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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/25/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

The wedding is taking place. Bridget turns the corner and her eyes meet with Nick’s. Eric appears behind Bridget and she takes his arm. He tells her that she is the most beautiful woman today. She is already crying. She has been waiting all her life for this.

The pair continue up the aisle. Once at the front, Eric tells Nick to take care as Bridget is very special. Then he hands Bridget over to Nick. Off in the distance, there is a ‘guest’ that is watching from a hidden area. She is dressed in pink. She has a pink veil covering her eyes. She wrings and wrings her hands as she watches the ceremony.

Sally is dressed like a sea captain. She plans on going to the wedding although she hasn’t been invited. Clarke warns her against that.

Nick and Bridget share a few quiet words before the wedding ceremony starts. He says quiet encouraging words to her. They are almost married now; they are almost there. The priest welcomes everyone as the music stops. Bridget turns to her mother who stands behind her and passes off her bouquet. Brooke is very glad to be there for her daughter on this very special day. Brooke has made a decision to make today all about Bridget, and no one else, and she will keep that promise and support this marriage always. The ceremony continues now that everyone is ready for it to start. “…It is not only for their union that we bless this day, but also for the coming together of their families… we celebrate the journey on which you are about to embark.” Nick and Bridget smile quietly as they look into each other’s eyes. They look as if they have a secret, and no one else knows anything about it.

Sally is in her get up as sea captain. She would really like to crash the Forrester high couture wedding of the year. No one would recognize her for sure. She even wears a moustache and a captain’s hat. She reads about the marriage in the paper.

The woman hiding in the bushes watching the wedding looks up at Ridge, then Thomas, and then the twins. A tear falls down her face. Next, the quiet stranger looks over at Stephanie.

Rick and Stephanie have a part in the wedding. Rick starts with his reading after the priest introduces him. Rick talks about Withering Heights and how Bridget loves the story. Rick reads from the book, “…if all else perishes and I remain? I will continue to be…He is always, always in my mind.”

Stephanie reads next. She reads something by E. Cummings. “Your eyes have their silence…In your gesture there are things that enclose me…Your slightest look will easily unclose me…You always open, petal by petal…I do not know what it is about you that closes me, only something in me understands…Nobody, not even the rain has such small hands.”

Nick takes a moment to whisper to his bride that she is doing real good. They are almost there. Rick and Stephanie did wonderful, and the passages that they read were really meaningful. The priest has never seen a couple more in love than Nick and Bridget. Even he is touched by the feelings that he can sense between the two. Nick tells the priest that he never will see a couple more in love than he and Bridget.

Clarke says that Sally has butted heads with the Forrester’s enough. Sally is fascinated that the Marones and the Forresters are getting together. Sally knows that marrying Nick will give her a wonderful life.

It is time for the ‘I do’s’. Bridget agrees to the vows first. She can hardly hold back the tears that come to her eyes. Bridget has something to say first. The couple has chosen to say special words to each other on their very special day. “People always asks when was the first time that you fell in love with someone. Suddenly, you realize that the man that you are standing with is more important than the air that you breathe. You realize that you can touch him and be with him all day, everyday for the rest of your life. In that same moment, you realize that he feels the same way about you too, without having to say a word. But I am saying it now. This is my vow to you. Before God and our family and our friends. You, Nick Marone are my one true love, and I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Nick responds with a ‘Wow’. It is tough for him to talk now. He too looks like he might be tearing up at the words that his new bride has just spoken to him. “I think that truth is in your eyes. I think of what you mean to everyone, as a daughter, and a sister, and a friend. I see that I have the most precious cargo on earth, your heart. I am becoming your guardian and protector. A poet, I am not, but when I look in your eyes, I know that I can be the best husband, and the best father that I can be.” Nick turns to the audience and makes a scary face at them. “If anyone doubts that, I will come after them.” The crowd laughs at the little joke in the middle of the ceremony. Nick now looks back to Bridget. “I will always love you. Now and forever. That is my vow.” It is time for the rings. Bridget turns to her mother and gets Nick’s ring from Brooke. Nick turns to his brother and gets Bridget’s ring from Ridge.  The priest continues. “A wedding ring is a special bond…”

The woman watching secretly in pink continues to stare at the bodies at the top of the aisle. When the priest starts talking about the meaning of a wedding ring, the woman starts wringing her hands even more.

The hair suddenly goes up on the back of Ridge’s neck. He feels like there is something strange in the air. He instinctively looks behind him, but sees nothing strange. Just the guests enjoying the wedding. The wedding is almost over now. Nick and Bridget say a couple more sentences before the priest is about to announce that they are “…man and…” The priest doesn’t get to finish his sentence. There is a muffled scream from the back. Everyone freezes. What was that? Ridge offers to go and find out what the noise is all about. Ridge rushes to the back where the foliage is thicker. Someone must be back there and possibly in trouble. Ridge turns a corner near the house, and finds a terrible sight.

A man dressed in black, and wearing a ski mask is holding a woman dressed in pink, and wearing a veil over her face. Ridge comes up behind the man who is holding the woman by the throat in a threatening manner. When Ridge jumps on him from behind, the man continues to hold on to the woman. The man turns his body towards Ridge, forcing the woman to turn to face Ridge too. Ridge stands stunned before the two. Not sure how what he is looking at could be. He tries to fathom what he is witnessing and even as he speaks, he knows that he must sound crazy. “Taylor?”

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