B&B Thursday Update 4/7/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/7/05



By Linda

Today the poignant telephone conversation between Brooke and Ridge continues. Ridge tells his wife, "Morgan told me that I fell off a barstool, but I just don't remember." Brooke is shocked that Ridge suffered another concussion and then lost his entire memory. He said that there was always something there - pulling him; "I just felt that someone needed me," Ridge tells his crying wife. They continue to talk, and cry, and rejoice that they have again found one another. Brooke apologizes for ever kicking Ridge out of the house that night, and he assures her that it is allright, "besides I do not even remember this anymore," he adds, "so it doesn't even matter." Brooke tells her husband that Massimo should be there very soon to get him and bring him back home to her and his children - and he must promise to never leave them again. Ridge tells Brooke to hug the kids and to be ready because when he gets home he is going to carry her off to the bedroom and not come out for a week, "we have a lot to catch up on, Ridge tells Brooke, "I love you, Logan." A crying Brooke adds, "I love you too."

After Ridge hangs up from talking to Brooke, Amber asks him if he is allright. He tells her that so many things are coming back to him now. He continues, "not the specifics, but I am remembering home now." Amber is solemn, and says that she, too has been there. Ridge looks at her and adds, "with my son, that's what you said earlier, and also that I did not approve. Why?" Amber begins to tell him as the door bursts open and Massimo rushes in. "Hold it right there, Amber, this is the woman responsible for kidnaping my son." Amber denies this, as the police grab her. Massimo rushes over to Ridge, "thank God I found you; are you allright?" Ridge assures his father that he is fine as Amber continues to try and convince the police that she is innocent. Ridge steps in and tells Massimo to call the police as Amber did not kidnap him - in fact she actually saved him! But, Ridge says, " I do not know who you are." Massimo tells him that he is his father.

Father and son begin to talk about all that happened. Ridge says the one thing he knows for sure is that it is not Amber's fault. He was kidnapped by Morgan DeWitt. Massimo is shocked. He remembers that Morgan is the woman who was obsessed with Ridge - and supposedly locked away in a mental institution. Ridge goes on to explain what happened, as best he can remember. The fact that Amber showed up was a sheer coincidence - but a very lucky one for Ridge. Massimo isn't sure yet that he believes Amber had no part and Ridge explains, "I was at the Café Russo; I fell and hit my head and Morgan was there. She made it seem as if we two were there together and then she set out to convince me that my family no longer cared anything about me." He continues, "But, I kept feeling that something was pulling me, especially when I heard that song." "What song?" Massimo asks. "Don't laugh," Ridge says, "it is the song 'Unforgettable'." Amber says, "hold on a second." Ridge wonders what she is doing and she tells him that "Unforgettable" is his and Brooke's song, are you ready, listen." She plays the song and as Ridge listens, he says, "let's go home."

Back in LA, Nick has gone over to Chuck's Bar with a request. "You want me to shut this entire place down?" a startled Chuck asks Nick. Nick tells him that it is only for one night - and it is for a very important reason. Chuck argues, "but, it's 'all you can eat wing night' - the place is always packed." Nick begs him for a favor for his "best customer" and Corky adds, "you know these women; their sense of romance." Chuck can't see closing his bar for Nick's "flavor of the month," which offends Nick and he lets it be know that Bridget is a very special lady! Out of desperation, Nick says, "either you give me this place for the night, or I buy it tomorrow." Chuck and Corky get the point that Nick means business and comment, "that cute little blonde that you have brought in here several times?" Nick tells them, "Yes, that is Bridget; I am going to make a very special evening for her, and you two barnacles are gonna help me!"

Over at Brooke's, she tells Bridget, "I don't know why I can't stop crying, I'm just so happy." Bridget is crying right along with her as they discuss their relief. Suddenly Brooke remembers that she did not call Massimo and tell him that Amber was not the kidnapper. But, Bridget say she told Jackie, and Massimo had already left the plane, so he has probably gotten to Ridge by now. They decide to let Ridge deal with Massimo and they continue to talk. Bridget says, "there is nothing like a crisis to bring people together." Brooke takes this to mean that she and Nick have gotten closer. Bridget admits to her mother that they have and she adds, "in fact, I am in love with him." Brooke is ecstatic for her daughter, as long as Nick loves her also. Bridget assures her that Nick does very much love her and they hug. They hear a knock at the door.

It is Nick at the door and Bridget happily shares the news that Ridge is ok and coming home. The girls explain about the concussion and the loss of memory and all about Morgan DeWitt. Now the truth comes out about Nick seeing Ridge at Café Russo with a woman, but he did not want to further upset Brooke. Brooke remembers, "I've got to go tell Hope; she's going to be so excited...and Stephanie and Eric." Nick tells her to go make her calls; "Bridget can fill me in on the details." Nick and Bridget talk about how excited Brooke is and how she never gave up on the man she loved. Nick says that it is just in time because now Bridget can relax and concentrate on their big date tomorrow night. He tells her to be ready by 7:00 - and "I am not giving you any hints." He adds, "you'll like it," as Bridget says that she likes anywhere she is when she is with Nick. "Well, you are going to like this even more; it's gonna be a night you will never forget!"

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