B&B Friday Update 4/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/15/05



By Camille

Ridge tells Bridget that Nick is all wrong for her. She only thinks that she is in love with him. Bridget says that she is happy and in love. Ridge says once again it is with a man her mother was involved with. Bridget thinks that that is the real problem and the reason for Ridge?s opposition to the relationship, the fact that Brooke and Nick were involved. Ridge thinks that Nick took advantage of Bridget when she was at her most vulnerable, that?s what he always does. She?s heading for heartache. Ridge isn?t trying to hurt her, he?s only trying to keep her from getting hurt the way Nick hurt Brooke. He reminds her of Puerto Vista. He?s not going to let Bridget end up with a man who violated her mother. Ridge doesn?t think that Nick is over Brooke, if Bridget and Nick get married then He and Bridget will always be looking over their shoulders wondering if Nick?s old feelings are going to resurface. Bridget says that it will never happen Nick doesn?t feel that way about Brooke anymore. Ridge wonders if Bridget has ever know a man to fall in love with her mother and then leave. Nick and Brooke were almost married. They made love and Ridge is sure that Nick has never forgotten that and never will. Bridget believes in Nick, she loves him. Ridge needs to stop bringing up the past. Nick will never betray her.

Thomas helps Gabby move into Stephanie?s house. She?s grateful. Thomas tells her that he?s been worried about her ever since he found out from her landlord that she?d been evicted. Gabby says that everyone has been so nice to her. Stephanie has hired her as a personal assistant. Thomas thinks that that?s great, his grandmother is a smart lady. Gabby does not look very happy. Thomas is concerned. Is this all what she really wants? Gabby can never have what she really wants. Her mother alive and things back to normal. Thomas comforts her. There are people out there that care about her. Later gabby is out on the balcony humming. Thomas finds her. She has a song in her head that she cant get out and she doesn?t know why. Her mother used to sing it to her. Thomas says that?s her mother?s way of talking to her. He asks her to sing it for him and she?s about to but Caitlin walks in. She?s made reservations for herself and Thomas at a restaurant. Thomas tells her he was about to make dinner for himself and Gabby. Gabby says that he should go. She needs to unpack and get settled.

On the boat Brooke cannot believe what Nick tells her. Ridge has accused him? Brooke wonders why Ridge would do such a thing after all this time. She remembers what Bridget said about patients regaining their memory. They come back as if they had just happened. Ridge is reliving it all over again. He has had a lot to process. When he left Bridget and Nick were just dating, now they are engaged. She?ll talk to Ridge get through to him. Brooke knows how much Bridget means to Nick, they deserve a chance. She hates that Ridge is reliving the pain of Puerto Vista all over again. She thought that they had put it all behind them. Nick says that they never did, they never faced it head on. Brooke doesn?t want to talk about it. Nick thinks that she is afraid. He tells her that whenever he remember the night they made love he remembers what it was like to fall in love for the first time. He thought that they were just memories. Brooke wonders if Nick is still in love with her. Unseen Bridget has heard it all.

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