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At the house, Bridget learns from Stephanie that Gabriella has been very depressed. Bridget gives permission to have Gabriella at her wedding. Bridget will ask her to come to make her more comfortable with the idea. They discuss Brooke setting up the wedding. Bridget has been nothing but happy lately. This Is a new chapter for her, and a new beginning for the Forresters. Bridget tells how Brooke will be the Matron of Honor. This will be Bridget’s way of showing that the Marones and the Forresters can get alone. Bridget asks Stephanie if she would mind being a part of the wedding party. She really would like to have the woman there. Stephanie would be honored to help. Everything is coming together. Ridge is back at Forrester, and back home. The Forresters really have nothing to worry about.

Jackie comes to visit Brooke and sees that the place is ready for the wedding the next day. Brooke can’t hide how happy she is for Bridget. Jackie loves Bridget, but she is not Brooke. Brooke is not happy with this line of thinking. Jackie says that there are going to be ramifications for everyone if this wedding takes place. Jackie wants her son to have everything that the has ever wanted. Brooke points out that Nick wants Bridget now. Jackie wants Brooke to remember what she and nick shared once. Jackie just finds that Brooke can’t make her way to Nick because of her obsession with Ridge. Jackie has to point out the problems that Brooke has always had with Ridge. The things that Brooke shared with Nick are just memories. Brooke knows that her future is with Ridge and not with Nick. Jackie reminds her that if she lets this happen, she will be giving up Nick forever.

Nick is hard at work on the boat. He is at his desk doing some paperwork to get things out of the way for the wedding the next day. He is contemplating the next day and the wedding that is going to occur. Rick arrives at Nick’s boat and enters to see the man. They haven’t touched base in a while, and this seems as good a time to have a chat with Nick as ever. He finds the man sitting at his desk at work. Nick rises to greet the man, a little surprised at this particular visitor being there. Last he heard, Nick was off working and wouldn’t be around for a while.

Rick says hi, and then asks quickly, “What is this I hear about you marrying my sister?” Nick pauses at the question, not sure if it was meant in a friendly fashion or not. Nick says how he has been setting up the wedding and trying to get Ridge as best man for the occasion. Rick agrees to stand up as well for the wedding.

Stephanie tells Bridget that she has turned into a great young woman. She lived around a mother that had a lot of scandal around her and yet Bridget still managed to turn out to be a great person. Bridget only sees that they are all blessed, and that is sometimes hard to remember. She has had a lot of things go right for her in the past. That is all because of Nick. Bridget is not insecure and doubtful anymore. Stephanie can see that Bridget is very happy. She knows that the girl is relieved to not be competing with her mother anymore.

Brooke hates that Jackie is bringing up this issue about her relationship with Nick at this point. The wedding is the next day. Jackie knows that the time that Nick spent with Brooke was magical. Marriage means everything to Nick. When he commits himself to Bridget, that will mean that he is committed forever. That will be it. There will not be any going back.

Brooke allows her mind to drift into the past when she spent time with Nick. They would walk on the beach; row boats on the water; have romantic dinners; sightsee while only seeing each other…

Jackie can see that Brooke remembers the good times with Nick. Although Brooke has her back to the woman, Jackie can tell that she has struck something in Brooke that Brooke has kept hidden all this time. Brooke fights to hide the smile from her face as she remembers the fun that she used to have with Nick. He is so different from Ridge in some ways. Jackie implores Brooke to do something about her feelings if she has any left for Nick. She hopes that Brooke won’t let this go on, that she will at least have a look at the future and how it will be if this marriage happens. She would like Brooke to do something about this wedding if she can, this very night.

Brooke tells Jackie to go. She has heard enough. Jackie might not like the idea of the wedding, but Brooke does. Jackie says that she only wants Brooke to see that she can’t run away from this. Brooke reminds Jackie that she is married to Ridge and has a beautiful family. Brooke is sure that nothing is going to go wrong with the marriage. Nick is one of a kind, and that is why Brooke is sure that Bridget is the right woman for him.

Ridge enters the house, asking if everything is alright. Brooke says that she only wanted to clear up a few things with Jackie. Jackie assured her that everything was fine now. She leaves.

Ridge asks if everything is alright. Brooke says that there were a few things that she had to clear up, and that has been done now.

Rick comes to see his grandmother. She greets him and they discuss Bridget and her marriage. Rick thinks about all the things that Bridget had to go through. Rick looked after her, but after a while, Bridget grew up and didn’t want to have his advice anymore. Rick sees that Bridget is finally happy, and Rick hopes that things will finally be great for her.

Ridge can’t help thinking that something happened with Jackie just now. Brooke says that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom were just smoothing things out. Brooke reveals that she knows that Ridge has agreed to be the Best Man at the wedding.

Ridge is glad that she is happy with that decision. Ridge offers to set things up for them upstairs for a night of wonderful lovemaking. He heads upstairs.

Brooke sets about shutting off the lights and blowing out the candles before heading upstairs with Ridge. As she reaches the patio window, she lets out a scream. “Ridge!”

Outside the window, on the patio is a man dressed in black. He has a ski mask on, and he is looking into the house, right at Brooke. He has a rope which has been tied to the banister and he is clearly an intruder there.

Ridge rushes to his wife and he sees someone rushing off into the night. He goes to the patio and watches as the man hopes the wall an escapes. They have no idea what the man wanted.

Nick is alone at his desk working.

Bridget comes up to Nick and puts her hand on his eyes from behind. Blinding him for a moment. He knows immediately who it is. She is breaking all the rules. This is bad luck to see the expected spouse before the wedding. Who cares? She straddles him in his chair and kisses him clearly with the intention of taking things farther.

Ridge has to do something. He goes to the phone. Brooke says that this is really strange, especially after the phone call with the woman screaming. Ridge knew nothing about that. Ridge thinks that maybe it is just the paparazzi trying to get dirt on the wedding.

Ridge dials the phone. He will get the security in on this and see if they have any idea who that might be, or if anyone can shed some light on this.

Nick and Bridget have just made love in his bed, on the boat. They are exhausted and hot and sweaty, but wouldn’t have things any other way if they could. He dreams of the day before them. They will have the wedding and then things will move on from there. She worries what she will need to pack for the honeymoon. He tells her that she needs nothing. All she will need is suntan lotion. She asks him where they are going. He tells her that isn’t important. All that is important is that they are going to be together. She likes the sound of that. It has been a great day. They have sorted out all their problems with family, and everyone is on board for their union. With that said, the happy couple decides to make love for the last time as single people. Nick grabs her and pulls her under the yellow, floral comforter.

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