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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is wide awake now and siting up in his hospital bed. He was unconscious before, but now he is awake and trying to tell his family about seeing Taylor before he was knocked on the head. They will not believe him and in fact think that something terribly wrong has happened inside his head for him to believing this.

Nick and Bridget talk bout their vows and how they will have to say them again at the next wedding that they have. Bridget points out that they will be saying things like that to each other for the rest of their lives.

The Twins enter the house. At first, they think that they are alone and they discuss their anxiety over their father being hurt, and the possibility that someone might be skulking around the grounds with the intent of hurting them.

Nick and Bridget watch unseen, and listen to the concerns of the twins, sympathizing with them before opening up and trying to make them feel better.

Ridge is sure that he saw Taylor’s face back at the house. He says that there were men their trying to keep her from him. Eric and Stephanie feel that Ridge is not thinking straight. Thomas tells his father that Taylor has been dead for years, and that the woman that he saw couldn’t have been Taylor. Brooke will have the doctor give him something for his hallucinations. Ridge insists that what he saw wasn’t a hallucination. It was real.

Thomas is visibly upset outside the hospital room. Eric comes to the boy’s aid, trying to assure him that things are only temporary with Ridge, and that things will be better soon. Gabriella comes up to Thomas and Eric and asks how Ridge has been doing. Eric says that things seem like they are going to be fine now.

The twins are concerned that the bad man that was at the wedding might still be around. Nick assures them that there is no one around to hurt them.

Brooke is really concerned about why Ridge is talking this way. Stephanie thinks that this might be a trick and is having fun watching Ridge freak out thinking that he saw Taylor.

Ridge has a moment to himself and he relives the struggle in the part where Taylor was held. The memory is so real to Ridge that he jumps up in the bed. Stephanie and Brooke run to him and realize that he is still worried about Taylor.

The doctor enters to tell that Ridge is fine and that he hasn’t suffered extensive injuries. The doctor learns that Ridge has been hallucinating about his dead wife. The doctor happens to be the doctor that took care of Taylor when she was in the hospital and finally died. Brooke says that Ridge is having a problem believing that Taylor is really dead and that is concerning her. She asks the doctor to confirm that he saw that Taylor was dead and that he signed the death certificate. The doctor remembers the incident. He knows that Taylor died, but he wasn’t the one to sign the death certificate. All in the room are a little horrified to hear this. Ridge jumps up shouting, “That is because she is alive!”

Eric calls Bridget and tells her that everything is fine. Bridget happily reports the news to the twins and Nick. Nick jokes with the twins about him being right about things working out. Bridget freaks out on the phone. “He said WHAT?” Nick senses that something is wrong and instinctively sends the twins out of the room. Bridget ends her call and turns to her groom-to-be. She has some strange news.

At the hospital, Ridge and Brooke are having an argument about Taylor and whether she could be alive or not. Stephanie has heard enough. She asks Brooke to leave the room for a moment. Stephanie turns to Ridge. He is being foolish and she wants this to stop. His rantings are ridiculous and he is hurting his father and his wife with this. Brooke has been visibly upset by what has been said.

Gabriella and Thomas talk in the waiting area about his mother possibly being alive. She is very insightful about what might be going on. She is sure that Ridge is just fine. Eric comes to Gabriella and Thomas and tells them that everything is great. Brooke joins the group and assures Thomas that things are really great, and that he should go home but not tell the twins what Ridge has been saying. Gabriella and Thomas leave. Eric is very curious about what has been going on with Ridge.

Stephanie demands that Ridge let this thing go. Ridge can’t do that. Stephanie understands that Ridge loved Taylor, but some things in life are out of reach and this is one of those things.

Nick finds what Bridget has to say about Ridge’s declarations to be very strange. Nick revisits the incident. Men came by and took off with a woman. They know that is true. That is all that they know. Nick doesn’t want her to worry. It is something that will be figured out in the end. Nick turns to Bridget with another subject. Technically, it is their wedding day. Since the twins are upstairs, they could sneak off and have some alone time. Bridget likes that idea.

Eric and Brooke discuss what Stephanie said earlier about someone having it out for Ridge. Amber isn’t the one, she swore that she was over with this. Morgan is out of the picture too. Eric feels that he knows what the answer to this mystery is.

Thomas arrives at the house to drop Gabriella off. They sit in the car for a moment. Thomas is upset. He hopes that his grandpa is right about Ridge being okay. Gabriella will say a prayer or Ridge. Gabriella still believes in heaven, although she isn’t sure that it is what everyone says it is. She does believe though that there is a place after this, and that their mothers are there. Thomas has a good feeling about his mother in the afterlife. He isn’t sure why. It is time for Gabriella to leave and so she bids Thomas goodnight.

After Gabriella is gone, Thomas sits in his car and remembers the times that he used to have with his mother and family. She was so wise. She made them happy and stopped them from being afraid of the thunder. She said that it was just bowling in heaven. Taylor told the kids that she will always be with them. Although she can’t be with them all the time, her love can still be there. That was cool. Very cool. The family used to huddle together on the floor during storms and joke and play around. Thomas hopes that his mother really in fact is with him.

Stephanie reminds Ridge that he was at Taylor’s funeral. He saw her body and he saw her being put into the ground. Ridge has a momentary flashback at being with Taylor, and looking down at her in the coffin. That is true. She was in the coffin, and that was her body. Ridge is hurt. He knows that his mother is right. Stephanie is sorry to have to hurt him like this. Stephanie says that if anything that he had said could be proven she would go anywhere with Ridge to find her. That isn’t the case though. T hat isn’t the case. Taylor is gone.

Ridge remembers the attack on the woman that he had found at the wedding and he shakes his head in defiance at what his mother had said. In fact at what she almost convinced him of. “No mother. I know what I saw. Taylor is alive. Taylor is alive.”

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