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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/18/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Bridget is in tears after what she has heard. She is alone, and listening to Nick tell Brooke that he loves her and always will. Brooke isn’t sure that she heard Nick right and when asked he repeats that he loves her and always will. Bridget is devastated, and cries alone outside the door.

Gabriella is starting to feel better but the family is still worried about her and how she has been dealing with her mother’s sudden death. Gabriella never expected anything like this to happen. Her mother was young and vibrant. She goes about her business in the house, trying to put on a happy face.

Thomas feels for Gabriella and knows what she is going through. More than anyone else, he knows what it is like to lose a mother, and not just a mother, but one that is truly beautiful and lovely inside.

Caitlin sees the hurt in his face. She is sure that Gabriella will be fine. She seems to be doing much better. Thomas knows much better, and decides that he can’t leave her alone right now. Caitlin is crestfallen when she hears this.

Bridget continues to listen to Nick and Brooke. Nick is pouring his heart out to Brooke in a way that Bridget isn’t sure is indicative of his love for her being more important than the love that he has for her mother. He is saying that he will always be there for Brooke, and he will always love her. What he says sounds like something that he might say to someone that he loves someone like Bridget. She is confused. While secretly listening, she draws a breath while crying. It comes out louder than she expected. Inside, Nick and Brooke hear the noise and turn to the cabin door. They wonder who could be listening to their very private conversation. Worry comes to their faces. Bridget enters the room, coming down the cabin stairs with tears streaming down her face. Nick is concerned at first, and then he smiles at Bridget in a reassuring manner. He is sure that this must have to do with something else besides his conversation with Brooke just now. Bridget tells her mother and Nick about the conversation that she had with Ridge and how he will not accept her marriage to Nick. That upset her to no end. Ridge is bent on refusing to accept the marriage. Nick promises her that Ridge’s feelings are unfounded. Both Nick and Brooke promise Bridget that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to their getting back together. Brooke knows that she made a terrible mistake in the past with her affair with Nick. Brooke promises to be the biggest fan ever of theirs. Bridget thanks her mother for her reassurance. They hug. Bridget is smiling now. Her fears have been erased. She thanks Nick as well for making her so happy. She is positive now that there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to marrying Nick.

Gabriella is alone on the patio looking out at the view. She is crying now as she thinks of her mother and the way that they used to be together. She sings a Spanish song to comfort herself as the tears stream down her face. She can hardly keep her voice straight.

Thomas finds Gabriella and listens to her singing. She finally breaks down, but has no idea yet that she is not alone. He speaks. He wants to know about the song. He understands some of what she is singing about.

She was singing about a woman that was a gem. Thomas knows that this is about Helen. Gabriella breaks down and Thomas lets her cry on his shoulder.

Bridget is alone smiling and thinking to herself.

Nick enters the cabin to be with her. It is going to be a windy night. She is a little beat up looking. Nick can see that she has really been through it with Ridge. Nick wants her to be sure that things are going to be okay. Bridget says that she was thinking about Nick looking her mother in the eye, and telling her that he wants to be with her. That has never happened before. A man never chose Bridget over her mom before. Nick says that he chose Bridget because he loves her. They hug. This is the safest that she has felt in a long time.

Ridge is talking to Eric who shares his view that Bridget deserves better than Nick. Ridge has another reason for bringing his father over there. He shows Eric a design that he did.

It is of a black and gold gown. Ridge did it that morning because he felt inspired. Eric feels that this is the best work that Ridge has done in years. Ridge bestows it upon Eric. Ridge would rather call it his job application instead of a gift though. Ridge’s memory loss has showed him that he has been away from Forrester for far too long. He would like to come back soon if Eric would let him. Eric is happy with that, and they decide that Ridge will start back at work right away. The men hug.

Brooke enters the house and finds Eric and Ridge hugging and celebrating Ridge’s return to work. Brooke is happy to hear that, but she would like to talk about something.

Eric takes the design and leaves the house.

Ridge sees that he is in for it as Brooke’s face isn’t a happy one. Brooke tells Ridge that his feelings about Nick and Bridget are things that have been dealt with already and that everyone else has moved on from this. Because Ridge has just gotten his memory back, he feels that this is something that is very important now, but Brooke struggles to show him differently. Brooke wants Ridge to accept Nick’s marriage to Bridget. Ridge disagrees. He feels that the only marriage that Nick wants is one with Brooke. Brooke will not listen to this. She disagrees entirely with Ridge on this matter. Ridge is sorry to hear that. If Brooke really believes that, then she is going to be in for a disappointment as well as Bridget.

Brooke was skeptical before, but not now. She believes that Nick will be a devoted love to Bridget, but Ridge will not give the man the chance. Brooke tells Ridge that Nick is part of the reason why their marriage has been so successful thus far. She bets Ridge to embrace the marriage. She knows that this would be good for all their sakes. She begs Ridge to change. Since this means that much to Logan, Ridge offers to try.

Nick and Bridget are still hugging on his boat. She wonders what she did to deserve someone like Nick. Nick has to laugh at that. He feels that he won out and got the Belle of the Ball. Bridget always thought that the Belle of the Ball was always her mother.

In the past, the press would always knock Bridget over to get to her mother for a picture. Bridget thought that she had won a man for herself with Deacon, but no matter what he said to her, it was her mother that he really loved. She overheard them talking once. The tears come back now. When she heard Nick talking to her mother earlier, she almost stopped breathing. Then she heard Nick saying that he loved her more than he loved Brooke. Nick takes her into his arms now. He tells her that his is what it is like to feel safe. She is crying, but it is a cry of joy. He warns her that she has to believe in him, and believe that she has him over her mother. No more looking over her shoulder. She has to hold on to that. No one can ever tell her differently now. They will be together for the rest of their lives, and beyond. They will be traveling now together forever. Bridget has to admit that things are already going too fast, but she doesn’t want any of it to stop. He kisses her lips. Gently at first, and then more and more passionately. He moves her to the couch, and places her down gently. Their feelings are so deep for each other and they start the fire in their hearts with even more expressions of their love for one another.

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