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By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Nick and Bridget are together rejoicing. They have done it. They have Eric’s approval for their wedding. Bridget hopes that Ridge will come around as well. Nick doubts that. Ridge has special issues, but Bridget is sure that Ridge will get over them. Bridget adds Ridge to her list of things that have to be taken care of. Bridget would like to stay with Nick for a while, but she has so much to do before the wedding. Nick drags her to the couch for a little making out. Meagan opens the door and walks in shocked. She offers to leave, but Nick and Bridget apologize telling her that they don’t have to go. Meagan walks out offering to make a ‘do not disturb’ sign for them. Nick and Bridget decide that they really should get moving. They have so much to do before the next day. Bridget only wants to get Ridge’s support so that the families will be together in a very real way. Bridget leaves. Nick falls exhausted face down on the couch.

Brooke is at the house getting ready for the wedding. She orders the staff around to get things done.

Rick enters the house and greets his mother. He heard about Bridget’s wedding and wonders if the girl is pregnant. Brooke says nothing like that has happened. Bridget is just in love. Brooke is fine with the wedding and wants to make things as special as possible. Bridget is not rebelling and Nick is not on the rebound. Rick was looking for Bridget but she had some things to do. Brooke has offered to take care of everything for Bridget. That is what Bridget deserves and that is what she is going to get.

Ridge is at work. He rubs his head from working too hard. In the doorway, Nick peers in slowly and cautiously. He knows that he and his brother haven’t been getting along all that great, so he is careful about how he may be received. They get along great for the most part, but this thing about Bridget has really put them at odds. “Ahem”. Ridge looks up and is surprised to find Nick in the doorway. This is the last person that he wishes to speak to at this time. “What is it?” Nick wonders if Ridge has some time for him. Nick has a playful smile on his face, one that Nick hopes will lure Ridge into listening to what he has to say about his upcoming marriage. Ridge says that that he might talk with the man, depending on what it is that Nick wants to talk about with him.

Brooke gives orders for the furniture to be moved out into the garden. That is when Bridget enters. She can’t believe the trouble that Brooke has been going to for the wedding. Bridget hasn’t been up to anything like this, and she is the bridge for heaven’s sake. She looks around incredulously. She didn’t mean to have everyone go to all this trouble. The staff scurry around like rats in a maze. When Bridget hears that Rick is in the house, she tries to rush off, but her mother stops her. Bridget is dying to see her brother. She hasn’t been around him for some time now. She would like to have a moment with Bridget. This has been her moment to make up for what she has been to her daughter in the past. She will support her daughter 100% in this marriage. Bridget is fine with that, but would like Ridge to do the same. She would just like to have a little acceptance, and feels that is not too much to ask from him.

Nick and Ridge get into it about why Nick is really there. Ridge has been getting his memory back, and it has really been difficult for him to remember which memories were long ago, and which ones were more recent. That seems to be the explanation for the outburst that he had with Nick the last time that they spoke. He felt that the thing with Bridget was something that just recently happened, and it infuriated him. Now that some time has past, he is realizing that the issue with Nick and Bridget had already been dealt with. He doesn’t agree with the Nick and Bridget pairing, but he sees now that it isn’t as big a deal as he thought. He isn’t apologizing for the way that he has been acting, but just explaining that the thing about Bridget felt like it just came up in all their lives. Nick understands. Ridge feels that there is nothing else that they have to talk about, but Nick isn’t finished. Nick has something for Ridge. He gives the man a cigar. That is tradition. You are supposed to give a person a cigar when you are asking him to be your best man. Ridge peers at the cigar between his fingers.

Brooke tells Bridget that she canít like Ridgeís feelings get in the way. Bridget wants the wedding to bring the family together, and that has been working with the both of them. Bridget has been living in her motherís shadow, and she always thought that she would have to compete with her mother. Brooke is sorry for that. Things have changed though. Nick has changed Bridget, and she didnít expect that, and here they are. Bridget is glad to have her mother supporting her and taking care of her. All the bad things are in the past now. Bridget has put away her insecurities, and the competitions that they used to have.

Brooke wants that too. Bridget is stepping out of her motherís shadow, and yet she wants her mother there beside her most of all. She asks her mother to be her Matron of Honor. Brooke finds that an incredible request.

Ridge finds that Nick is out of his mind to ask Ridge to be his best man. It would have been easier for Nick to ask Massimo to do it, but Nick thought that Ridge would be a better choice. Ridge says that Nick really doesn’t want him at the wedding. Nick might not, but Bridget wants Ridge there. Nick knows that Ridge cares for Bridget, and he is a father when it comes to the family. Feelings that strong should be able to overcome anything, even Ridge’s feelings for Nick. This is a chance to bring the families together. Ridge is the one that should be standing up for them at the wedding. Bridget would love that more than anything. That would be an incredible gift. What is Ridge going to say? Will he be the best man?

Ridge is at work. He is looking over some designs. He sees something that triggers a feeling. Meagan comes into the office and brings Ridge some files that he needed. She stops for a moment and discusses having him back in the office like before. She says that she saw Nick and Bridget making out in the outer officer earlier. She is really happy for Bridget and the good luck that she has had with Nick.

Meagan feels that Nick is one of the greatest guys that she has ever met. Ridge dismisses her. Once alone again, Ridge leans back in his chair and thinks to himself about all this.

Bridget can see that Brooke doesn’t want to be the Matron of Honor at the wedding. Brooke worries what people will be thinking if they see Brooke, Bridget and Nick together at the altar. Bridget has no cares for what people think. Her mother was the one that taught Bridget about confidence and trusting her heart. Brooke loved Ridge and she got what she wanted in the end. Now it is Bridget’s turn and she wants to share her confidence with her mother. If Brooke stands up for Bridget, then there will be nothing for anyone to talk about. Brooke has been supporting her daughter 100%. Brooke decides to be the girl’s Matron of Honor. She will do it. Bridget goes to her mother and hugs her.

Nick enters the room, and has to wonder what Brooke and Bridget are always hugging. He learns that Brooke is going to be the Matron of Honor. Nick likes that idea, as Ridge has decided to be the Best man. The phone rings. Brooke answers the phone, and hears nothing. She says hello again, and she hears a woman screaming.

Somewhere at a phone booth in town, a phone lies dangling and swinging from its cradle.

Brooke continues to listen for more sounds to find out what this is all about, but she hears nothing else. She hangs up the phone.

Nick and Bridget are waiting for an explanation as to what has just happened. Brooke tells them that all she heard was a woman screaming, but then the screaming ended, and there was nothing there. Nick and Bridget think nothing about this. They haven’t any time. They have to get things ready for their wedding.

Brooke watches them as they kiss. Still, her mind travels back to the phone call that she just received, and thoughts about what that call might have been about.

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