells him of the death certificate and how it has pushed Ridge deeper into believing that Taylor is alive and that he has to find her. Stephanie wishes that this would all go away, but part of her wonders if Ridge could be somehow right about what he thinks. Eric too was at Taylor’s funeral and he agrees that this matter should be over as Taylor was clearly the one in the coffin the day that she was buried.

Stephanie gets a call from the hospital about her son. She learns that Ridge is not at the hospital anymore. In addition, the tests have all come in now and there is no injury to Ridge that they can see besides a sore head. Stephanie is glad to hear that, but is now stumped as to where her son can be. In light of his beliefs that Taylor is still alive, Stephanie knows that she has to find Ridge and fast.

Bridget has a moment with Thomas and fills him in on Ridge’s current condition. She is sad to report that Ridge still thinks that he saw Taylor. She braces herself for Thomas’s reaction. Thomas happens to be fine. He wishes that he understood his father better, but is glad that an occasion has come up to talk about his mother again. They haven’t done that in a long time.

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