B&B Friday Update 4/8/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/8/05



By Glynis

Nick has promised Bridget the night of her life, and so he has arranged for them to have a great time at a nearby bar that has been changed into something really special so that she will never forget it. It is in exchange for the things that Bridget has done for him lately, and in light of their newfound love for one another, it only seems fitting that he return the favor for her.

Although the night isn’t as high-classed at the bar as it was at Bridget’s place, the feelings are still there from the night before. That is really what matters. It doesn’t matter where they are together, only that they are together, and that they love each other. Bridget is delighted by the gesture that Nick has made to make the night as special as possible. She will never forget it.

The night proves to be over the top. Bridget finds Nick more charming than ever. She laughs at his cute little jokes, and he can’t take his eyes off her pretty face. Nick is overwhelmed with the feelings that are floating around inside of him, and he makes the grandest gesture of all, and proposes to a very unexpecting, startled Bridget.

The rescue has been completed, and now it is time for Ridge and Amber to go home. They get on the jet with Massimo and Jackie in preparation for the trip home to LA where Amber is patiently waiting the arrival of her husband. Ridge is grateful to Amber for her help in saving him from a horrible situation, but he stays silent, as he is more interested in reuniting with his family and getting to know them all over again. Ridge heard what Amber said about him not liking her before losing is memory, but that is not the important priority now. Ridge only wants to get home right now.

The plane has landed now. Ridge’s nightmare is over, and he soon will be reunited with his family. He can hardly wait. As time has passed, he realizes how fortunate he was to have someone like Amber around to help him escape the madness that he had been living in over in Venice. He really is lucky as well to have Massimo as a father. One who would search the ends of the earth for him, and not stop until he was found. Ridge thanks everyone involved for saving him, and helping him to start remembering the wonderful, loving life that he had before he reunited with Morgan.

Amber is happy that she could help Ridge get home again with his family, but being back in LA has posed a problem for her. She has nowhere to stay. She had arranged to go to Venice for a while, so there is nowhere that she has to call her own for now. She will have to think on this problem and fix it somehow.

Stephanie gets wind of Ridge’s return and she is more than happy. She is sorry now that she leaned on Brooke so much about things being her fault. She is sorry now that she made Brooke feel responsible for Ridge missing, and that she made Brooke feel irresponsible for not handling her marriage right after seeing the picture of him kissing Bridget in the pit.

Stephanie has a short visit with Brooke, but then decides that Brooke is going to be eager to spend time with her husband when she returns, so she leaves. Brooke takes the time to prepare to see her husband again, and to make the return heartfelt so that he knows that she and the kids really missed him while he was away.

Ridge finally arrives at home. Brooke is there waiting for him. She thought that she would be able to contain herself for the return, but just the sight of him brings her to tears. All the pain of being patient, and worrying that Ridge had be in danger, or just trying to be rid of her comes out in the tears as she looks at him. Ridge on the other hand just stares at her. He is slowly starting to remember her, but he isn’t there yet. He will get there though. Increasingly he is remembering. The sight her makes him feel that things are going to be right, and that he is in the right place after all that has happened.

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