B&B Friday Update 4/1/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/1/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Amber is in Venice, and she has just checked into suite.

She is alone now, and she decides that coming there was a mistake. She looks at herself in the mirror. She is trying to forget the person that she turned into a while ago. She sees now that she is in Venice, nothing has changed how her life has tumbled.

Morgan is trying to get Ridge to relax and let go for a while. She wants him to forget about the world. She is kissing his cheek, and rubbing his shoulders. He is silent throughout this. Morgan sits on his knee, and faces him, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. He doesn’t seem to be responding. No matter what she does to him, he is stoic. She keeps up her routine and then eventually he is kissing her back. She gets up off his knee and takes his hand, leading him to the bedroom.

Nick is at Brooke’s house on the phone with his father. He ends the call when Brooke enters the room.

Brooke hopes that Massimo has some good news for them. There is nothing to report, but there will be something to report soon enough. Brooke has no way to repay Nick for the things that he has been doing for her. He sounds more and more like Bridget with all the support that he offers Brooke. Bridget has been rubbing off on him big time.

Stephanie is giving Bridget a hard time bout her relationship with Nick, as she has so many questions about how things are going between the two. Brittany is an exceptional young woman, and had lived a hard life already in her few years, so Stephanie only wants the best for her. Bridget only cares right now about what is going on with Ridge and Brooke. Why doesn’t Ridge come home? Bridget has been trying to help her mother, but there is nothing that she can do for Brooke, and she has finally faced that fact. Stephanie has to agree with Bridget on this. Stephanie knows that Nick and Bridget have been helping with Brooke’s problems, Stephanie has to wonder if that is still the case. Bridget looks at her grandmother strangely. Stephanie only wonders what is holding Nick and Bridget back.

Bridget hasn’t been getting too close to Nick too fast, because there are a lot of ways to say, “I love you” besides going ahead quickly with a relationship. Bridget feels that taking her time if fine. Nick has already chosen her, and that tells Bridget that she has nothing to worry about.

Nick and Brooke discuss the feeling that Nick had for her. He was devastated when Brooke chose someone over him, but now he has Bridget. Brooke knows that Bridget is a great person when it comes to caring for someone. She has been that way ever since she had been little. Nick turns the conversation back to Ridge and his returning home. He knows that fate will bring Ridge home.

Amber is alone in her room and feeling miserable.

She remembers the last time that she spoke to Ridge, and how he referred to her as trash. She has to quit thinking about him and how he hurt her. She has done everything that she could to prove herself to the family, and nothing works.

In their suite, Ridge and Morgan are kissing. He is starting to hunger for her, but then he keeps pausing, stopping. He looks into Morgan’s eyes. Something is coming into his mind now. He has his shirt off. He lies on his back on the bed, and Morgan straddles him. He tries to enjoy himself but he can’t.

Ridge starts seeing a face in his mind, as Morgan works on him. It is of a woman. The face is blurry. She has her back to him. Slowly the woman turns. Finally she is facing him, in his mind, but he can’t clearly see the face.

Ridge can’t go through with this lovemaking with Morgan. It seems that every time that Morgan makes a move to kiss him, he is reminded of someone else. Emotions are triggered in him and he has no idea where these feelings come from. He pushes Morgan off him to get up, and then he just stares into space. She lies on the bed wondering what has gotten into him. He can’t do this now. He just can’t. Morgan can’t understand what he is saying. He tells her that he is seeing her again. There is a woman, and she keeps coming to him in his mind. He is very sorry, but he will not be making love to Morgan that night.

Nick can tell that Brooke misses her husband and that she has been doing the job of two parents since Ridge has been away. He plays with a baseball glove as he smiles at how she has been doing on her own. Brooke only wants her husband home again, and once he is there, she will not let him out of her sight ever again. The pain if far too much for her to bear.

Ridge is devastated by the visions that he has been having in his head. Morgan tries to get Ridge to talk about what is happening with this image that is in his mind. He tells her that he can’t make love to her because of whatever deep connection he has with this woman in his mind. Whatever is going on, Ridge knows that he can’t escape this woman again.

Amber is all alone in Venice with a glass of wine. She is on her balcony, and she looks across the way to the other building. She thinks that she sees Ridge in a window. That can’t be. She must be losing it.

Amber reenters her suite. She has her camera with her luckily. She gets it out to use her zoom lens on the window.

Amber has a look and can’t believe her eyes. “Ridge! Ridge is that you? What the hell is going on?”

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