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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge knows that what he is saying doesn’t make sense and he is getting frustrated. He knows that Taylor died in his arms, but he can’t deny that the woman that he saw attacked at the wedding was Taylor.

Nick and Bridget share some alone time while the twins are upstairs. Nick finds that she was really terrific with the twins earlier. They were upset about their father and Bridget knew exactly what to say to make them feel better. Bridget has been through a crisis with those girls before. Bridget tells how Taylor was really incredible with her girls and the family. She could calm any family fight. She was a shrink and she had this ability to see both sides. Bridget thought about the situation with Amber, and how Taylor would have handled the situation. Taylor was so different from Brooke, and yet both women were able to steal Ridge’s heart. Nick wonders what would have happened If Taylor hadn’t died. Brooke enters the house. She says that Ridge is fine except for thinking that Taylor is alive.

Ridge knows that the woman that he saw was Taylor. Something is going on and Ridge is going to find out what it is. Stephanie knows that there are strange things happening around the house, so she agrees that they should look into that. Ridge has had a lot going on. He lost his memory, and went through a great deal with Morgan. Someone could be trying to manipulate Ridge. The doctor enters the room with a piece of paper in his hand. He had been disturbed earlier when Ridge kept going on about seeing Taylor. He took care of Taylor, but knew nothing of the death certificate. He hopes that maybe this will help. Stephanie looks at the paper first, and then Stephanie shows Ridge Taylor’s death certificate.

Ridge reads the paper and sees now that he must have been wrong. There would have to have been a body for this paper to exist. He sees that he made a terrible mistake. That woman looked so much like Taylor though. Ridge clutches his forehead and asks, “What is happening to me?”

Brooke learns that the police have found nothing after searching the grounds. Brooke is concerned when she sees that Bridget is not wearing her ring. Bridget said that she will be marrying Nick another time. Brooke is upset after hearing Ridge talk about Taylor the way he was. Brooke wonders what the twins will think when they find out about this. Bridget knows that this horrible time will pass. Brooke has to go and talk to the twins about this.

Stephanie says that they will be able to resolve this. There has to be an explanation for this happening. Ridge demands to know who the doctor was that signed the certificate. The doctor has no idea who the doctor was that signed this document. None of the other staff knows who this doctor is. Ridge has to find someone that will be able to tell him who this doctor is. Ridge’s doctor sees that Ridge is getting agitated, and he offers to give Ridge a sedative. He leaves to get it.

Stephanie is upset with Ridge. Now that the doctor is gone from the room, Stephanie starts in on Ridge again about how foolish this is. He goes on and on about Taylor and how he knows what he saw. Stephanie reminds him again that there was an open casket with Taylor’s body in it. Ridge knows that, but this must have been some sort of trick. How could he be so wrong? If there is a slim chance that Taylor is alive, then Ridge wants to know about it. He will not give up on this until he has proof one way or the other.

Bridget feels really sorry for her mother. She can’t imagine how she must feel. Ridge has been talking about Taylor like she is alive. Nick wants Bridget to only think about their wedding. Wait! He has another plan.

This is their wedding night. He wonders if they are going to spend the night together. She would like to spend the night with him, but she doesn't want to leave her mother alone. Nick can’t keep his hands off Bridget, but she would like to go and see her mother now. She will come over to see Nick later. She tells him to go to the kitchen and get himself some leftovers. Bridget leaves. Nick sighs sadly. He sees a picture of Ridge and goes over to it asking, “What is going on with you brother?”

Stephanie is furious. She thinks that Ridge is bent on hurting the family with his new ideas about Taylor. She offers to find out about this woman that Ridge has seen. All she wants him to do at this point is rest. Ridge says that he will rest for now. Stephanie is thankful for that. She kisses her son goodbye, promising to come and see him the next day. As soon as Stephanie is gone, Ridge makes a call. “Nick! I need you to do something for me. This is really, really important.”

Nick has received his brother’s call, and wonders what it is that Ridge needs from him. Nick agrees to do as his brother asks and he hangs up, leaving the house quietly.

Back at the hospital, Ridge has dressed. No one has come into the room to disturb him. The staff and patients are now settling down for the evening. Ridge has his jacket on and is ready to go. He would like to leave the hospital without anyone noticing. He hopes for the best. He picks up his bag, and simply walks out of the room with his head down.

No one stops him on his way out. He heads straight for the elevator which opens for him on cue. Ridge steps inside and the doors close. He has managed to leave undetected.

Bridget and Brooke make some tea and sit in the living room together. Brooke would like Bridget to go and be with Nick but Bridget would rather be with her. Brooke can’t believe that her girl didn’t get married today.

Stephanie arrives at the house to report that Ridge is still agitated. Stephanie is sure that this is a hoax. Stephanie almost got Ridge to see things her way, but then the certificate was shown to Ridge. The doctor that signed the certificate is unknown by the other staff. Stephanie is disturbed that Ridge is so sure that he has seen Taylor. They have to show Ridge that the woman that he saw wasn’t Taylor.

AT the gravesite, Nick and Thorne arrive to the place where Taylor is buried. Thorne is mystified as to why Nick would bring him there. Nick has no idea what they are doing there either.

Ridge comes by and explains that he needs to be sure that Taylor was really buried in the grave. He hands Thorne a shovel. Nick and Thorne see that Ridge is losing it. They don’t want to do this. Thorne knows that this isn’t going to give Ridge peace. Thorne will not do this. Ridge says that if they don’t help him, he will do this himself. Ridge has to know if someone is playing a trick on him or not. Thorne says that Ridge was with Taylor right to the end, and so he has to know that Taylor is dead. Ridge says that since he saw the woman at the wedding, he has to find the truth.

Thorne is ready to leave, but Nick stops him saying that they have to help him. The way that Ridge is acting, he might be taken away. They have to protect him.

Nick grabs a shovel, and starts to dig. Thorne reluctantly grabs a shovel and starts digging too.

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