B&B Tuesday Update 4/19/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/19/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Nick and Bridget are kissing on his boat, in his room. They talk about their marriage. Bridget knows that when she walks down the aisle, all her fears and insecurities will be gone. Nick feels that they should marry the next day. Bridget finds that to be crazy, however her mother said that they could marry in her house. They have to make a list, but first they have to get dressed. That is going to be hard, as Nick can’t keep his hands off her. They start kissing again.

Ridge is hard at work when his father comes in. Eric loves to see Ridge right where he belongs. Here he is at the office doing exactly what God intended him to do. Ridge is doing a nice job. Eric has some ideas to make the design better. That is the way that Ridge likes things. He likes Eric hovering over him. Eric loves working with Ridge. Ridge wasn’t really expected to start back at work right away. Ridge would love to loll around but he has things on his mind. Ridge shows Eric the cover of the latest magazine. It has a picture of Bridget and Nick on it. Ridge is angry that of all the men in the world, Bridget has picked Nick.

Nick is furiously working on cleaning his place up. He has a lot to take care of and very little time in which to do it in. The place is a mess. The music is blaring. Massimo enters the room and finds his son hard at work cleaning his place up. Nick is glad that he is there. Nick has something to discuss with the man. Jackie enters the room as well unannounced. She wanted to visit with Nick, but she will come back another time to speak with him and have a mother/son chat. Nick stops her from leaving as she hurries to make her way out.

He has something to say to his parents and he would like to say it to both of them at the same time. He starts by saying that he hasn’t much time.

Ridge finds that Bridget has been through enough, and now she is marrying a man that she doesn’t deserves. Eric and Ridge agree that Nick only has eyes for Brooke.

Bridget enters knowing that Ridge and Eric are talking about her. She tells the men to get with it. She is going to marry Nick the following day, and she is going to do it in Ridge’s house. Bridget has had this dream a thousand times.

Now she has a face for her groom. Nick is the face that she will be marrying tomorrow. Ridge will not accept this. He walks out. Eric goes to Bridget asking her to think about this before she jumps in any further. He knows that in time there will be problems. That upsets Bridget. She hates that Ridge and Eric hasn’t given her their vote of confidence. Eric feels that Nick is not the kind of man that Bridget thinks that he is. Bridget disagrees. She says that Nick will prove them all wrong at the wedding the following day.

Nick tells his parents the good news of his upcoming nuptials. Massimo is overjoyed at this. He gives his son a bear hug in congratulations. He had always hoped that the woman of Nick’s dreams would come to him soon enough, and here she is. Massimo is overjoyed at the news. Jackie on the other hand isn’t so thrilled an it shows. She questions whether this is the right choice for Nick. Nick assures he that he has made the right decision. Nick says that he will marry the following day, in the afternoon and that they are all invited. Massimo jokes about the timing on this. Massimo says that he should marry Bridget in the morning so that the girl won’t change her mind. Jackie makes a face at hearing that. Massimo wants to hear no negativity on this matter. Massimo has a lot to do to get his son ready for the wedding the following day. Massimo runs off. Jackie never thought that this is what she would be hearing from her son when he asked her to come over today. She isn’t’ so sure that this is good news. She finds that he is just running away. Jackie says that Nick is just running away from Brooke and running to Bridget because of it.

Jackie demands that Nick confirm that he isn’t just running from Brooke by doing this. Nick is sick of hearing about Brooke. Jackie understands that. She will make him discuss this. Nick has a scar that is never going to heal. Nick has contemplated sailing out to sea many times. That has changed now. He has found someone that will be with him in the long haul. That means family to him. He remembers how he was when he thought that he was going to be a father. Nick hid everything and suppressed everything and he will not do that anymore. Nick will have a life now with Bridget, and Nick is happy to have the girl. Jackie says that everyone deserves a second chance. Bridget is giving Nick that. Jackie will support him if that is what he really wants. She wants him to be happy for a change. She finally gives him the congratulations that he has been waiting for.

Bridget understands Eric’s feelings, but this is a new beginning, for everyone. Eric finds her to sound like an adolescent. Bridget feels that her marriage will put all the bad things behind them. She has faith and she wishes that Eric would give her his blessings. Eric will not give Bridget the blessings that she begs so hard for. First he has to be sure that Nick is going to be the man that Bridget believes that he is going to be.

Nick has walked into the room and he has heard the tail end of this conversation. He demands to know what it is that Eric needs to be assured of. He wants those questions directed at him and not towards his beautiful bride to be. Nick knew that he would have to deal with Eric and he is ready for it.

Nick is ready to have a talk with Eric about his relationship. Eric is ready for the talk too. Nick has been thinking about being in Eric’s shoes. What is it like to be the father of an extraordinary daughter. He has to let go one day and let her follow her own dreams, and that is scary. Nick says that Bridget is the kind of person that can face the world head on. Nick knows that Eric doesn’t know him yet. Nick has been a drifter that doesn’t know a lot about family life. Nick can’t assure Eric that he will be the one that will be a perfect husband, but he knows who he is and he knows who he is not. He will not be wondering what he has been missing all his life. He refuses to miss a thing. Nick wants to see Bridget’s face at sunset, and he will do anything to make Bridget happy. He is determined and committed. He is in love with Bridget. Bridget walks to Nick. She hopes that Eric will see what they have together. Eric loves his daughter. He trusts her, and he would like to see her happy. He gives his wishes of happiness to both Nick and Bridget. They smile up at him. Eric leaves the room, but not before turning to look at the happy couple once more. A smile comes to his lips at the sight of them.

Eric goes to Meagan who is looking at a magazine. He asks Meagan for the magazine. He is going to use it for inspiration. He is going to design the most incredible gown of the year for a wedding and what a wedding it is going to be. Eric looks at the cover of the magazine that he holds in his hands. He looks at the beautiful picture of the newest couple in town.

Out at a newsstand, someone with gloves on and a heavy coat picks up the magazine with the picture of Nick and Bridget on it. The stranger stares at the picture for a moment, and then tears it slowly to shreds.

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