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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/11/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Bridget is breathless when she sees the ring that Nick has presented to her. It is a symbol of their unity, and will continue to be that way until they die. She has made Nick believe in love again. When she looks at him, she sees a life together. She begs him to ask her again. She wants to hear those words. “Bridget, will you be my wife? Will you marry me?” She tells him yes, and seals it with a kiss. He asks for her hand and she watches as he puts the ring on the finger that will one-day hold a wedding band. Her mascara is running down her face, but that only makes her more beautiful to Nick at this moment.

Eric is angry that Morgan had kidnapped their son and took him off with her to another country. What was she thinking? Are they still in danger from her? Stephanie tells him that Morgan is getting help, but actually, Morgan has committed no crime really. She lied a little bit, but she didn’t drag Ridge out of town. He went willingly with her. Stephanie is sure that with the help that she will get in the new institution, and with her mother beside her to help her along the way, Morgan will be just fine. Brooke has been through a lot, but she handled things right. Now Ridge is home and safe with the children. They deserve to be happy.

Ridge has just laid eyes on his wife again after a long time being away. The sight of her brings back all the memories that he thought never existed before this day. Even with a fake Brooke pushed into his face, he knew that there was another woman that he had to get back to somehow. Brooke rushes into his arms, unable to be physically away from him any longer. He tells her how he felt lost, but that he knew that someone was there waiting for him. That someone was important to his life, and he felt the connection even in his forgetful stupor. He had feelings that were deeper than she could ever imagine. She needed him near her in the night, but somehow she knew that he would come back to her, and that all that she had to do was wait. He wouldn’t let anything keep him away from her for long. She is his world. She is his beautiful wife. Brooke is crying tears of joy. She is his wife and his lover for all time. Suddenly, he is hungry for her. They passionately kiss.

Bridget has never been more certain about anything in her life when she considers marrying Nick. She will be with this man forever. Nick agrees. Bridget feels like she is in a dream. Nick confirms that she is in a dream. One that will never go away. Nick promises to always be there for her. They kiss again. She hungrily pulls him towards her. She can’t handle the heat that he has been giving off whenever they are together. He wants her to come with him. They get to their feet, and hurrying, she follows him closely to another place.

Ridge is glad that he is home. He would like to love his children and protect them, and keep them from all the hurt in the world. Brooke has something that she would like to touch on. Ridge will try to have a conversation, but he isn’t sure that he remembers enough. First he is in his father’s office, and then he was in Venice. Ridge tells how Morgan wanted to have a baby with him. Brooke can see that the woman is obsessed. She told Ridge that he had no children. Then, Ridge heard their song. He felt her in his mind, as he heard the song. He couldn’t’ remember her face, but he knew Brooke was there somewhere. He was drawn to her, and now he just wants to hold her and never let her go. They hug. He clings to her, and she smiles at that. Glad for the second chance with him.

Bridget and Nick have arrived at their destination. It is his room. He has gone to a lot of trouble to prepare this room to make it just right for their first time together. Bridget looks around at the decorations, the stars stuck to the curtains, the candles lit all over the room. She can’t believe what she sees. Nick stands in the doorway staring at her as she looks around the room. He finds her to be the most beautiful creature that he has ever seen. She moves to him again. He moves his arms around her body, and unzips her dress while she faces him. She lets him do whatever he wants. They have waited long enough for this moment.

Ridge and Brooke have settled in. He has his pajama bottoms on, and she comes closer to him to open her light blue robe, exposing her light blue lace negligee. He goes to her and kisses her. He thanks her for all that she has done for him, and for most of all, being herself. She assures him that she is his completely. He couldn’t love her more than he does now. She couldn’t love him more either. She will spend the rest of their lives giving him increasingly experiences. He is fine with that, but would like to have more information on what happened before they separated before all this happened. She offers to give him more information. She reminds him that he really likes to be kissed on the chest. She kisses him there, and he confirms that he remembers that. He also remembers that she liked it when he touched her down the middle of her back. He runs his fingers down her spine and an almost silent gasp rushes from her lips. Ridge removes the straps of her negligee from her shoulders and they kiss some more.

Nick and Bridget have just made love. It has never been like this for her before. She feels like she could say or do anything around Nick. Nick assures her that she is safe with him. They lie in bed naked, under the covers. He wants to keep her warm. Suddenly, Nick asks Bridget to grab that thing over by her side of the bed, on the table. Bridget is shocked when she realizes that he is asking for a remote. She pauses. He coaxes her to get the remote and give it to him. She reluctantly gives him the gadget. Nick points the thing at the fireplace, and ‘pouf’, on it comes. He continues to shower Bridget with compliments, and assuring promises about what the future is going to hold for the both of them. Bridget stares up into his eyes with that innocent doe-eyed look of hers. She can hardly believe what she hears. He loves her.

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