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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/26/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge has gone to see what the noise was during the wedding. There was a scream. Ridge is away form the others staring into the eyes of his dead wife Taylor. He calls her name. A masked man in black holds her captive, with his hand over her mouth. Another masked man hits Ridge over the head with a big planer.  Ridge falls to his knees.

Thorne and Nick arrive in time to see their brother on his knees, about to lose consciousness. They run to him. The masked man, still holding the woman in pink drags her off and escapes while the brothers work together. They woman is trying to scream, but the hand over her mouth prevents her from doing so. The masked man doesn't need more of the guests showing up unannounced. Ridge fights to stay conscious but he can’t get himself up from his kneeling position. He clutches his head in pain. Nick and Thorne get Ridge to his feet and bring him to a safer area where they can lay him out flat on his back. Brooke comes around the corner followed by the guests of the wedding. She sees that Ridge is hurt and hurries to him. She calls to him, but he seems unable to hear her. There is a concern that Ridge might have lost consciousness. Nick calls out to Ridge, but he lies still now with his eyes closed. Hector does first aid on Ridge. Someone has called an ambulance, and they can hear it arriving in the distance. Brooke only wants to know who would do a thing like this. The ambulance attendants arrive at the scene. Suddenly it occurs to Bridget that Ridge might have a concussion. The attendants start monitoring Ridge’s vitals right away. They get a neck brace on him and start an IV for him as well. Ridge starts babbling but no one can understand what he is saying. He wants to communicate, but now is not the time. The attendants have Ridge on the stretcher now and they head out. Brooke would like to go, but then she remembers that this is Bridget’s wedding. She promised to support her daughter no matter what and she realizes that she should probably stay. Nick and Bridget tell Brooke that she has to get out there and be with Ridge. Brooke reluctantly leaves. Nick and Bridget turn to face each other with distress in their eyes. They say nothing to each other, but understand how the other must be feeling. She rushes in to his arms. He comforts her.

The ambulance heads to the hospital with the sirens blaring. Inside the ambulance, Ridge is babbling again. “It can’t be. It can’t be, but I saw her!” Brooke asks him who it was that he saw. Ridge remembers seeing Taylor’s face and that she was in trouble.

Hector also rides in the ambulance and tells Brooke that she should really let Ridge rest.

The twins are upset about what has happened to Ridge. Stephanie tries to make the twins feel better by telling them that their father is going to be alright. They shouldn’t fret. Phoebe asks if Stephanie believes in guardian angels. Stephanie believes in that. Stephanie knows that they are talking about their mother, and Stephanie believes that Taylor is with them. Stephanie tells how she had a friend named Zoey, and her mother died.

Zoey was under a great deal of pressure, and when Stephanie’s mother died, she remembered Zoey and that was what got her through. Stephanie hopes that they will remember this story.

Massimo feels that Amber might be behind this. IT could also be Morgan or even Sheila.

Nick and Bridget go to the priest to ask if they are married yet. The priest says that they are not. Nick and Bridget are sad but they understand. The ceremony wasn’t completed. They try to be strong in light of the news. Bridget sees that what happened today was huge. Nick asks her if she would like to get married the following day. Bridget would like to wait until the next day to see how Ridge is doing. Bridget shows a tough side although she is disappointed.

Rick comes by to see what is going to happen now. He learns that the wedding will be postponed, and heads out to tell the others.

Bridget says that this is a Forrester wedding and they should have expected something to go wrong. Nick remembers Bridget coming out in that dress, and astounding him. Nick takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Thomas is visibly upset. Caitlin is too. Nick and Bridget were so close to being married. Gabriella enters as Caitlin is leaving with her mother. Thomas sees them out the door. Gabriella feels that she is being in the way there. Thomas assures her that she isn’t. Gabriella came with Stephanie and Eric and neither of them is available right now for her. Thomas is fine with spending some time with her and making sure that she gets where she needs to go.

Gabriella sees that he is scared, and she suggests that he goes and be with his father. She offers to go with him. She points out that this way; his grandparents won’t have to worry about transporting her around. Thomas likes that idea.

Ridge arrives at the hospital. He is wheeled into a room and will be monitored every 5 minutes. Brooke is terrified. What does that mean? Brooke looks into Hector’s eyes trying to see if she find an answer to some questions. She tries to follow Ridge into the examination room but she is too slow and the door closes in her face. Why does Ridge have to be monitored every 5 minutes? What does that mean? What exactly is wrong with him? She stops a medic and demands to have an answer.

Massimo is on the phone, and he tries to get news about what happened at the wedding and the night before. Someone will be out to look about the grounds. Thorne and the others are glad to hear that something is going to be done about this. Someone has to answer to what has happened to Ridge.

Bridget is outside alone, still in her wedding gown. She looks around at the decorations and drinks it all in.

Nick comes out and finds Bridget alone and in a more worried state. It was supposed to be so perfect. The best laid plans and all that. This was actually a good deal considering the two families involved. Nick has something to say to her. He looks at his tux, telling her that he doesn’t get dressed up for just any woman. He knows that she worries that maybe he will not get to marry her, or that he really doesn’t want to, but he does. She wants to marry him too. They put their foreheads together, and then kiss. She is suddenly feeling much better about things.

Ridge is in his room in a hospital gown now. He is still unconscious.

Eric and Stephanie arrive and demand to know what the prognosis is for Ridge. The doctor says that they have to wait to see what state Ridge’s CAT scan is going to be in, in order to get a better reading on what is going on inside his head. The doctor leaves. Brooke tells Eric and Stephanie that there was a prowler on the grounds the night before, and that this was no accident. Someone was after Ridge. Two incidents of this type happening at the same time is too much of a coincidence.

Thomas comes running into the room to see his father. He is glad to be there. Ridge immediately speaks when he realizes that his son is in the room. “Thomas! Upon hearing his father call for him, Thomas rushes to the side of the bed. “She is here. I have to find her.” Ridge tries to get up from the bed. He looks pathetic really. He can’t even open his eyes as he tries to prop himself up. Brooke gently pushes him back down to a lying position. Thomas hasn’t got a clue what is going on, but he senses that something important is going on, and so he remains quiet and watches.

Ridge continues. “I saw her. I saw her.” Stephanie takes the bait asking the question that they all would like to ask. “Who. Who did you see Ridge?” Ridge answers quietly. “Taylor”. Brooke’s mouth drops open. She looks at her husband as if a snake had bitten her.

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