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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/4/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Nick, Bridget and Hope are spending time together at the pool. They play with the girl for a while, and then Nick announces that it is time for he and Bridget to go to Vegas. The child warms up to Nick, and calls him dad. They share a big hug.

Nick thinks about the past that he has shared with the little girl. He really has been a father to the girl.

Nick pulls himself from the dream of he and his daughter. Hope and Nick tell each other that they love each other. Hope turns to Bridget asking if Daddy Ridge is going to be there when she wakes up. Bridget answers saying that she has no idea.

Stephanie and Brooke are not happy with the way that Ridge has been acting, but at least they know where he is. Massimo will be sure to find him. Brooke just wants Ridge to come home.

Ridge has been unable to make love to Morgan. He has another woman on his mind. He feels something, but Morgan tells him that he shouldn’t feel anything for this other woman. She says that there is something that he should know, and she is going to tell him what that is.

Amber can’t believe her good luck. She comes all the way to Venice to escape the bad things that she has had to deal with back in LA, and she ends up finding Ridge of all people. Everyone has been looking for him, and she accidentally finds him. She used the zoom lens on her camera and she saw Ridge across the way in his suite. What could he possibly be doing there? What is this all about? She knows that he has to know that everyone is looking for him. What are the odds of that happening? Amber wonders what he is doing there. She goes back to the balcony to have another look. This time she is sure that she sees Ridge, and there is something else. Ridge is with a woman, and the woman is not Ridge.

Amber can see that the woman isn’t Brooke, but who is she? Amber is still peering into the lens trying to find out who this mystery woman is, but she loses her chance as the woman and Ridge reenter their suite, and move away from the balcony.

Morgan has taken Ridge inside the suite, and she explains that she was away from him for a while, but it was like she never lost him. Her being with him now is like they never parted. She feels whole now.

She is talking to Ridge, but all that he can think about is this blurry face of a blonde woman.

Morgan tells Ridge that in some weird way, they have been given a second chance in life to make things right and he needs to help her do that. Ridge feels that there is someone else in his life, and because of that, he can’t free himself up enough to have a relationship with Morgan. Morgan says that she knows that the woman that he keeps thinking might be the woman that he thinks that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She understands, but feels that he should give her something that was taken from her before. A baby.

Stephanie and Brooke discuss Nick and Bridget, and how they are getting along. Brooke says that she knows that Bridget sees what she needs in Nick, but what about Nick? What does he need?

Bridget returns to Nick at the pool after having put Hope down for her nap. She sees that Nick is deep in thought. Nick has been thinking to himself while alone. Something happened inside him when Brooke got pregnant with Hope. Nick thought that he was going to be the one to be a father to Hope, but instead he is just Uncle Nick. Nick is talking about this so that Bridget will know what is going on with him. He has a pain. It will not go away. Nick knows that. Hope is his child. He was going to raise and love her. He was going to be the one. All of that was taken from him. The problem now is that in his heart, he has already become the child’s dad.

Morgan says that she needs to have her child back. Ridge says that is not possible. Morgan thought that she could be with Ridge like before, but now she sees that they can’t be together. She gets that, but what about the child that she had, and his mother convinced her to abort. What will happen to Morgan after that? Morgan promises not to bother Ridge about the child after he gives her one. Ridge is not the sort of person that can have a child and then forget about it. Morgan suggests that Ridge walk with her along the canals. She will go and change before they leave. Ridge knows that a walk will not change his mind. Morgan only wants him to think about her proposal.

Amber is torn, but feels that she really needs to do something about this. What should she do now? She could tell someone, but then her big mouth keeps getting her in trouble. No one ever believes her anyway. Ridge is going to get away with this again. Amber swings into action. She grabs her coat and hurries out the door.

Nick never really came to grips with the loss of Hope and Brooke to Ridge. Bridget understands how that must hurt. Nick never wants to feel right about all of that happening. Nick never even thought that he would ever have a child.

The rain starts falling, as they stand by the pool. Nick says that he used to think that he never wanted to have a child, but lately he has been thinking about it, and what he lost when he gave Hope up to have a new family without him. Bridget thinks that he would make a really great father. It is raining harder now, but neither of them moves to seek shelter. Bridget loves the rain and doesn’t mind standing around in it. They are slowly getting wetter and wetter, but that seems to be fine with the both of them. They have just shared an incredible moment yet again. Bridget reaches for Nick and slowly pulls him to her.

Ridge is alone in the suite. There is knocking at the door.

Ridge opens the door to Amber. She finds him alone in the room. “Well, well, well.” Ridge has no idea what is going on. Amber enters and walks over to a closed door where there seems to be a shower running. She guesses that is where the woman is that he has been sneaking around with. Ridge questions Amber as to whether he knows her or not. Amber simply tells him that she has him good this time.

Brooke and Stephanie discuss whether Nick and Bridget really are right for each other. They are both nice people, but they may need and want different things in life.

Nick asks Bridget what it is that she wants. She answers bluntly. She would like to have a family of her own. Nick loves her. That is the first time that he has said that to her. She is shocked at what she hears. She has been feeling the same way too. They kiss. It is raining buckets now, but that is of no concern as they hold each other in the rain.

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