B&B Friday Update 4/8/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/8/05



By Linda

Jackie and Massimo; Amber and Ridge are on the jet headed back to LA. Jackie offers Amber some tea, and Amber remarks, "I cannot believe that you're all being so nice to me." Jackie says that after she saved Ridge, it is the least they can do for her. Massimo adds that if Amber had not found Ridge, he might not be on this plane, and she should be also. Ridge is so excited to be nearly home and decides to give Brooke a call.

Meanwhile, at home, Stephanie is with Brook and she wants to know if the police found Morgan. She adds, "Morgan always did want to have Ridge's baby." Brooke retorts, "that did not happen Stephanie; Ridge loves me." Brooke remarks that Stephanie seems surprised and she says that she honestly was after Ridge did not comes home after her accident. The phone rings and it is Ridge. He tells Brooke that they are about to make their descent in to LA and he wanted to tell that he'd soon be home to her. Brooke tells him that there is someone there who wants to speak to him. She hands Stephanie the phone and she and Ridge speak briefly. "I'll tell you everything tomorrow, " Stephanie tells her son, "tonight I know you want to be with your wife." He admits how very much he does as Stephanie hands the phone back to Brooke. Ridge says, "we are about to land now Logan, I will see you very soon, I love you." Brooke tells him how much that she loves him also and they hang up.

When they land, a limo is waiting. Ridge is very anxious to go home, but the traffic is heavy. Jackie tells, "give Brooke our love." Before they part, Amber tries to explain her relationship with Thomas, but Ridge asks her to just leave well enough alone and she agrees. Ridge tells Massimo and Jackie, "thank you for coming to get me." Jackie ask Amber where they should drop her, and Amber answers, "um, I gave up my place when I left for Venice, so I'm not really sure where to go."

Stephanie tells Brooke that she should go, but Brooke invites her to stay as Ridge should be there any minute. "You two need time, I'll see him tomorrow," Stephanie tells her. Brookes thinks this is very kind of her, and thanks her for her generosity. Brooke stresses to her mother in law that she is trying to thank her for supporting her, "after all you could have taken Ridge's side." Stephanie tells Brooke, "there is one thing I want to say. You could have made this situation all about you, which is what you usually do. But you didn't. You held it together for the sake of your marriage and your family." Brooke says honestly, "I had a good role model. What you said about sacrificing yourself for your children and being there for them, that really hit home with me, Stephanie." Stephanie decided that something good has come out of the entire situation - and that is their families have been made stronger. Brooke agrees, adding, "I want to have a better relationship with you, Stephanie." "Well, you've changed, Stephanie begins, "though you are still the most stubborn, headstrong woman that I've ever met in my life. But I will say one thing, and I never thought I would - you have grown up." Brooke thanks her profusely as these two women share a special moment before Stephanie announces, "I'm leaving; Ridge will be home any moment; you two have a good time tonight; you deserve it." In a matter of minutes, Ridge arrives home!

Nick takes Bridget to Chuck's Bar and Grill and she announces, "is the surprise you had planned for me?" When he admit that it is she says that she feels just a bit overdressed, "I thought you had something really big planned." Nick tells her, "Bridget, it's all-you-can-eat wing night and dollar draft. It's the biggest night of the week. Did I mention we're having dinner under the stars?" As they go in ,Bridget see the place all decorated beautifully complete with "stars." Chuck escorts them to their table and Bridget is impressed. She says, "I see what you mean by 'under the stars' - now what is all this?" Nick tells her, "well, I told you that tonight was going to be special." Bridget tells him that it is wonderful and he says, "save your applause; we're just getting started."

Chuck and Corky deliver the first course and offer Bridget something to drink - pilsner, pale ale, or honey brown. Bridget chooses pilsner and Nick takes the same. He shocks Bridget by pouring it into a glass as she asks him what they are toasting. He says to "taking it slow," unless she has something else in mind. "You have taught me to savor every moment and I wanted to let you know that I was paying attention," Nick adds. Bridget asks if that means they are having a seven-course meal and Nick tells her that he actually isn't even very hungry. "I didn't bring you here to dazzle you with Chuck's cuisine, I brought you here to thank you." Bridget thinks he's thanking her for teaching him which fork to use, but he insists it is for opening him up to something new. He then removes the cover from the tray and there is a single french fry. "I told Chuck you like french food, do you want something else?" Bridget laughs and says it's perfect, "just like you."

Nick grows serious and tells Bridget that when he said he loved her it was because he believed she deserved to hear the words. She says that she can feel it everytime she is with him. Nick says, "I want you to be sure; I want you to feel as though we are on the same page. I know of the relationships you have had in the past and I want this to be right for you." She sweetly tells Nick that he saved her and she does not mean jut at the mountain - but from the moment he walked into her life. "You gave me more than anyone ever has," Bridget says as Nick begins talking about charting a new course and taking a voyage together. Bridget admits that it would be amazing to go on a trip with him, as Nick gets flustered, "this is not coming out right." Bridget wonders just what in the world he is trying to say, as Nick says, "Chuck, hit the lights."

He begins by telling Bridget, "I really did not know you that well when I began writing this song, and I didn't quite know what it meant back then, but now I think I do. He sings the song to her that he has written: (you really MUST hear this song!)

"In my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd see the day someone would change me,

you walked into my life and now I feel so alive I'm just not the same me,

you're my sole reason that I feel this way come and warm me like the sun,

you're my inspiration you're every breath I take;

you're my sole reason I laugh, I cry, I live, I die, and I love,

you're my sole reason out of nowhere a smile might cross my face,

it can happen dear anytime anyplace ain't nobody like you ain't nobody like you,

you're my sole reason that I feel this way come and warm me like the sun,

you're my inspiration you're every breath I take

you're my sole reason I laugh, I cry, I live, I die, and I love, you're my sole reason"

Nick then asks, "Bridget Forrester, I'd like to ask you to marry me."

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