B&B Wednesday Update 4/6/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/6/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke has just gotten a call from Amber who was trying to tell Brooke where Ridge is. The line has gone dead. Brooke thinks that Amber is up to her old tricks again.

Amber turns to face Morgan who has tricked Ridge into coming to Venice with her. Amber knows now that Morgan has caused all the trouble with Ridge. She tells Morgan that Ridge is getting is things to leave when her. His family misses him. Amber demands to have the phone plugged in again, so that she can make her call again.

Ridge has been in the doorway listening and he now knows that Amber is telling the truth, and that Morgan has been lying.

Brooke can’t believe her good luck. She doesn't know what to do.

Bridget enters the house and sees her mother in a state. She ha just hung up the phone. There must have been some news. Brooke tells her daughter the Amber just called and she has Ridge with her. Bridget finds that hard to believe, but it seems to be true. She is concerned for his safety, and wants to spring into action to save her husband. The phone rings.

It is Massimo. He has had word that Brooke has gotten a call from Amber about Ridge. Brooke confirms that Amber is with Ridge, and she believes that Amber is holding him to prove a point. She hasn’t asked for anything but they expect that to come. Massimo thinks that Amber is trying to get a ransom for Ridge in a weird type of revengeful move. Brooke is frantic, and now knows more than ever that Ridge has been gone against his own will. Massimo has to find his son and in fact will find him. He has to find the man and bring him home safe to his family.

Massimo is still on his jet, and he calls his associates to alert them that he is on the way. Massimo knows now that he should have dealt with Amber when she pulled her last stunt. He feels that he has handed his son over to the woman. Massimo will not have Ridge suffer for this. Massimo is going to finish this once and for all. Jackie worries that something bad might happen to Massimo over this. They all think that Amber is dangerous.

Bridget tells her mother to relax. She is sure now that Ridge will be okay. Amber will not hurt Ridge. Bridget is sure of that. She wants he mother to believe that Ridge will be back home. Bridget feels that this is too big a move for even Amber to have handled. She could never have kidnapped Ridge and taken him to Europe.

Morgan admits that she may have left some information out when she was telling Ridge about his past. Ridge sees now that Morgan hired someone to play his wife. What she did was wrong. Morgan feels that it was right. To her, what Stephanie did was wrong. Amber doesn’t get this. Ridge explains to her that Morgan brought Ridge there to get pregnant with his child. She was stealing from his children, in order to have her own. Ridge tries to leave, but Morgan grabs his arm begging him not to go. She says that she will not let him. Amber has had enough of this. She heads to the phone to call the police. The door opens.

It is Natalie. She has heard what has been going on, and she is going to put a stop to it. She warns Amber as she watches the girl head to the phone. “I wouldn’t do that!” Amber stops dead in her tracks and turns to find a strange woman in the doorway of the suite. She doesn't know it, but it is Morgan’s mother.

Brooke hits the machine, and listens to the outgoing message that she and Ridge made for their callers.

Massimo calls, and reports to Brooke that he has found the place where Ridge probably is. She is full of hope. Massimo will call her the second that he finds his son.

Massimo turns to Jackie telling her that they are almost to their destination, and they had better get ready to land.

Bridget tells her mother that she knew all the time that Ridge was going to make it back home. She knew that Ridge’s love for his kids and his wife was enough to ensure his return. Brooke watches her daughter intently, and sees something that wasn’t there before. Brooke has a beautiful and sweet daughter. She would have done things differently in the past, if she had thought about her daughter more. When Ridge comes home; she will put her arms around Ridge and never let him go.

Natalie tells the people in the room that the goal at this time is to end all of this without anyone getting hurt. Things have already gone too far. Natalie learns that Amber knows all that she has to know about Morgan and her emotional problems. Amber was around when Morgan went after Ridge in LA. Natalie knows that Morgan needs to take responsibility for her actions, and she offers to help her daughter do just that. Morgan never had anyone to rely on all her life, and that is why she is the way that she is. Her father was gone when Morgan was very young, and her mother was consumed with her career. She was always away from home. Morgan was left in a house with a small handful of staff members. The staff changed all the time. Morgan had no one to attach herself to. She was alone after school, and on her birthday. No one even read her stories at night. There was no one there to say that they loved her. She wants the baby, not because of the abortion, but because of the abandonment of her mother. She was only trying to do something to make things right for herself. Natalie feels that she needs to make up for the heartache that she has caused to her daughter and Ridge. Natalie begs to take care of her daughter, so that she can be the mother that she never was. Morgan and her mother hug. Morgan turns to Ridge. She apologizes for separating Ridge from his children. She starts crying now. She has so much pain. Ridge walks over to her, and says that he hopes that she hurts less now. Ridge was the first person that ever loved her. Natalie in fact loved Morgan first, but she just didn’t let Morgan know. Ridge tells Natalie to take care of her daughter. He goes over to Morgan and kisses her on the cheek. Then he and Amber leave the suite together.

Morgan turns to her mother and they hug as Morgan cries. Her mother tells her repeatedly that she is sorry.

Brooke understands what happened now. She knew that Ridge wasn’t responsible for the messages that they received. Brooke only wants to hear Ridge say her name like he used to.

Ridge is in Amber’s suite now. He is looking out to the balcony. Amber can see that Ridge is nervous.

Amber makes a call to Brooke as Ridge listens. Brooke immediately orders Amber to release her husband. Amber tells Brooke the truth about Morgan, but Brooke doesn’t’ believe her. Amber offers to let Ridge talk to his wife. Ridge takes the phone.

He calls out, “Brooke?” She can’t believe her ears. He says that he thinks that he is alright. He is shell-shocked. He confirms that Morgan convinced him of some things that were not true. Brooke only wants Ridge to come home and be with her. She apologizes for kicking Ridge out of the house that night. Ridge has no idea why she did that. He can almost remember, but then the memories leave him again. Brooke offers to help him remember everything again. Ridge apologizes for everything that has happened. Brooke knows that things will get back to normal when he gets back home. She knows that he will feel what it was like to be with his family again. He closes his eyes, and then he calls her Logan. She loves that. That is his pet name for her. He smiles. He remembers now. Brooke is overjoyed. Just hearing her voice opens the floodgates for him. Brooke offers to keep talking. Ridge is coming home. The tears run freely down her face now. “You are coming home.”

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