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By Glynis
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Bridget is in her room getting ready for the big day.  When the phone rings she is happy to see that it is Nick on the phone. He tells her that he wants to see her and teases that he is waiting out back in a car for her.

She knows that he isn't, and believes that despite his pretending not to like all these rules about weddings, he is really loving all of this. The two flirt around a bit more before Nick tells her that he will see her at the alter.

Nick tries to decide which bow tie will go best with his tux and settles on one that his buddies at Chuck's gave him. Ridge arrives at the Shady Marlin just in just in time to explain that a beer soaked tie isn't really appropriate for the occasion. He helps his brother put the right tie on and reminds him that he is only doing this for Bridget. It is obvious that the two are putting out a good effort to get a long and have a good time today.

As Bridget continues to get ready, there is a knock at the door. Rick enters and hugs his sister, glad to see her on her big day. It is the first time that Bridget has seen her brother in a long time. She heard that he was back, but hadn’t seen him till now. Brooke peeks into the room, loving seeing her daughter and son together in a familial embrace. They have always been close, and they have always leaned on each other. She has a beautiful family, and she likes to be reminded of that with moments like these. She looks on at them adoringly. She is going to make sure that the family is the kind that it should be from now on. Bridget’s wedding will be the start of that. Massimo is the next to enter Bridget’s room. He is there to give her a special welcome to the family. To him, she has always been family, and now it will be official. He gives Bridget an heirloom that has been in his family for many, many years. She can't believe the gift. She loves it.

Stephanie, Gabriella and Eric arrive for the wedding and are entranced by the decorations for the wedding. Thomas finds Gabriella with Eric and Stephanie and he steals her away to have her help him get some flowers out of the pool.

Ridge and Nick arrive and they share a strained glance. Massimo greets his son Nick and tells him that he should have no doubts about this wedding. Nick is only to focus on his beautiful bride.

Jackie and Brooke look on at the guests from the patio. Jackie decides that she will in fact support this marriage. Brooke is glad to hear that.

Bridget hears a knock at the door. She asks who it is. Ridge is at the door with a special delivery for Bridget. He brings the gown that Brooke chose for her off the rack at Forrester. He lets her know that he did have it altered to be tailor fit for her. She thanks him for taking care of the dress for her with such short notice. She already has her veil on with her robe, and her makeup has been completely. The dress is jus the finishing touch. Ridge worries that he may have stopped Bridget from finding true happiness in the past. That worries him. That wasn’t his intent. She is fine now, and if that is because of Nick, then maybe he isn’t that bad after all. Ridge isn’t ready to let her go. He is used to having her around. That is what is great about family. No matter where they go, they will always be family. They share a hug. Bridget wipes her eyes, as she tries to stop tears that will definitely ruin her makeup.

Jackie goes to her son, telling him how handsome he looks. He knows that Nick and Bridget together are going to look stunning. Nick is glad to see that his mother has turned her attitude around. She gives him her blessing.

Thorne, Ridge and Darla discuss the prowler that was near the house the night before. They have heard nothing more on that subject.

Eric and Massimo discuss how their children are getting married, and they are now going to be connected, and should really put their differences aside. For the children. Both agree that it is time to put their problems away.

Nick is off walking and he finds Hope dressed for the wedding, alone in the yard. He gets Hope to practice her Flower Girl walk for him. She walks along throwing her petals as she goes. Brooke comes over and smiles at the display that Hope puts on for Nick. They really have a special relationship. She sends Hope off to join the others so that she can have a moment with Nick. Nick tells Brooke hat she has done a great job with Hope in a very short time. She is going to be something else, just like her mother. As they talk alone in the corner of the yard, Jackie passes by unseen. She sees Nick and Brooke together and can’t help wonder what they may be talking about. She continues to peer at them through the bars of the gate.

Eric comes looking for Bridget to give her the dress that he stayed up all night sewing. He lays the dress down outside the room and enters. At first he can’t find her in her room and worries. Bridget comes out of the bathroom in the gown that Ridge brought her. He hides his disappointment well, and doesn't tell her of the dress that he made for her.

She is the most beautiful bride that she could ever be. That is not because of the dress that she is wearing. It is because of her. She has this wonderful Inner Light. Eric has been dragging his feet accepting the wedding, and that is because Eric has been unable to really look at Bridget as a woman, and not a girl. Now she is going to be a married woman. She assures Eric that she will always be his little girl. They hug.

Meagan arrives at the wedding and sits in a chair. The men beside her can’t keep their eyes off her. That puts her off, but that doesn’t stop them from looking.

Ridge learns that Bridget is fine. Eric tells him that Bridget is really nervous, but that is typical of brides now isn’t it? Ridge realizes that Eric had designed a dress for her and that Eric didn't tell her about the dress. Eric tells him not to worry about it, the dress she is wearing is perfect on her. Ridge knows that Eric is disappointed, and insists that Bridget would want to wear the dress that Eric designed instead.

Brooke is with her daughter in her room. This is the best day of Bridget’s life. She is ready to marry Nick. Everyone is getting along great. Stephanie smiles at Bridget as she talks about family and love in the family. Stephanie says that the family is a great success because of Bridget. Bridget never understood why Brooke and Stephanie fought hard for the man that they love, but now she understands.

She loves her two role models getting together and working things out. She sees that Brooke and Stephanie are really family now because of the things that they have been through. Brooke knows that is true, and she hugs Stephanie to prove it. Stephanie knows that they have to get going. She says that Eric stayed up all night to design her dress and he should get to see Bridget in it. Bridget says that Eric wasn’t the one that designed this dress. The three women realize that she is supposed to wear another dress.

Nick, Ridge and Rick stand at the front waiting for Bridget to appear. “What is keeping her?”

Bridget is ready. Eric looks at Bridget and realizes that she has his dress on. He beams with pride and is happy to see her ready. He finds her beautiful. She says that she wouldn’t be seen wearing a dress that he hadn’t made for her. The music starts. Stephanie is the first one to arrive and walk down the aisle.

There is a figure dressed in pink that is on the patio wearing a hat with a veil on it. She peers at Ridge and Nick who are standing side by side.

Brooke walks down the aisle next.

After Brooke, Hope does her bit with the flower petals.

Suddenly, Bridget appears. She is beautiful in white with the green foliage behind her, making her stand out.

Eric slowly appears from behind her, and Bridget takes his arm. They take a few steps and stop. Nick is watching her, and the breath seems to leave his body at the sight of her. Bridget meets his gaze and smiles back knowingly.

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